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The Loop Loft launches Live Sessions – Custom multi-track drums by Ryan Gruss

The Loop Loft Live Sessions

The Loop Loft has announced it is now offering Live Sessions, an online service where you can get custom drum tracks played by Ryan Gruss.

Do you have a song that needs live, professional drum tracks, but don’t have the budget to book a studio, hire an engineer AND a seasoned drummer? Well, we’ve opened up the doors of The Loop Loft studio to record specifically for you!

With Live Sessions, Loop Loft founder and session ace (and drummer on a majority of the Loop Loft releases), Ryan Gruss, is now available to record multitrack drums for whatever your project needs. Whether it’s a pop song, an indie rock track, a jazz tune, a film score or a tv jingle, Ryan will craft the perfect drum track for you by consulting your session notes, analyzing your mp3, hand selecting the appropriate drums, cymbals, mics and preamps for your project, and delivering stellar multitrack drum sessions to your inbox within 72 hours!

From major motion pictures, to major label sessions, Ryan has tracked countless projects for hundreds of happy clients and bands. So many, in fact, odds are you’ve already heard his drumming today on tv or the radio.

Live Sessions multi-track drum tracks are available starting at $199 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Live Sessions


The Loop Loft launches Memorial Day Sale

The Loop Loft Memorial Day Sale

The Loop Loft has announced a Memorial Day Sale, offering 35% off its products.

Don’t Hesitate – Sale Ends Tuesday May 31st at 12:00pm EST

To celebrate the Memorial Holiday weekend we’re holding a 35% off sale on EVERYTHING in The Loop Loft!

This includes all loops (WAV, REX2 & AIFF), as well as our custom Reason ReFills and Ableton Live Packs. Just enter the following discount code during checkout to receive 35% off anything and everything in your shopping cart!

To take advantage of this sale use discount code save35 at checkout.

More information: The Loop Loft


The Art of Brushes Vol 2, sample pack by The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft The Art of Brushes Vol 2

The Loop Loft has announced the release of The Art of Brushes Vol 2, a new collection of drum loops.

A collection of loops and samples focused entirely on brushes, this second volume contains over twice as many files as the original, giving you the sounds and grooves you need to produce authentic drum tracks in a wide range of styles.

From folk, to Americana, to bebop, to electronica, the depth and airiness of the brushes combined with the warmth and timbre of vintage drums and hand-hammered cymbals provide the perfect foundation for even the most discerning producer and songwriter who needs truly professional sounding (and feeling) drum tracks.

The Art of Brushes Vol 2 features

  • Includes 135 loops and 82 samples.
  • Tempo Range: 80-212 BPM.
  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • High quality 24-bit/48 kHz audio.
  • Available formats: WAV, REX2 and AIFF (Apple Loops).
  • Sets included: 80_FatAndLoose, 86_DarkAndFunky, 90_WarmAndWide, 120_TightAndRingy, 180_InThreeOrSix, 212_BeAndBop.

The Art of Brushes Vol 2 is available to purchase as a download for $24.95 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft


Short links for March 2nd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# cl516: ProLoop iPhone App by Trapcode

Calvin Cardioid on ProLoop for iPhone:

I've been searching a long time for something like this. It's not on OSX, and it's not an audiounit plugin. It's called ProLoop and I got it for $5 on the iTunes store. It's a very hands-on loop player capable of handling 6 loops at a time. My usual audio clips didn't feel like it was fully explaining what's going on, so be sure to check out the video above for a slightly more in-depth look.

# Fractions of a Second: An Olympic Musical – Interactive Graphic

NYTimes has a cool auralization of crossing the Olympic finish line:

At the Olympics, the blink of an eye can be all that separates the gold medalist from the 10th-place finisher. In some events, this is obvious. But in others, with athletes racing one by one, the closeness of the race is harder to perceive.


# TheBlackBox: Release v2.0 – Propeller HSS FX/Sequencer with Digital Audio SPDIF output

The Propeller BlackBox Audio Sequencer is a device for audio waveform creation and a 32 step sequencer.

BlackBox Audio Sequencer features

  • Live fx mode to allow direct output of the current waveform set by 12 different potentiometers.
  • The sequencer allows the fx to be loaded into any one of 32 steps in the sequencer.
  • SPDIF audio output or analog output via a switch (not both at the same time).
  • analog output to a monitor(at the same time as spdif/analog output above (headphones or studio speakers) to allow auditioning before outputting live.
  • 3 encoders that allow – BPM, main volume, and BPM jumps(1/3, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 2/3) and a switch for jump direction. (main volume and bpm jump programming not complete yet).
  • BlackBox to BlackBox CLOCK sync, input rca, output rca.(serial @ 150Kbps, works over 1 foot rca cable) (this is so many of these devices can be connected to one main BEAT CLOCK MASTER.).
  • 32 LEDS are used as sequencer step indication, ALONG with using the 32 LEDS as buttons to load waveform.
  • 2 leds that start/stop the sequencer and live fx waveform.
  • fully open source that uses the HSS code to generate the audio.

# Gruss Loops Vol X is Here!

Ryan releases another batch of cool drum loops.

Another 1st of the month brings us another set of Gruss Loops. Volume X features four different loop sets with over 25 different groove and fill variations in each style and tempo. A mix of world, funk, latin and r&b loops, Volume X is a must-have for any well-rounded loop collection.


