evil alliance releases combover

evil alliance combover

evil alliance, a collaboration between de la Mancha and Runagate, has released combover, a comb delay effect plug-in for Windows PC.

The evil alliance has taken the first step in establishing a New World Disorder by launching our first plugin, combover, a freeware effect plugin that does things even we don’t really understand. combover is a comb delay, and four more comb delays, and a step sequencer that does odd things, and a pool of prime numbers that make stuff happen, and some mix ‘n’ match pitch detection. It also has an xy pad and wet / dry controls that let some stuff through and other stuff not.

Combover is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit evil alliance for more information and a link to download combover.


Runagate releases Mistress Liquifaction

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Runagate Mistress Liquifaction

Runagate releases Mistress Liquifaction, a modification of Jack Dark’s Mister Liquid, a modulated delay FSU effect plug-in.

From the manual:

The first thing to know about Mistress Liquifaction is that it is a wildly modulated series of 2 stereo pairs of delays and a reverb, also modulated. The things that modulate these effects’ delay time, feedback, reverb size, damping, etc. are threefold: a step sequencer, an LFO and Jack Dark’s automated vector joystick.

Mistress Liquifaction VST v0.1 comes with a default bank of 16 presets. The included .pdf manual has detailed information on the controls.

Visit Runagate‘s website for more information and a link to download Mistress Liquifaction.


Runagate releases CombOver

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Runagate CombOver v0.1

Runagate has released CombOver, a free FSU effect based on comb filters.

CombOver v0.1 features

  • 5 modulated comb filters.
  • Comb filter time modulation provided by input audio pitch detection.
  • 16 graphical sliders to choose 16 harmonic overtones for modulation source.
  • 16-step sequencer to modulate selected harmonic overtone for time modulation.
  • X/Y joystick-controlled vector mixer to blend between 4 harmonically-modulated comb filters.
  • A variety of tempo-synced beat division choices for the sequencer.
  • Stereo peak hold control on the pitch detector to ensure sensible pitch detection from stereo inputs, also acts as modulation smoothing envelope.
  • Pitch detection octave selection control.

CombOver is available as freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Runagate for more information and a link to download CombOver.


Runagate releases Turducken and Re-Coder (alpha)

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Runagate Turducken v0.1

Runagate has released alpha versions of Turducken and Re-Coder, two freeware VST effect plug-ins made with SynthEdit.

Runagate writes:

Turducken is an FSU effect the basis of which is two types of Phase Modulation much like is used in an FM synth. Insert audio; output madness. Within Turducken is a pitch tracker and an LFO, both of which modulate many things, including a couple oscillators (used for phase modulation and ring modulation) as well as some secret ingredients from an old Cajun recipe.

Re-Coder is a Freeware VST effect based on a vocoder, the carrier of which is a four operator FM synth with a flanger, delay & some unusual modulation abilities. Ops 2 & 4 are gated by an envelope follower and a pitch follower, which also modulate the delay and flanger.

Both plug-ins are available for Windows PC (remember they’re v0.1 alpha, so they might be buggy).

Visit Runagate for more information and links to download Turducken and Re-Coder.