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PowerFX releases SAM-1 for Soundation Studio

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PowerFX SAM-1

PowerFX has announced the release of SAM-1, a sample player for Soundation Studio.

Soundation Studio, the most advanced web based music making application, has just added SAM-1, a sample player to their increasing arsenal of online virtual instruments and sound tools. SAM-1 comes with 5 instruments: an acoustic piano, a house piano, an electric piano and 2 organs. Like the sequencer and included loop library, SAM-1 is free and more instruments for purchase are planned.

“SAM-1 is another milestone for online music making”, says CEO Bil Bryant. “To have an assortment of virtual instruments available in your browser is an amazing advancement. To provide anyone who has ever wanted to make digital music the possibility with many of the tools that professional programs offer is our mission ” continues Bryant.”

More information: Soundation Studio

Propellerhead Software announces Reason 5 and Record 1.5

Propellerhead Software Reason 5 / Record 1.5

Propellerhead Software has announced it has started beta testing for Reason 5 and Record 1.5, the company’s biggest overhaul to its Record – Reason application family so far, introducing new instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production.

The new Kong Drum Designer and Dr.OctoRex loop player extend Reason’s instrument arsenal to help you get phenomenal sounding rhythms, drums tracks and beats. Reason 5 and Record 1.5 add a whole new take on sequencing: Blocks—build your songs parts like patterns and string them together for super fast arranging. Neptune, a pitch correction tool and amazing voice synthesizer, turns your less than perfect performance into a great one in no time. Simply play your new harmonies on your MIDI keyboard for instant backing vocals. Live sampling into all sample capable devices means you can work with samples in a new and playful manner and re-explore the lost art of creative sampling. Sci-fi grade multi core optimization, the practical on-screen keyboard and an expanded Factory Sound Bank are just the icing on the cake.

Reason Record Duo feature highlights

  • Introducing Kong Drum Designer (Reason) — Load, sculpt, build and tweak your sounds with your choice of drum synthesis, sampling, REX loops, physical modeling and custom-made effect modules for percussion on Kong’s 16 pads.
  • Dr.REX octuples into DrOctoRex Loop Player (Reason) — No matter how you use it—as a pattern sequencer for loops, or to completely mangle your REX’ed audio – it is guaranteed to inspire.
  • New Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth Device (Record) — Super flexible high-quality processor to correct and shift pitches, create backing harmonies, formant shift or take your vocals into outer space.
  • Block based pattern sequencing mode makes song creation fast and flexible (Both) — Go from pattern-based arrangements to linear—to patterns again. Take your music beyond the eight bar loop.
  • Live sampling is back! In the rack! (Reason) — Re-explore the lost art (and fun) of sampling. Every sample player becomes a sampler; record with a single click — further tweak with the built-in editor.
  • A number of other additions that guarantee to make your music making more fun — Multi-core optimization, on-screen keyboard and expanded Factory Sound Bank, many more too numerous to name.

The release for all programs is targeted for later summer 2010. Upgrades will be handled by local distributors once new version become available. All prices remain the same, except for Reason for Record Owners, which will increase by 20 EUR / $20 USD.

  • Record for Reason Owners Sidegrade (includes Reason 5 upgrade): EUR 149 EUR / $169 USD
  • Reason 5 Upgrade from any version: 99 EUR / $129 USD
  • Record 1.5 Upgrade from any version: free download
  • Record Reason Duo: 405 EUR / $449 USD
  • Reason: 305 EUR / $349 USD
  • Record: 279 EUR / $299 USD

Note: Anyone who purchases Reason, Record, the Duo or Record for Reason Owners today will get an upgrade to the new versions free of charge.

More information: Propellerhead Software

Best Service releases Cinematique Instruments

Best Service Cinematique Instruments

Best Service has released Cinematique Instruments, a boxed version of Cinematique Instruments products powered by Engine, the sample player based on Yellow Tools Independence Pro.

Cinematique Instruments sets a focus on weird, odd and rare instruments which adds a subtle and individual character to your music production. Cinematique Instruments nearly recorded everything they could get their hands on!

The library contains wonderful string instruments such as an autoharp, a 36 string instrument with a series of chord bars, a kantele, a traditional plucked 5-string instrument of the zitherfamily native to Finland, a wooden celtic nylon harp or a bowed psaltery, an instrument of the zither family such as a kind of a wooden soundbox with unstopped strings over it.

Beyond a nice collection of percussion sounds Cinematique Instruments features also strange and rare keyboard instruments such as the low-price, garbage Super-Sound EK-470 e-piano, the charming organ with its electric fan which blows air across reeds or the organic and warm Zeitter & Winkelmann Piano.
But there are also special sound paks called Glass, Metallic Objects, Experimental Box and Downbeat Box. These sound paks are an amazing source of individual und inspriring textures, pads, mallets and percussions instruments.They beat and knocked doors and sideboards of a metallic kitchen with timpani mallets, brushes, sticks, fingers and fists, they tapped with fingers and timpani mallets against lids, rubbed around the glass rim and they assembled instruments from unique sounds such as stationannouncements, trains, paper crumpling, acoustic and electronic noise, station hum, underground railway noise, pneumatic doors, crown cap shaking, glitches, noise, hiss, hum and other weirdness.

