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Plugin Boutique Flash Friday Sale: 50% off AAS Strum Acoustic GS-1

Plugin Boutique has launched a Flash Friday Sale on Strum Acoustic GS-1, offering the virtual guitar instrument from Applied Acoustics Systems at a 50% discount for a limited time.

Strum Acoustic GS-1

Strum Acoustic GS-1 is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of acoustic guitars. The synthesizer is entirely based on the A|A|S physical modeling technology and uses no sampling nor wave tables. Instead it produces sound by solving, on the fly, mathematical equations modeling the different components of a guitar and how they interact. This elaborate synthesis engine responds dynamically to the control signals it receives while you play thereby reproducing the richness and responsiveness of real instruments.

Strum Acoustic GS-1 features

  • Audio bit-depth and sample rates up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • MIDI and host automation support.
  • MIDI Program Change support.
  • Host tempo synchronization.
  • Standalone operation—no host application required.

Strum Acoustic GS-1 is available from Plugin Boutique at a 50% discount until June 9th, 2014.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Strum Acoustic GS-1


Boz Digital Labs releases Tilty Wilty (free for limited time)

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Boz Digital Labs has launched Tilty Wilty, a tilt EQ effect plugin, which is a great tool for quickly adjusting the brightness/darkness of your tracks.

Boz Digital Labs Tilty Wilty

Tilty Wilty uses a special filter that does not have any of the wonky side effects to your high end that most digital filters have. No matter what sample rate you are using, Tilty Wilty will give you a smooth natural curve right up to Nyquist frequency.

You may be wondering why this plugin has such a dumb name and ugly interface. This is by design. We are working on a bigger better version, but we wanted to get this into your hands now.

The plug-in is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX). Until June 9th, 2014, it is free.

More information: Boz Digital Labs / Tilty Wilty


Eisenberg updates Einklang to v1.2

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Eisenberg Audio has announced version 1.2 of Einklang, a software synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Eisenberg Einklang

The new version of EINKLANG is now ready for download. With this update we are happy to offer some new features of popular demand and some minor usability improvements. The update is free for all customers.

Changes in Einklang v1.2

  • Preset Manager and Preset Browser for plug-in and stand-alone use.
  • Louder engine (up to 16dB) with a Master Volume slider and a Level Meter for visual feedback.
  • Monophonic play mode, ideal for playing single note melody- or bass-lines.

Einklang for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for 39 EUR/USD. Bundles are also available.

More information: Eisenberg / Einklang


Audio Assault releases KlipFreak free plugin

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Audio Assault has released KlipFreak, a freeware clipper effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Audio Assault KlipFreak

Really simple to use, only 3 controls. Try it on your drums, or master track.

KlipFreak is available to download in VST, AU and RTAS formats.

More information: Audio Assault / KlipFreak


u-he updates ACE modular synthesizer to v1.3

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u-he has announced the release of ACE 1.3, the latest update to the modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he ACE

ACE belongs to a new generation of synthesizers developed with the latest, fastest computers in mind. ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware. But like its hardware forebears, you can patch any output into any input: the number of different ways to connect modules together is practically infinite. Needless to say, you will never run out of cables!

Changes in ACE v1.3

  • 200 new presets by Howard Scarr.
  • New oscilloscope options – fire! glow!
  • New mapping generator drawing tools.
  • Filter reset.
  • UI display options improved – brightness options, antialiased text.
  • Bug fixes.
  • AAX support.
  • Check the changelog for details.

ACE for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: u-he / ACE


Ohm Force Quad Frohmage filter plugin 50% off at Plugin Boutique

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Plugin Boutique has launched a Friday Flash Sale on the Quad Frohmage filter effect plug-in from Ohm Force.

Ohm Force Quad Frohmage

Wouldn’t it be cool to have one decent filter and be able to use it in ALL situations? Smell the Quad Frohmage and you’ll find the answer. It’s said that when a master sculptor stands in front of a new block of marble, he doesn’t see a lump of stone. Instead he takes his chisel and releases the shape that is trapped within.

With four channels and eight types of filter at your disposal, you won’t need to be a Michelangelo to start drawing fantastic textures out of even the most mundane of sources. Rearrange channels into any combination, should you wish to knock the rough edges off one with a filter on another, or use the link switch to bind the cutoff knobs into an adjustable ratio, for unified effects across the frequency range. And, of course, for polishing up your new creations, each channel is equipped with distortion, pan, delay and volume controls.

The plugin is available at a 50% discount until May 27th, 2014.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Quad Frohmage


Waves launches Abbey Road Collection

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Waves Abbey Road Collection

Waves has announced the release of its Abbey Road Collection bundle of plug-ins.

Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios, Waves’ Abbey Road Collection features a lineup of exquisite plugins that meticulously model the fabled studios’ legendary microphones, consoles, tape machines and signature effects, as heard on countless historic recordings and pop masterpieces.

The Abbey Road Collection includes the acclaimed REDD consoles, RS56 Passive EQ (‘the Curve Bender’) and J37 Tape, as well as the vintage King’s Microphones and the pioneering Reel ADT.

The collection is available for the introductory price of $480 USD (native) / $720 USD (SoundGrid).

More information: Waves / Abbey Road Collection