Tone2 releases Rompler soundset for ElectraX

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Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced the release of Rompler, a new soundset for the ElectraX synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Tone2 ElectraX
Tone2’s ElectraX synthesizer instrument offers unlimited possibilities.

The Rompler soundset utilizes ElectraX’ powerful multi-layer capabilities with a rich blend of sampling and synthesis. This creative sound library features a selection of 200 breathtaking presets, new inspirational sounds that cover a wide spectrum of music styles and built to provide a wealth of inspiration.

The perfect companion when writing your new track, Rompler has it all! from evolving atmospheres, evocative pads, expressive pianos and jazzy organs, up to complex arpeggios, pumping beats and raw basses. All sounds are carefully tweaked for maximum inspiration, usability and ready to be used in your productions.

The soundset is available for purchase for 39 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / Rompler


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