# Exclusive Free Soundtrack: Osmos, Featuring Gas, Julien Neto, Loscil, High Skies

Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music writes:

The independent game Osmos won our hearts in 2009, with transcendent, meditative gameplay built on simulated particle physics, starting as a floating wonderland and ending with some deliciously punishing difficulty. But it’s the soundtrack that sealed the deal: ambient-tinged work by artists like Gas 0095, Julien Neto, Loscil, and High Skies helped us imagine an unseen, microscopic (or perhaps macroscopic) world. Their sonic craft is a great example of what digital music can be. Now, I’m pleased to offer a lot of that music for your listening pleasure, for free. It’s one of the rare game soundtracks you’d want to hear even after having heard it on repeat while solving some of the title’s trickier puzzles. A huge thanks to the artists, whose generosity made this compilation possible – check out their work if you haven’t already.


Ryan Gruss releases Gruss Loops Vol 9

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Gruss Loops Vol 9

Ryan Gruss has released Gruss Loops Vol 9, a collection of drum loops.

That’s right, the wait is finally over. A crisp February 1st in Boston brings yet another new pack of loops for the loyal subscribers of

I pride myself on producing a highly eclectic range of styles with each new release and Vol 9 is definitely no exception.

Gruss Loops Vol 9 includes 100+ loops (each as AIFF, WAV and REX2) and is available now to subscribers. Monthly subscription is available at $9.95 USD.

More information: Ryan Gruss / Gruss Loops Vol 9


Ryan Gruss launches The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft

Drummer, producer, and loop guru Ryan Gruss has launched The Loop Loft, a boutique sample shop offering the highest quality loops available anywhere.

We’re happy to announce the grand opening of The Loop Loft! Come on in and take a tour. We’ve spent the past few months feverishly working to assemble the highest quality loops in an online store that’s easy on the eyes. Take a listen to the product samples and you’ll hear why The Loop Loft is the premier source for royalty free loops.

As you’ll notice from our product selection, we are currently focused on drum loops but we’ll be expanding into other areas throughout 2010. Keep an eye and ear out for guitar, bass, keyboard and all kinds of other instruments in the future. We’ll be working with top session musicians in NYC, LA and London to provide you with the best loops available anywhere.

The Loop Loft opens with 5 genre specific sample libraries (previously released in various Gruss Loops Packs at starting at $24.95 USD, and a Producer Pack which bundles these 5 libraries for $129.95 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft


Short links for December 1st, 2009

Lab3 Arduino Sine wave Generator

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Arduino Sine wave Generator using the DDS Method

From Lab3:

Here we describe how to generate sine waves with an Arduino board in a very accurate way . Almost no additional hardware is required. The frequency range reaches form zero to 16 KHz with a resolution of a millionth part of one Hertz ! Distortions can be kept less than one percent on frequencies up to 3 KHz. This technique is not only useful for music and sound generation another range of application is test equipment or measurement instrumentation. Also in telecommunication the DDS Method is useful for instance in frequency of phase modulation (FSK PSK).

# ningear – This eBay seller is listing lots of Nine Inch Nails gear from their last tour. Want a piece of NiN? Get it now on eBay!

# Schipmann Music out of business Via Matrixsynth

Dear customers!

We are finishing our business. These are the very last units of “ebbe und flut” ever!! We are thankful for all our satisfied customers. We will be there for you in support and service in that time after this sale.

Yours sincerely,
Carsten Schippmann (CEO)

Schipmann ebbe und flut MKII
Last ebbe und flut MKII units going for 999 EUR (normal price: 1498,21 EUR per unit) Tempting…

# Gruss Loops – Volume VII is here!

Ryan writes:

I’m happy to announce that the wait is finally over. Gruss Loops Volume VII is now available! With some major studio upgrades at Gruss Headquarters over the past month, I think you’ll be able to hear the enriched sonic textures that only a few thousand dollars made out to Steve Jobs can bring. If you put your mouth against the speakers, you might even be able to taste it.

# 5 Years of CDM NYC Party: Beats + Baile + Open Bar + Laptops + Twitter Twister

CDM love by onetonnemusic

Time flies when you’re having fun. Congratulations to Peter Kirn and CDM.

Pete writes:

Link love, chip love, software love, music love – Create Digital Music is celebrating five years, and it’s time to spread some of the love back to you here in New York City.

Wednesday night, we’ll be celebrating five years made possible by our incredible readers with a big party at Love Nightclub in Manhattan.

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday: Vocoded Drums

Tom writes:

Most of my American readers probably have today off, but regardless, the weekend is almost here! So here's a small set of 16 drum sounds sent through a vocoder for your downloading enjoyment… All samples are 24-bit/44.1k.

little-scale Novation Laundpad

# little-scale Novation Launchpad – Sebastian uses Max/MSP to create a linear sequencer, ripple sequencer and waveform editor for the Novation Launchpad.

Today I made a simple ripple-based sequencer for the Novation Launchpad. The idea is simple. By pressing a grid button, a yellow, square ripple is created that emanates from the point that was touched. By holding down a modifier button and pressing a grid button, static, red points are created. Each red point represents a musical note. Whenever a given yellow ripple intersects (touches) a red point, the sequencer plays a note.

# Endless loop: A brief history of chiptunes

By Kevin Driscoll, Joshua Diaz. The abstract:

Chiptune refers to a collection of related music production and performance practices sharing a history with video game soundtracks. The evolution of early chiptune music tells an alternate narrative about the hardware, software, and social practices of personal computing in the 1980s and 1990s. By digging into the interviews, text files, and dispersed ephemera that have made their way to the Web, we identify some of the common folk-historical threads among the commercial, noncommercial, and ambiguously commercial producers of chiptunes with an eye toward the present-day confusion surrounding the term chiptune. Using the language of affordances and constraints, we hope to avoid a technocratic view of the inventive and creative but nevertheless highly technical process of creating music on computer game hardware.