Roland Clan celebrating 6th anniversary with $5 sound library

Roland Clan 6th anniversary

Roland Clan is celebrating its 6th anniversary with another $5 sound library.

To celebrate our sixth anniversary, for a limited time we offer a special Sound Gift sound library co-developed by Sinevibes, which costs just $5. It comes with over 100 MB of original sounds made with Roland’s latest and most powerful synthesizers like Fantom-X, Fantom-G, V-Synth and V-Synth GT, including 10 multisampled instruments, 10 drum loops, 10 bassline loops and 10 ambient loops all in AIFF and WAV formats.

Each purchase will contribute to a fundraising campaign to raise $1,000 by the end of March, to keep the site online and free of advertisements.

A purchase of the Sound Gift will also give you a chance to win $600 of goodies:

  • $200 gift card for any of the products from Sinevibes
  • Select sound library CD from Hollow Sun sound design studio ($55)
  • Mixing or remix service from Dining Room Studio ($160)
  • Fantom YASE sample conversion and management software from Nexoe ($160)

Visit the Roland Clan website for more information.


Roland Clan celebrating 5th anniversary

Roland Clan

To celebrate it’s 5th anniversary, Roland Clan is offering everyone a vast sound library of over 80 MB of sounds made with Roland’s latest and most powerful synthesizers.

$5 sound library contents

  • 10 multisampled instruments.
  • 64 drum and percussion samples.
  • 20 bassline loops.
  • 10 ambient loops.
  • Formats: AIFF, WAVE, Apple Loops, ACID.
  • Total size: 86 MB.

The sound library is available for purchase until 15th May. But in addition to this, one of the buyers of this sound library will receive a prize worth over $500.

The lucky winner (announced on 16th May) will win some Sinevibes products, a remix service, sample conversion and management software, and a Roland accessory pack.

Visit Roland Clan for more information.