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Kenaxis Creative updates Kenaxis to v3.3

Kenaxis Creative Kenaxis

Kenaxis Creative has updated the Mac version of Kenaxis, a real-time audio performance application.

KENAXIS the new crossroads of: composition and free improvisation, inspiration and innovation, live performance and your sound library, chaos and control

Changes in Kenaxis v3.3

  • Added Multitrack Record: This is very useful if you want to remix material you create while using Kenaxis. You can now create separate stereo files for each of the Kenaxis objects such as the Klangs, Granulators and Freeze when recording.
  • SoftStep Support: If you own a Keith McMillen SoftStep, Kenaxis is now optimized to use it. It’s set up to use the LEDs and display on the SoftStep so that not only is the SoftStep an input device but it shows the status of Kenaxis as well.
  • Sync Klangs 2-5 to Klang 1: You can now automatically sync live loop recordings done in Klangs 2-6 to the length of your loop in Klang 1.
  • New manual that covers all of the additions to Kenaxis (Check it out for more information on the new additions).
  • Value Randomizer Prefs added to customize how a random impulse works (Command E).
  • Fixed Kenaxis Visualizer link.
  • Fixed System Prefs bugs.

Kenaxis is available to purchase for lowered price of $49 USD. An update for Kenaxis on Windows PC will be available soon.

More information: Kenaxis

Expert Sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v3.2.0

Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth

Expert Sleepers has announced an update for the Crossfade Loop Synth plugins for Windows and Mac.

From version 3, Crossfade Loop Synth is actually two plug-ins: Crossfade Loop Synth and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect. The effect version takes the power of Crossfade Loop Synth and turns it into a live sampler, a looper and a very unusual and powerful delay effect.

Changes in Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.0

  • The Mac OS X AU & VST versions now support 64 bit operation.
  • The timing of note playback is much improved in the synth versions of the plug-in (now sample accurate).
  • Fixes a minor bug which would cause the plug-in to attempt to load an empty filename when loading a song in Plogue Bidule.

Crossfade Loop Synth for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $49 USD excl. VAT (if applicable).

More information: Expert Sleepers / Crossfade Loop Synth

Serato releases ITCH 2.0 DJ software

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Serato ITCH

Serato has released version 2.0 of ITCH, the DJ software for Windows and Mac.

Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware system, designed to give music selectors and DJs new kinds of control. Serato and ITCH partners have made award winning DJ systems that operate without CD players or turntables.

Using the ITCH software you can DJ music on your computer with accurate control from a range of purpose built ITCH hardware.

Changes in ITCH 2.0

  • A fresh new look, with changeable Night & Day modes.
  • New SP-6 Sample Player including Sample Sync.
  • Multiple display modes to suit different styles of DJing – vertical, horizontal, stack and library views.
  • Re-optimised Serato SmartSync engine for precise grids and locked grooves.
  • Improved Library Management so you can easily copy crates & tracks to external drives for gigs.
  • Smart Crates which auto-fill using keywords from your music library.
  • Serato Playlists to share your tracklists either as you play, or online afterwards.
  • Album Art Views for enhanced browsing.
  • Improved Instant Doubles functionality, including support for 4 decks.

The ITCH 2.0 update is available as a free download.

More information: Serato / ITCH

Camel Audio Alchemy Player updated to v1.20, now free

Camel Audio has released version 1.20 of Alchemy Player, a major update to the popular SFZ and Alchemy sound playback engine, which is now completely free.

Camel Audio Alchemy Player

Alchemy Player now allows you to load and play any SFZ file, and comes with 150 presets (1200 variations) plus an extra 50 sounds if you register, with a total of 1 GB of samples. You can extend your sound palette with Camel Audio’s extensive Alchemy Sound Library range. Alchemy Player supports all major formats on both Windows and Mac including VST, AU and RTAS in 32-bit and 64-bit flavours.

Alchemy Player can now play back highly detailed sample libraries of acoustic instruments, as it now supports round-robin and key-switching plus unlimited keyboard zones and velocity layers. Alchemy Player may be the only sample player you ever need, since it can now load third-party or converted SFZ libraries. When you load an SFZ file, Alchemy automatically creates eight remix pad variations using different effects and modulations.

Looks haven’t been ignored either, with on the fly switching of skins, a streamlined and easier-to-read face-lift for the default skin, plus a new Nightshade skin for those who find a darker look easier to work with.

This update took over two man-years to create with numerous other enhancements and bug fixes. Alchemy Player 1.20 is slicker, more powerful and faster than ever, and is now completely free. Head over to to grab your copy.

