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Saltline announces Świerk synth plugin

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Saltline has announced the upcoming Świerk subtractive synthesizer instrument.

Świerk is the first in a series of freeware VST instruments. The saltline “drzewo” series will consist of a collection of simple, free, no nonsense sound creation and manipulation tools.

Saltline Swierk
Świerk will mark the launch of the drzewo series of free plugins.

Saltline is currently updating its website and plugins. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

More information: Saltline


FreePlayer Ltd. announces FreePlayer Pre-order

FreePlayer Pro

FreePlayer Ltd. has announced that FreePlayer is now available to pre-order.

FreePlayer, which allows guitarists to control effects by motion and touch, consists of a hardware attachment for the guitar and a software application that hosts VST plug-ins and controls MIDI devices. A Windows version is offered initially, with other operating systems to follow.

The first models to be made available are:

  • FreePlayer Pro for Les Paul guitars – pre-order price €299 (normal price €399) – contains a complete set of FreePlayer sensors in an ‘easy-fit-kit’ pickguard:
    • 38x48mm Touchpad (responds smoothly to a pick or a fingernail)
    • 3-Axis Motion Sensor (Responds to motion up to 3G – Shock-proof to 10,000G!)
    • Flexible Light Sensor (Detects light changes in 1000 smooth increments)
    • Tactile button array (Five buttons individually shaped for recognition by touch.
  • FreePlayer Express – pre-order price €149 (normal price €199) – a universal kit that attaches to most guitars or basses with a simple adhesive pad (included). With a 3-axis Motion Sensor and Tactile Button array, it’s all you need to get up and running!
  • FreePlayer Express Plus – pre-order price €199 (normal price €249) – all the benefits of FreePlayer Express, with an additional Flexible Light Sensor.

Each FreePlayer unit comes with a USB cable, the FreePlayer software, and is bundled with these VST plug-ins:

  • Saltline Audio Solutions: Bachelard, ‘Son of a Pitch’ and Cadence.
  • Voxengo: Voxengo Boogex.
  • MeldaProduction MFreeVSTBundle: includes MCompressor, MEqualiser, MPhaser, MRingModulator, MFlanger, MTremolo, MVibrato, and many others.
  • NDC’s Open source VST plugins: Fragmental, and the wonderfully named Reversinator.
  • FrettedSynthAudio: FreeAmp3.

Users will be able to download more VSTs and sounds from the FreePlayer SoundStore, including Saltline Audio Solution’s previously announced range of plug-ins developed specifically for FreePlayer.

Customers Pre-ordering FreePlayer between now and the product release (expected end of July) receive a discount of up to €100 – with deposit of just €50.

More information: FreePlayer


Saltline updates Ichi to v2.0

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Saltline Ichi

Saltline has released version 2 of Ichi, a free virtual analog synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Completely rebuilt, Ichi has evolved into a powerful addition to any plugin collection.

Newcomers to synthesis will find the layout mirrors the signal path for easy navigation and a clear understanding of how to manipulate Ichi’s sound.

Patches can be created quickly for stock, bread and butter sounds. That’s not to say that you can’t dig deeper into this humble instrument, featuring multiple modulation sources and 24 destinations, the sonic possibilities are endless. Ichi’s oscillator layout will be echoed throughout saltline’s future, synthesis based, instruments allowing the user to understand clearly what their parameter tweaking will effect.

Overall, Ichi is great for performing day to day sound tasks whilst still giving the user instant access to interesting tones and timbres.

Ichi 2 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Saltline / Ichi


Saltline updates Ichi to v1.1

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Saltline Ichi v1.1

Saltline has released version 1.1 of Ichi, a freeware analog/subtractive synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

A simple VA synth, Ichi features two, identical, sound creators. It is excellent for gettings sounds up and running quickly. It’s simplicity shouldn’t shadow the fast that it can produce a wide range of sounds from pads, to basses and crazy ‘Alien’ effects. An ideal synth for a beginner to get their head around and start creating some noises.

Changes in Ichi v1.1

  • Amount controls for each of the six envelope generators.
  • Chorus effect.
  • Slight change to the GUI due to the extra features.

Ichi is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Saltline for more information.


Saltline releases Bachelard (beta)

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Saltline Bachelard

Saltline has released a beta version of Bachelard, a freeware effect plug-in for Windows.

Bachelard comprises of two effects, a delay and a reverb. Each effect has two state variable self oscillating fiters to choose from. This plugin can be controlled in several different ways. Some of the controls feature key tracking and there is also a modulation matrix run by three LFOs. The sound that can be created from bachelard ranger from, obvious delay and reverb settings to, altering a sound beyond all recognition.

Bachelard features

  • Delay featuring, free, sync to host and key tracking (KTr) controlled rate.
  • Delay feedback also features a KTr switch.
  • Reverb parameters, size, width, damp and mix.
  • Reverb size and mix controls also have KTr switches.
  • Both effects have identical filters, 2 self oscillating SVs.
  • The cutoff on the filters can also be set to KTr.
  • 3 identical LFOs with free, sync to host and KTr rate control.
  • Each LFO can be assigned in the modulation matrix to several destinations: delay rate, feedback, cutoff and resonance, reverb size, width, damp, mix, cutoff and resonance.

Bachelard is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Saltline for more information.


Saltline releases San (beta)

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Saltline San

Saltline has released a beta version of San, a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

San features

  • Hybrid synthesizer: Two analogue oscillators (with two FM oscillators) and a phase distortion oscillator.
  • Sound generators can be mixed between two of three variable state filters.
  • Modulation: three multi routable, multi rate LFO’s, two ADSR envelopes and an 8 stage envelope.
  • Effects: flanger/chorus, distortion effect.
  • Quick guide and MIDI controller ID list on second panel.

San is available as a freeware VST instruments for Windows PC.

Visit Saltline for more information.


Saltline releases Son of a pitch

Saltline Son of a pitch

Saltline has released Son of a pitch, a freeware audio pitch bend VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Son of a pitch features

  • Pitch of the incoming signal can be controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO.
  • Pitch knob ranges from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch.
  • Effect also features an LFO controlled filter section.
  • 3 filters to choose from, 2 SV filters and a butterworth filter.
  • Filter section can be bypassed sending the dry signal straight to the pitch bender.

Visit Saltline for more information.


Saltline releases Ni

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Saltline Ni

Saltline has released Ni, a single oscillator step sequencer synth for Windows PC.

Ni features

  • 7 waveforms.
  • Octave switch, fine tuning.
  • Phase modulation.
  • Osc pitch controlled by 16 step sequencer.
  • Sequencer: Directional switching, step rate, step start & end parameters.
  • Self oscillating filter (LP, HP, BP, BR).
  • Filter cutoff can be controlled by the sequencer.
  • Multi destination, sync to host LFO.
  • Effects: Reverb and delay, each with their own filter.
  • LFO for modulation of effects’ filter cut, reverb size or delay rate.

Ni is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Saltline for more information and a link to download Ni.