Rob Papen updates BLUE-II & Punch-BD with new presets

Rob Papen BLUE 2

Rob Papen has announced updated versions of BLUE-II and Punch-BD, which now include additional presets.

We have a new presets update available for BLUE-II. Updating your BLUE-II is simple. log in to and visit ‘My products’. Open the download page below your BLUE-II registration, download the installer and run it on your system.

Next time you boot up BLUE-II, the new presets will appear. The new banks are from an older BLUE trade soundset: ‘Rsmus7′ and from the too early past away friend ‘Tim Conrardy’.
Also the ‘JoMal bank 04′ has more new presets! :)

BLUE-II is available for purchase for 149 EUR / $179 USD. The upgrade from BLUE to BLUE-II is 44 EUR / $49 USD.

The Punch-BD kick drum instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac has been updated with new soundbanks by DJ PROMO and DJ Free-K.

Rob Papen Punch-DB

Distorted BD’s are the focus with these banks and don’t forget to use the Modulation Wheel to change the colourr of the BD inside the bank of DJ Free-K.

Punch-BD delivers synthesized drums in the finest audio quality or you can choose to load in your own samples for complete flexibility.From Electronic Dance and Hip Hop to Soundtrack projects, Punch-BD provides a solid speaker-busting sound for your productions.

Punch-BD is available for purchase for 49 EUR / $59 USD. It is also included in Punch, EDM Bundle, Urban Bundle and eXplorer-III.

Both the updated BLUE-II and Punch-BD are also available in the eXplorer-III bundle, which includes a total of 12 Rob Papen plug-ins at a discounted price of 585 EUR / $699 USD.

More information: Rob Papen


Rob Papen releases Predator RE Collection

Rob Papen Predator-RE

Rob Papen has released the Predator RE Collection, a bundle of 5 soundset for the Predator RE software synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason.

Predator RE Collection features

  • Bundle of 5 soundbanks with over 620 patches in total:
    • Rob Fabrie: 100 hardcore dance patches.
    • Ummet Ozcan: 120 dance patches.
    • Jannick Thiry: 100 psy trance patches.
    • Rsmus7: 2 banks with 181 ambient patches.
    • Xenos: 127 contemporary patches.

The Predator RE Collection is available to purchase for 35 EUR / $40 USD.

More information: Rob Papen / Predator RE Collection


rsmus7 releases Darkend Bank for ZebraHZ

rsmus7 Darkend Bank

Stephan Müsch aka rsmus7 has released Darkend Bank, a free collection of 32 patches for ZebraHZ, the software synthesizer that is part of u-he’s Dark Zebra soundset featuring sounds by Howard Scarr and Hans Zimmer.

I made these patches as a „thank you“ contribution the ZebraHZ release. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

All Patches have the modwheel and the XY controls assigned, some also aftertouch.

Just copy the patches to your presets folder.

Stephan has posted some audio clips of single sounds and a demo tune featuring multiple sounds.

Download the Darkend Bank:

Darkend Bank for u-he ZebraHZSize: 733kb

More information: rsmus7 / Dark Zebra


FabFilter Dirty House and Ambient, sound sets for Twin 2


FabFilter has announced the release of Dirty House and Ambient, two new sound sets for the FabFilter Twin 2 synthesizer plug-in.

The Dirty House sound set by Thomas Koot contains more than hundred raw and heavy house-oriented presets, instantly injecting a dirty edge into every production. Don’t expect silky pads or beautiful chords: these sounds are nasty and deliver the grit that is needed for modern electro and house music production. Sound designer Thomas Koot explored the more aggressive filter types and extensive oscillator sync features of FabFilter Twin 2, resulting in a collection of highly playable sounds that easily cut though a mix. This sound set will provide you with the sounds you’ll need to produce the hottest club tracks of today and tomorrow!

The Ambient sound set contains 130 beautiful ambient-oriented presets, programmed by rsmus7, the German sound designer and musician Stephan Muesch. Showing the rich potential of FabFilter Twin 2, many of the spacious and spherical sounds included use the synthesizer in new and until now unheard ways. This sound sets delivers rhythmic, cinematic and ambient sounds and creatively modulated patches that can be used in many different musical ways and projects. Almost every preset has 4 XY-controllers set up in a musical way, to make the best use of the modulation possibilities.

The Dirty House and Ambient sound sets for FabFilter Twin 2 are now available to purchase for EUR 19 / $24 USD / £17 GBP.

In addition, a Sound Set Bundle with all five sound sets (Rob Lee, Electro, Synth Classics, Dirty House and Ambient) is available for 59 EUR / $74 USD / £49 GBP.

More information: FabFilter


Sonic Charge updates Synplant to v1.0.1

Sonic Charge Synplant

Sonic Charge has released version 1.0.1 of Synplant, an innovative software synthesizer with a genetic approach to sound creation.

Instead of creating patches the conventional way by turning dials and knobs, Synplant lets you explore a world of organic sounds by planting seeds that grow into synth patches.

Changes in Synplant v1.0.1

  • Implemented support for the “all notes off midi message”. Some hosts (most importantly Cakewalk Sonar) require this to stop notes from playing. In other words, the hanging note problems in Sonar should have been fixed now.
  • Improved compatibility with older VST 2.3 hosts, including FXpansion’s RTAS wrapper (VST 2.4 is still the official requirement, this version of Synplant is expected to work well with the RTAS wrapper.
  • Fixed a rare but serious problem with the GUI freezing up on Mac (never to defrost again, never to come back to life). Turned out to be a bug in Synplant in combination with some unexpected behavior from OS X.
  • Some minor updates to the internal code libraries that will improve stability in general.

Sonic Charge has also released Crop of Year One, the first new patch package since the release of Synplant last year.

This package separates the wheat from the chaff among a year’s worth of patch cultivation. 163 patches created by Az’re-ul, elv, Elxicano, eXode, Hint, Magnus Lidström, rsmus7 and Tore Jarlo.

Crop of Year One is available as a free download for all registered Synplant owners.

More information: Sonic Charge


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