UVI releases UVX-10P virtual instrument for UVI Workstation & MachFive

UVI has announced the release of UVX-10P, a new virtual instrument inspired by 3 classic analog synthesizers, the JX-10, MKS-70 and JX-8P. UVX-10P recalls the last true analog synthesizers from the famed masterminds behind the … read more

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Wave Alchemy releases Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt

Wave Alchemy has launched Transistor Revolution MKII, a virtual drum machine instrument library for Kontakt Player. Since its conception, Transistor Revolution has remained close to our hearts. So much so that shortly after its initial … read more

Soundcells updates Analog Signature to v4

Soundcells has released version 4 of Analog Signature, a ReFill featuring five vintage beasts for the Reason Rack. With version 4 of Analog Signature a new member is added to the family: the ROLAND Jupiter … read more

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Rhythmic Robot releases SH Poly for Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot has released SH Poly, a classic analogue subtractive synth for Native Instruments Kontakt, sampled from Roland’s 70’s flagship synthesizer, the SH7. It features two main oscillators accessing six different waveforms between them, plus … read more

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Wave Alchemy announces Transistor Revolution MKII

Wave Alchemy has announced the upcoming Transistor Revolution MKII, an updated version of the virtual drum machine libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt & Kontakt Player. Developer Matt Fudge runs through some of the new features … read more

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Sadowick compares JP-8080 and u-he’s Diva – Real World Trance Lead

Sadowick of EDM Tutorials has posted a video in which he compares the sound of the Roland JP-8080 synthesizer with the beta version of u-he’s Diva 1.3, which includes a digital oscillator. The latest public … read more

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Legowelt releases free Roland JD-800 sample pack

Legowelt has released a free sample pack featuring 350 samples from the 1992 JD-800 flagship synthesizer from Roland. Colossal Juicy Thick Basses, bizarre unearthly pads, uncanny strings, mystifying effects, entrancing chords and lots lots more … read more

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Roland releases new Windows 8.1 & Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) USB drivers

Roland has announced that new Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) USB drivers are available for a wide range of Roland products including audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers, recorders, and more. … read more

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Samplephonics releases Nevo Analogue Machines for Kontakt

Samplephonics has announced the release of Nevo Analogue Machines, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Our goal was to create something as close to the analogue sound as possible, and keep it simple, … read more

Sonic Faction releases Mutant Synth Pack for Ableton

Sonic Faction has announced the release of the Mutant Synth Pack, a collection of classic synthesizers for Ableton Live. The pack features meticulously sampled iconic synths, reactivated from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The bundle … read more

Adam Szabo updates JP6K synth plugin to v1.5

Adam Szabo has announced version 1.5 of JP6K, a synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows. JP6K is a synth dedicated to emulating the famous Super Saw sound, first found in the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer in 1997. … read more

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Mystery Islands updates JP-80×0 Editor Plugin to v1.1.8

Mystery Islands has released version 1.1.8 of its JP-80×0 Editor Plugin for the Roland JP-8000 & JP-8080 synthesizers. First of all, thanks to everyone who’s been patient with our Windows VST development. It’s time to … read more

Samples From Mars releases TR 808 Samples Library

Samples From Mars has announced the release of the TR 808 Samples Library, a collection of 493 samples from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, recorded through an SSL 4000 G+ console. We are in love … read more

The Groove Criminals launches Essentials Sample Packs

The Groove Criminals has announced the release of Analogue Synth FX and Analogue Synth Percussion, two new sample packs. The Groove Criminals are proud to release their new range of compact, low cost but high … read more

Liveschool free Ableton Live drum racks

Liveschool has released a number of free drum rack packs for Ableton Live. Fairchild 808 — The samples were recorded by manager of Studios 301 and Ableton Certified Trainer Anthony Garvin as we were preparing … read more

Gibson Brands announces intention to acquire Cakewalk Inc.

Gibson Brands has entered into a letter of intent with Roland Corporation and Cakewalk, Inc. for Gibson to acquire Cakewalk pursuant to definitive acquisition agreements to be negotiated by the parties. According to Gibson Brands … read more

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Togu Audio Line updates BassLine-101 and U-NO-LX plugins

Togu Audio Line has announced updated to its TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows and Mac. We updated TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. This update includes important bug fixes and new features. Changes in plug-ins … read more

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Spunkface Samplers releases Roland 101 Loops free pack

Spunkface Samplers has launched Roland 101 Loops, a free loops sample pack. There are 18 loops ready to be dropped into your productions, all labeled with the key and tempo. Roland 101 Loops are perfect … read more

Propellerhead updates ReBirth App to v1.4

Propellerhead Software has released version 1.4 of the ReBirth App for iOS. ReBirth is back! Propellerhead Software’s legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected and customized for the iPad. ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music’s three … read more

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Samplephonics celebrates 909 Day – 50% off 909 Rhythm Composer

Samplephonics is offering a limited time 50% discount on its 909 Rhythm Composer library for Native Instruments Kontakt in celebration of 909 Day. It’s the 9th day of the 9th month, and that can mean … read more