Les Productions Zvon sets free Quad Zamp sample player

Les Productions Zvon has announced it has set free the Quad Zamp sample player instrument plug-in for Windows.

Les Productions Zvon Quad Zamp

To beme more precise, the 4 audio outs version is now freeware. It previously was “soundware”, meaning that it was a bonus with any purchase of our sample sets. The single audio out that was freeware is discontinued. I have decided this because we no longer sell our sample sets directly from our website, at least for now, due to the new EU VAT regulations.

Quad Zamp is a one-shot/drum VSTi sample player, consisting of four ‘Zamp’ style multi wav players, 12 wavplayers in total. Each wav player is assigned to a certain key, from C2 to B2. This can be customized. Also includes samples from the IYTTIW mofified trumpet and the Prepared Rhodes with ready to use kits.

It was made with SynthEdit and was “Download of the Month” in December 2005 Electronic Musician magazine.

Quad Zamp for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Quad Zamp


Akai Pro intros MPX16 sample recorder & player

Akai Professional has announced the MPX16, an advanced sample player with onboard sound recording.

Akai Pro MPX16

The portable MPX16 plays and records .WAV samples using SD cards for powerful, reliable performance in live and studio situations. Like the popular MPX8, samples are triggered internally from the highly responsive MPC-style pads or an external MIDI device via USB-MIDI and 3.5mm (1/4-inch) MIDI inputs. Also a feature-packed MIDI pad controller, the MPX16 is equally capable of launching clips or adding trigger pads to a producer’s studio.

Samples are captured at CD-quality via dual 6.3mm (1/4-inch) inputs or the on-board stereo microphone and saved to an SD card. The user may assign audio clips to the pads and apply tuning, filters, envelopes and “choke” grouping for creative, dynamic performances. An LCD screen and illuminated trigger pads provide visual feedback during use, and the MPX16 may be powered from a USB port or the included power supply. Naturally, users may load existing sound files onto an SD card or use the MPX16 as an SD card reader for drag-and-drop convenience on a Mac or PC. A software tool for even easier sample management is included via download.

MPX16 features

  • Record and play back stereo .WAV samples using any SD card.
  • 16 ultra-responsive, velocity sensitive backlit trigger pads.
  • Sample via 6.3mm (1/4-inch) inputs or internal mic.
  • MIDI In/Out easily integrates into your performance or studio setup.
  • Filter, tune, envelope and choke grouping on each pad.
  • CD quality sampling and playback.
  • Includes computer software editor for efficient loading and editing of samples.
  • Acts as an SD card reader for loading sounds over USB.
  • Powered by USB or the included power supply; SD card included.

The MPX16 will be available in Summer 2014, distributed worldwide with a $199.99 USD street price.

Akai Professional will unveil the MPX16 at Musikmesse, Hall 5.1, Booth B45, March 12-15 in Frankfurt, Germany.

More information: Akai Pro


NanoSystem releases NanoLaunchpad v1.1 for Android

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NanoSystem NanoLaunchpad

NanoSystem has introduced NanoLaunchpad, a music app for Android.

NanoLaunchpad is an application that allows you to create music as a real Launchpad.

NanoLaunchpad features 36 pads with the ability to assign them their own sounds. Feel like a real producer making music in real time! The first such application for Android!

Changes in NanoLaunchpad v1.1

  • Ability to load samples from the application.
  • Added two modes of pads: one hit, loop.
  • Added constant illumination of pads while playing a sample.
  • Fixed an issue with stuttering sound after a drag of pad.
  • Fixed an issue with double sample playback on slower devices.
  • Completely rewritten application.
  • Decreased response time to touch up to ~ 10ms.
  • Small changes in graphics.
  • Added support for low-resolution screens.

NanoLaunchpad for Android is a free download at Google Play.

More information: NanoLaunchpad


Best Service updates Engine to v2.2

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Best Service Engine

Best Service has announced version 2.2 of its Engine sample player platform that powers Best Service’s virtual instruments.

We have been working hard to steadily improve Engine and are now ready to share our latest version with you.

Engine 2.2 has been greatly optimized on both platforms, Mac OS and Windows. You will experience massive improvements in terms of performance when using complex instruments.

Give Engine 2.2 a try and let us know what you think.

Changes in Engine v2.2.0.52.

  • Improved audio engine performance.
  • Improved sound of modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger etc. ).
  • New Vandal Insert FX. Distortion, Guitar Amp, Cabinet Simulation.
  • Windows ASIO fix for some soundcards.
  • MAGIX ASIO LOLA support.
  • Improved Impulse Response Engine.
  • Switched to VSTGUI 3.6 on Windows, better performance and mouse behaviour.
  • Increased custom controls to 128.
  • New and improved Choose Folder Dialog (Windows).
  • Ability to add more than one library at a time.
  • Fixed AU crashes under some hosts.
  • Fixed denormal problems with some Insert FX.
  • Improved Core Audio Support.
  • Additional bug fixes.

The Engine update is now available to download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Best Service


Vienna Symphonic Library releases MIRx for Vienna Instruments PRO

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of MIRx, three MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions for its proprietary sample player software Vienna Instruments PRO.

VSL MIRx onzerthaus Mozartsaal
MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal reverb mixing extension in Vienna Instruments PRO.

Based on the company’s revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) convolution technology users can integrate the stunning acoustics of renowned concert halls and sound stages directly into Vienna Instruments PRO – at great prices. The new products MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal, MIRx Konzerthaus Mozartsaal and MIRx Teldex Scoring Stage as well as the MIRx Bundle that includes all three venues are available at special introductory prices during the month of August, 2013. Additionally, the Viennese company offers a 35% discount on Vienna Instruments PRO when purchased together with any Vienna Instruments Collection between August 1 and August 31, 2013.

High-end Convolution Reverb from Vienna MIR PRO

Using pre-configured Multi Impulse Responses from the company’s highly acclaimed software Vienna MIR PRO and its RoomPacks, each instrument or ensemble loaded in Vienna Instruments PRO will find its perfect position on stage at the touch of a button. Users may select from three renowned venues that are available separately or as a bundle. While the Vienna Konzerthaus – Grosser Saal (Great Hall) with a total area of 9,900 square feet (920 m²) is the perfect venue for large symphonic and choral works, the smaller Mozartsaal (4,680 square feet/435 m²) offers an ideal setting for all types of chamber music, from string quartets to chamber orchestras. The famed Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin has been used for recording purposes since the 1950s. With its 4,900 square feet (455 m²) hall it is still one of the largest private recording studios to achieve international standards. Hundreds of MIRx presets have been created by MIR project manager and esteemed audio engineer Dietmar “Dietz” Tinhof for specific instrumentations and stage settings, allowing for a perfectly balanced orchestral sound at any time. Users will get plenty of inspiration from new video tutorials and demo projects that are available for download at the company’s website.

The Vienna MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions are available to purchase for the introductory price of 69 EUR each (regular 79 EUR), the MIRx Bundle is 175 EUR (regular 195 EUR). Upgrade paths from MIRx venues to Vienna MIR RoomPacks are available.

Coinciding with the release of the MIRx products the Vienna Symphonic Library is running a special offer for Vienna Instruments PRO during the month of August.

Customers get a 35% discount on Vienna Instruments PRO when purchasing the software together with any Vienna Instruments Collection (Standard Library or Extended Library) or a Special Edition Collection between August 1 and August 31, 2013.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library / MIRx


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