SampleBasement announces MeanMopho

SampleBasement MeanMopho

SampleBasement has announced MeanMopho, a free ReFill featuring the sounds of Mopho, the synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments.

The sounds in MeanMopho have been created with the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho. An analog monophonic synth armed with 2 oscillators, 2 sub oscillators, Curtis low pass filter, audio feedback circuitry and heaps of modulation options. A great sounding little desktop synth with the same exact 100% analog circuitry used in the Prophet ’08. The Mopho may be small but the sounds which can be created with it are very powerful and very big.

MeanMopho can also be seen as a demo ReFill for Electric Avenue as the sounds included in MeanMopho originate from Electric Avenue (there are some Combinator patches unique to MeanMopho). MeanMopho is being released as a free ReFill so these sounds can be used royalty free according to the SB User License.

MeanMopho features

  • 5 Multi-samples containing 18 sampled notes each.
  • 25 Combinator patches.
  • 30 NN-XT patches.
  • All sample material has been recorded in 24 Bit, 44.1 KHz.

MeanMopho will be available as a free download on September 20, 2009.

More information: SampleBasement / MeanMopho


SampleBasement releases Thor Sounds Vol. 3

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SampleBasement Thor Sounds Vol. 3

SampleBasement has released Thor Sounds Vol. 3, the third and final version of its Thor Sounds ReFill series.

Thor Sounds Vol.3 brings you a wealth of sounds for Reason 4. Included are 406 Thor patches and 172 Combinators. Aimed at the modern dance producer with a diverse and up to date set of sounds and sequences. My Gift to the Reason community.

Thor Sounds Vol. 3 features

  • 406 Thor patches: from deep growling basses to rich pads and everything in between. A lot of sequenced patches (instrumental & percussive) round of this collection.
  • 172 Combinator patches: using multiple instances of Thor and patched up with Reason’s sound processors. You’ll find layered basses, soaring leads, moving textures and much more.
  • Includes GrooveBox patches: multiple sequences which together form a complete loop.
  • Sounds suited for modern dance styles (House, Electro, Techno, Trance, Etc).
  • Patches are categorized neatly in a folder for each sound type. All the patches from the previous version have again been included and updated where necessary.

Thor Sounds Vol. 3 is available as a free download.

Visit SampleBasement for more information.