Roland Kuit intros Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

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Roland Kuit Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

Roland Kuit has announced Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space, a new e-Book on modular synthesis.

Concepts of space (re-)defined and shifted for modular synthesis

Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space can be thought of as an indispensable element of music, and with the kinds of approaches that emerge when space is dealt with from the start producing a sound work.

Interactive Html/PDF e-Book. The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included.

The eBook costs 53 EUR.

More information: Roland Kuit / Modular strategies


Roland Kuit intros To be ON to be OFF- that’s the SWITCH

Roland Kuit To be ON to be OFF

Roland Kuit has announced To be ON to be OFF- that’s the SWITCH, an interactive electronic book that covers all you can do with switches in modular synthesis.

From a two switch interfaced instrument to creating high-end sequencers. Pattern design, logic 3-bits words chopping to logic waveshaping. Audio processing and more…

The ebook is available to purchase for 30 EUR. Includes the Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer.

More information: Roland Kuit / To be ON to be OFF


Roland Kuit introduces the Laboratory of Patching—The Omnibus Version

Roland Kuit Laboratory of Patching

Roland Kuit has announced the availability of the Laboratory of Patching—The Omnibus Version, a bundle of interactive books on patching modular synthesizers.

Laboratory of Patching combines the upgraded and extended interactive eBooks SoundLab I and SoundLab II bundled as one Big Modular Knowledge Lab with over 1700 patches.

Equal parts tutorial, demonstration and resource in modular synthesis, sound design and composition.

Laboratory of Patching features

  • Learn how to use the modules and connections to quickly build robust patches, and get comfortable with high-level patching.
  • Learn through examples that illuminate today’s best modular styles and program design techniques.
  • Understand the “rationale behind the rules”: why modular synthesis works as it does.
  • Use the extensive cross-references to help you connect related concepts and insights.
  • Benefit from up-to-date learning aids that emphasize key points, help you to avoid pitfalls, promote good practices, and reinforce what you’ve learned.

Laboratory of Patching is available to purchase for 210 EUR. SoundLab I and/or SoundLab II users can get 15% discount; College & University students get 10% discount.

More information: Roland Kuit


Roland Kuit releases SoundLab II modular sound design e-book

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Roland Kuit has announced SoundLab II, a new e-book on modular sound design.

Roland Kuit SoundLab II

New tools to individualism. While making these patches I became aware of the fact that there are so many fields, like e.g. astronomy, mathematics, DNA research, IT development and neurotransmitters, with comparable functionality. It is in the way these fields are organized that we can recognize patterns.

What amazes me is the connectivity and parallels, in so many fields finding its way into modular sound design now, by cabling these findings into patch architectures. It was a challenge and especially fun to bring and connect this fields together. Certainly it will be a challenge for everybody’s creativity in finding new ways in modular sound design.

This e-book is not for lower level users. The modules are not going to be explained. The patch structures with accompanying text and order explain a way of thinking by themselves. You always can consult the G2 Editor help-file. Patches, or parts of patches can be copy/pasted to new patches and/or performances to get new structures.

SoundLab II features

  • Book chapters:
    • Oscillators: New structures to create sound. Extended and constructed oscillators.
    • Filters: Extended and DIY filters.
    • Shapers and audio: New forms to shape your audio.
    • Logic: All kind of logic experiments. From 1D to 3D ON/OFF architectures and logic sound structures.
    • Patterns and sequencers: Extended and DIY stuff, all you missed till now.
    • Miscellaneous: A lot of thoughts about a lot. DIY Lfo’s, EG’s. granular, Sync, RM, FM and much, much more.
    • Audio processing: New structures to remodel and mangle audio. From soft to hard distortion. Extensive echo-reverbs, mangling- and Glitch architectures.
    • All DIY ways to construct your own audio context.
  • Over 700 patches.
  • In HTML/PDF.
  • G2Demo software included.
  • And probably a few free future updates.

The SoundLab II e-book is available to purchase for 125 EUR. SoundLab I users get a 20% discount, and bundle of SoundLab I and II is available at a 20% discount as well.

More information: Roland Kuit SoundLab


Roland Kuit releases SoundLab e-Book

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Roland Kuit SoundLab

Roland Kuit has recently released SoundLab, an interactive e-Book for the Clavia G2 virtual modular synthesizer.

SoundLab chapters

  • Basic I: Basics of the electronic studio: Oscillators , Waveforms, LFO´s, ADSR´s, filters, building a basic synth, building famous synths like the Mini Moog, Korg MS 20, ARP 2600, EMS Synthi with video and sound of the real thing.
  • Basic II: Additive synthesis: Sync, Vosim, Formant synthesis, FM synthesis, Phase Distortion, Cross modulation, Wavetable synthesis, Physical modelling, Phase-lock synthesis, Wave terrain synthesis, Granular synthesis.
  • Amplitude modulation: Side bands, Tremolo effect, Echo effect, Complex circuits, RM and filtering, RM and feedback, Control signals and RM, RM and gating.
  • Sample & Hold: Pitch modulation, Filter modulation, Panorama modulation, Gate modulation, Complex circuits, Audio sync.
  • Audio processing: Reverbs, echo’s clipping, distortion etc., Complex circuits, Famous audio processors.
  • House/Techno I: Sequencers and pattern generators, Phase difference, Sound design.
  • House/Techno II: Pitch and rhythm, Humanizing, Grooves, Complex circuits, Glitch, IDM, Famous machines.
  • Experimental music: Random, Minimal, Conceptual, Political, Feedback, Noise and screack machines, Drones, Music machines.
  • Logic: On-off modules, Not on-off modules, Complex circuits.
  • Tips & Tricks: Other circuits.
  • History of Electronic Music and Instruments: From 1950-2010 (first experiments, music, audio art), Electronic instruments, software and studio’s.

The SoundLab e-Book is available to purchase for 49.50 EUR excl. shipping.

More information: Roland Kuit


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