Cinematique Instrument´s goal and ultimate ambition is to inspire everyone by using its highly playable and unique instruments providing a lot of opportunities for your music production.

Cinematique Instruments is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), priced at 199 EUR.

More information: Best Service / Cinematique Instruments

Jeremy Wentworth updates Grain Main Frame to v0.2

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Jeremy Wentworth Grain Main Frame

Jeremy Wentworth has released version 0.2 of Grain Main Frame, an easy-to-use granular sample player.

Changes in Grain Main Frame v0.2

  • Record audio – Press q key to start/stop recording, wav files are stored in the samples folder.
  • Resample audio – Press w key to playback the last recorded sample.
  • Better samples – samples mashed into less files for more variety and lower download size.
    Note: Beads library only supports 16bit samples.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • More features and fixes coming soon…

Listen to a Grain Main Frame demo recording below.

Grain Main Frame is available to download as a freeware cross-platform Java application.

More information: Jeremy Wentworth

Jeremy Wentworth releases Grain Main Frame

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Jeremy Wentworth has released Grain Main Frame, an easy-to-use granular sample player for Java.

Grain Main Frame features

  • Quickly drag and drop sample(s)
  • Includes several homemade and unique samples
  • Layer them with multiple instances
  • Record/Playback mouse movements (like a Kaoss pad)
  • Granulate them (alter rate, interval, loop points, randomization, pan)
  • Control parameters with OSC from an iPhone
  • Runs on multiple platforms (Java Application)
  • Just version 1.0 so there are more features to come…

Grain Main Frame is available as a free download.

More information: Jeremy Wentworth / Grain Main Frame

dRAM-dIGITAL releases Prodrums 10.6

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dRAM-dIGITAL Prodrums 10.6

dRAM-dIGITAL has released Prodrums, a sample player instrument plug-in for Windows.

Prodrums 10.6 is my endevor to make a drum sampler that includes all the features I think are important yet leaves out all the bells and whistles that are not as important….making it simple and straight forward to use.

Prodrums 10.6 features

  • Loads 2 stereo or mono wav files per pad.
  • Crossfade between samples.
  • Pitch, attack and decay controls per pad.
  • 6 selectable outputs.
  • Mute switch and a switch that enables decay modulation via velocity.
  • Stores 64 user drum kits, each pad’s MIDI note number can be re-assigned.
  • Easy to use and laid out for minimal fuss.
  • No knob controls, only sliders.

Prodrums 10.6 is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for the introductory price of $10 USD. A fully functional demo version is available to download (MIDI response from a sequencer is limited to the first 2 pads).

More information: dRAM-dIGITAL

Akai Professional releases LPD8 Reaktor Module

Akai Professional has released the LPD8 Reaktor Module, a free sample playback module designed to work with the LPD8 controller.

Akai Professional LPD8 Reaktor Module
Akai Professional LPD8 Reaktor Module

If you’ve got an Akai Pro LPD8 and Native instruments’ Reaktor 5, we’ve put together something special just for you.

We’ve compiled some of the best analog drum samples, 120 in all, from our library along with a module for Reaktor that makes triggering them with your LPD8 quick and easy.

LPD8 Reaktor Module is available as a free download.

More information: Akai Professional / LPD8 Reaktor Module

Benedict Roff-Marsh releases SynthStudio Pack IV – Wide Boys & Heroes

Denedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack IV - DA-80

Benedict Roff-Marsh has released SynthStudio Pack IV – Wide Boys & Heroes, a collection of instrument and effects for Windows.

The theme for this pack was to build instruments and effects that are really organic in character. I developed under the Dirty Analog tag as I wanted each and every oscillator to be wonderfully grimy and unpredictable.

Wide Boys refers to the lively and wide sound these instruments and effects deliver. Heroes because I always have my eyes on standout instruments of the past from manufacturers like Oberheim, Waldorf, Hammond, Farfisa and EMU.

Of course the tagline is also a (slightly warped) reference to the lead song from Gary Numan’s “I Assassin” album

SynthStudio Pack IV – Wide Boys & Heroes features

  • Synths:
    • DA-80 – 4 Osc Dirty Analog with Mod Matrix
    • wavElektrik – 4 Osc retro sample player
    • GO-5p-l – Combo style Organ with Rotary Speaker
    • DA-01 – Mono/Duophonic Dirty Analog synth
  • Effects:
    • SC-02 – Dual Stereo Chorus with a wide shiny sound
    • LP-04 – Light Phaser with 1-4 Bands
    • EL-2 – Crossfadable Dual Echo lines with modulation (for Berlin School)
    • RS-2 – Rotary Speaker with 2 speaker arms (like a real Leslie)
    • 3q-1a – 3 Band EQ
    • IR-110 – Instrument Reverb/Echo

SynthStudio Pack IV is available to purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Benedict Roff-Marsh / SynthStudio Pack IV