Sample Anatomy releases Deep Wave Sessions by Rishi K.

Sample Anatomy Deep Wave Sessions

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Deep Wave Sessions, a new sample library by Deep House artist Rishi K.

After several years of releasing quality tracks on some of the top Deep House labels (over 500 to be precise), he has created his first sample pack for Sample Anatomy. Rishi had one goal in mind during the production of this pack and that was to create a solid, unique, inspiring, floor shattering sample pack in hopes to inspire other producers to create some amazing music.

Deepwave Sessions covers a wide variety of styles of Deep House all the way from laid back and chilled to spacey to dark and pumping, this pack has it all! Deepwave Sessions is loaded with more than 450 Megabytes of high quality samples, loops and midi files of basslines, drum beats, percussion loops, melodies, arpeggios, stabs and more!

Created with an emphasis on melodic content as is Rishi K.’s trademark style, there is no shortage of melodies and arpeggios here for you. We also chose to include all the midi files here so that you can make any change to the melodies that you like, or use different instruments to create your own unique sounds.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $19.95 USD.

More information: Sample Anatomy / Deep Wave Sessions


Sample Anatomy releases Tech House Construction Lab

Sample Anatomy Tech House Construction Lab

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Tech House Construction Lab, a new sample pack by Superjunk.

We’ve got 17 of the freshest most diverse tech house kits for you to put to work. With a huge variety of Tech House styles, Superjunk has left nothing to be desired.

Spanning from deep dark and funky to slick laid back and soulful, this pack is fully loaded. In the spirit of true “Construction” you will find that most of the kits that have been supplied are your raw essentials for getting your next Tech House banger started and off the ground.

Each kit has its own unique groove that is sure to set your tracks apart from the competition. You’ll find slamming kicks, deep top and bottom end bass, percussion heavy elements, and sparse intelligently placed synths. If you are into music released from labels like Toolroom, My Favorite Robot, Innervisions, Great Stuff Recordings, Break New Soil, Definitive, 1605 and Noir Music, then Tech House Construction Lab is a must.

The pack is available for purchase for $19.95 USD.

More information: Sample Anatomy


Sample Anatomy releases Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1

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Sample Anatomy Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1, a collection of 100 bassline loops and MIDI files.

Bass lines are arguably one of the hardest elements of a track to produce. Its the seat of the song. Its what people are going to groove to. We’ve concocted 100 of the freshest, biggest and baddest tech baselines to get your House, Minimal, Techno or any other genre with a 4 on the 4 groove, a serious head start.

Bassline Tech is full of diversity when it comes to style. You’ll find a plethora of earth shaking subs, distorted mids, synth heavy top end, minimal stylized, modulated expressions, enveloped, full on, resonance heavy, and funky baselines in this pack. We’ve left nothing to be desired with this one. For the sake of artistic integrity, most loops were left dry of effects (No Delays or Reverbs). All loops were however treated with EQ and COMPRESSION to ensure full compatibility with your project. Just drag drop and go!

Love the groove but not 100% happy with the sound we’ve created? No problem. Fire up one of the adjoining midi files and plug in your own sound. For every bassline we created we’ve supplied you with the MIDI file that created the bassline. This will ensure you get exactly what you want from your groove. Having the MIDI file is also a great way to create variation in your groove if you choose to.

We’ve supplied you with 4 folders. Each folder contains 50 loops cut at 123 and the other 50 cut at 125 for both the MIDI and the AUDIO. Standard faire for tech productions. All Audio and Midi files have been key marked for your convenience.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $13.95 USD.

More information: Sample Anatomy / Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1


Sample Anatomy releases Nu Deep Construction Lab

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Sample Anatomy Nu Deep Construction Lab

Sample Anatomy has announced Nu Deep Construction Lab, a collection of dark techie grooves, luscious pads, stabbing synths and minor keyed bass lines.

Each groove is designed to make you want to move and scratch that itch (you know the one). We like to think its a fusion between the old analog drums from the 90’s but re-edited and re visited to sound more powerful and tasty. You might find similar sounds on such labels as Ellum Audio, Innervisions, Sleazy Deep, Off Recordings, Hot Creations and Crosstown Rebels.

As with our other construction kits, Sample Anatomy has taken the liberty of breaking down each groove into its individual break out loops. We’ve included a dry and wet part when its necessary and have taken care of volume as well. You will find that each part is ready to use in your production but still has some headroom left if you need to give it a boost. All kits are marked with their respective key scale and have been tagged with the proper BPM.

In addition, Nu Deep Construction Lab comes equipped with a tricked out Bonus Folder with a few extra treats so you have a little something extra to throw in your projects.

Nu Deep Construction Lab features

  • 15 Construction Kits + 1 bonus folder full of bass, chord, pad and FX hits & loops.
  • 510+ MB total content.
  • All loops and sounds are royalty free and 100% guaranteed ready for your music production projects.

The sample pack costs $19.95 USD.

More information: Sample Anatomy / Nu Deep Construction Lab


Sample Anatomy releases Future Trap & Glitch and Techno Avant-Garde + Black Friday Sale

Sample Anatomy Future Trap & Glitch

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Future Trap & Glitch and Techno Avant-Garde, two new sample packs.

Without a doubt, Trap, Dubstep and GlitchHop are some of the hottest sounds in the electronic music movement. Our latest offering, “FUTURE TRAP & GLITCH” is a construction kit sound library that will fit perfectly into any Trap, GltichHop, Dubstep or Broken Beat producers collection. This pack sets itself apart through its unique use of twisted textures and glitched out grooves. Combining the raw power of bass and 808’s with cut up vocals, scorching leads and hypnotic melodies.

Future Trap and Glitch is organized by KITS into “Grooves”, a collection of loops that all fit perfectly together, making up the heart of your next track. You can then pull apart the anatomy of these grooves and use them “as is”, or remix and remangle to your hearts content.

In addition there are over 250+ One Shots ready to be loaded into your Sampler of choice!

The Future Trap & Glitch sample pack is available to purchase for $19.95 USD.

Techno Avant-Garde is a collection of sound designed loops and tools.

Weird, Trippy, Abstract, Bent, Broken, Esoteric and Enigmatic, these are just some of the words we could think of to characterize our latest audio offering.

Sample Anatomy Techno Avant-Garde

Techno Avant-Garde is full of an enormous palate of off-the-wall, polyrhythmic, obscure and intentional sound designed loops and tools. Still remaining true to the “Techno” genre, Techno Avant-Garde is a exploration into the “what ifs”.

Techno Avant-Garde is not shy of the usual suspects. This pack contains earth shattering analog sub bass, catchy top line basses for layering, digitally distorted synth lines and leads, evolving and textural atmospheric backgrounds, bright shuffled high hats, front and center snare claps and pops, and a plethora of modern layered FX to give your productions the shine to finish them off plus much much more. We’ve also included plenty of stripped down kick and snare loops for you to start from scratch to make your own grooves.

The Techno Avant-Garde sample pack costs $19.95 USD.

Sample Anatomy has also announced a Black Friday Sale, offering 50% off all its sample packs on November 29th, 2013.

More information: Sample Anatomy


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