Changes in Alchemy Player v1.20

  • New formats – 64-bit and RTAS:
    • 64-bit support for Mac and Windows – access unlimited memory.
    • RTAS Support for Pro Tools on Mac and Windows.
  • SFZ Sample Playback Support:
    • SFZ support – high quality loading of 3rd party and converted SFZs.
    • Key switching for fast access to articulations.
    • Round robin support for added realism.
    • Unlimited zones for velocity, round robin, key switches…
    • Intelligent sample memory handling halves the sample memory required.
  • Improved GUI and New Skin:
    • New ‘Nightshade’ skin by BitPlant.
    • Switch skins from the file menu.
  • Other New Features:
    • Randomise snapshots option.
    • Support for shortcuts or aliases to folders.
    • Improved MIDI program change implementation.
    • Easier, faster, more reliable sound library installation.
    • Supports new ‘.CamelSounds’ file type for easier installation.
    • Improved stability and GUI handling in all hosts.
    • Improved Cameleon preset import.
    • Full Alchemy Demo period increased to 4 weeks.
    • Save consolidated no longer copies factory samples.
    • User details are no longer displayed.
    • Faster updating of re-mix pad and other controls.
    • Copy to all snapshots now works for snapshot volume.
    • All submenus now display a check mark.
    • Comment lines now supported in SFZ files.

Alchemy Player is available as a free download from the Camel Audio website.

More information: Camel Audio / Alchemy Player

Spacedad Leader, wav player instrument

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Spacedad Leader

Spacedad has released Leader, a small and compact wav player instrument for Windows.

the sophisticated brother of jackys-soundplayer.made with leads in mind, but can be used for bass or loops too. for times when you just need to load up a sample with minimum fuss, without the need for a massive ‘bells ans whistles’ sampler.

Leader features

  • ADSR envelope.
  • Effects: filter, delay, chorus, distortion.
  • LFO.
  • Octave, semi-tone and fine tuning.
  • Looping/portamento/poly/mono switch.
  • Loads mono/stereo 16 or 24 bit wavs, plays all as mono.
  • Includes 23 starter wavs.

Leader for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £0.25 GBP.

More information: Spacedad

Expert Sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v3.1.3

Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth

Expert Sleepers has released version 3.1.3 of Crossfade Loop Synth, a sample playback synth instrument and sampler effect for Windows and Mac.

From version 3, Crossfade Loop Synth is actually two plug-ins: Crossfade Loop Synth and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect. The effect version takes the power of Crossfade Loop Synth and turns it into a live sampler, a looper and a very unusual and powerful delay effect.

Changes in Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.3

  • Fixed: Bug in the plug-in’s response to a MIDI All Notes Off message. In Plogue Bidule, this could cause a problem with the drones not reactivating when a plug-in was switched in and out of Bypass mode.

Crossfade Loop Synth for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $49 USD (plus VAT if applicable).

More information: Expert Sleepers / Crossfade Loop Synth

Wildfunk releases Electro House Sounds 5 sample pack

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Wildfunk Electro House Sounds 5

Wildfunk has released Electro House Sounds 5, a new sample pack.

100 selected instruments for the latest Electro House productions.

This samplepack is of course also suitable for other genres like Progressive House, Minimal House, Fidget House and even commercial pop music.

Electro House Sounds 5 features

  • Contains 35 basses, 20 chords and 45 leads.
  • Total content: 760 MB.
  • Windows: VSTi sample player for Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar etc. & patches for Kontakt, HALion and SFZ.
  • Mac: Patches for Logic EXS24 and Kontakt.
  • Reason: Patches for NN-XT.
  • All audio samples are included in WAVE-format (16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono).
  • Every instrument has been sampled note by note from C3-C6 individually so there are no pitched or stretched sounds in this range.

Electro House Sounds 5 is available to purchase for 39 EUR. A bundle of all 5 volumes (500 instruments) is available for 149 EUR (save 46 EUR).

More information: Wildfunk / Electro House Sounds 5

Ueberschall releases Looptool, Elastik 2 library

Ueberschall Looptool

Ueberschall has announced the release of Looptool, a 4 GB sound library for the new Elastik 2 sample player.

In order to take the Elastik player to the next level, Ueberschall has teamed up with zplane.development ( ). Together they have come up with Elastik 2, freshly designed to match all future needs for working with loops and samples.

Apart from its new graphic interface, Elastik 2 offers a whole new range of desirable features: The self-explanatory browser, designed for fast access to any loaded sound libraries. Browser features: The multiple filter search function allows quickly to find sounds. Prelisten the whole library content in-sync to host tempo and tag favorite samples.

The central Loopeye surface focuses all attention on the loop. All editing is now done inside the Loopeye. Within Loopeye you can record all cursor movements for automation purposes. Above that, Elastik 2 features a sequence mode. Slice up your loop and access an unmatched multitude of editing features for each part – on the fly.

Due to the advanced architecture of the élastique pro algorithm by zplane.development, realtime sync-to-host is an integral part of Elastik 2. It also provides highest sound quality and CPU-friendly processing. A random replacement function is a ground breaking feature to create new loops and sounds. Elastik 2 now offers a completely dynamic zoom function to resize its window format.

The Looptool Elastik 2 sound bank for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Looptool