Ruin releases Synevo VST

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Ruin Synevo

Ruin (of Ruin & Wesen) has released Synevo, a freeware percussion synth VST instrument for Windows.

Following up on the Drummm VST, here is another VST by Ruin, in the same vein of nasty sizzling drum sounds.
You will notice that it only has a few presets, because we wanted to let you explore the sonic possibilities of this creation. We are planning to release sound banks for both Drummm and Synevo, so if you have any presets to share, email us at

Synevo is available for download as a VST instrument for Windows PC (source version for Synthmaker also available).

Visit the Ruin & Wesen blog for more information.


Ruin releases Drummm

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Ruin Drummm

Ruin (of Ruin & Wesen) has released Drummm, a freeware FM percussion synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

Ruin writes:

I wanted to create a percussion synthesizer that maintained the simplicity of controls of an analog machine, but had the overtones and harmonics that come along with FM. I explicitly left out any sort of filter because I wanted the focus to be on the addition of harmonics as opposed to the subtraction; there is always external effects for that.

The VST has 2 oscillators, one acting as the carrier and the other as the modulator. The Carrier has an attack/release envelope which is routed to the frequency of the oscillator. The Modulator has an attack/release envelope routed to the amount of frequency modulation being applied. Very simple, but very effective. Both of these are mixed into the output vca/env which is another attack/release envelope.

I was considering only keeping sine and noise for the waveforms of the oscillators, but a lot of fun stuff can be done with the other waveforms.

Drummm is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. It was created with SynthMaker and the source file is included in the download.

Visit Ruin & Wesen for more information.


Raymond May Jr. MIDI Game of Life

Raymond May Jr. MIDI Game of Life

Raymond May Jr. has released version 1.03b of the MIDI Game of Life, a sequencer made in the JAVA visual arts IDE and library Processing.

It runs a loop of varying lengths selected by the user through the game of life algorithm. Each cell of the grid represents a pitch. In the current implementation, like colors are the same pitch – cells’ octave can be scaled along the y axis. This is well suited for generating drum sequences or melodic material on the fly. The sequencer runs live and can be played as an instrument by drawing new cells while the game is running.

MIDI Game of Life is based on the original code by Ruin Wesen and makes use of their RWmidi JAVA/Processing library.

The MIDI Game of Life is available for Mac OSX as a free download. Beta builds for Windows and Linux are available here.

Visit Raymond May Jr. for more information. (Link via Synthtopia)