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Samplecraze releases Origin of Species sample pack

Samplecraze Origin of Species

Samplecraze has released Origin of Species, a new collection of samples.

This pack is the first in a fresh new collection of samples from Samplecraze incorporating some interesting new dynamic techniques that entail M/S, polarity inversions and phase offsets at varying degrees. This affords even wider sounds than the norm with specific frequency removals to allow for even more in depth layering.

With this new approach in mind I am more than happy to offer this monster pack that contains a select choice of drum and bass samples that span across 400 samples in total.
Broken down into 336 super wide and deep drum samples: 96 low end punished kicks that are the thickest and deepest Samplecraze has even released, 96 super layered, biting and wide snares that savage through the mix, 48 of the sweetest and wettest layered claps to date and 48 hi hats that have immense presence and sparkle. This completes the drum sample section.

Now the percussion section: consisting of 48 complex and dynamic efx textures that range from drops to drones, low end rumbles and ‘evolutions’. But a low end sample pack is never complete unless it has a dedicated bass loop section. 70 low end barrier breaking bass loops, ranging from 80 BPM to 95 BPM, from upright funk to downright filthy subs and spread over 40 specific and varied riffs these loops contain tempo and key information and are Acidized for ease of use.

Origin of Species is available to purchase for £19.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze / Origin of Species


Samplecraze ‘Inspired By’ Series, 7 sample pack bundle at 75% off

Samplecraze Inspired By Collection

Samplecraze has announced a special Xmas discount for the ‘Inspired By’ collection of drums sample packs inspired by Hip Hop Producers.

If you have been searching for ‘signature’ series sounds that have been inspired not only by genre but by certain artistes/producers then the ‘Inspired By’ collection is exactly what you have been digging for.

From Dr Dre to Pete Rock, Neptunes to Dilla, it’s all here waiting to be explored and abused.

An extremely cost effective way of instantly owning some of our hottest selling products that have now appeared on a number of commercial releases AND endorsed by some of the most current artistes in the business!

The collection of all 7 ‘Inspired By…’ hip hop drum packs (Dirty South Drums, Deep Funk, East Coast Phat, West Coast Drums, Drum Education, Sense of Rhythm) is now available to purchase for £39.99 GBP / $59.99 USD (regular £149.99 GBP / $299.99 USD).

More information: Samplecraze


Samplecraze releases True Essence – Drums Inspired by DJ Premier

Samplecraze True Essence

Samplecraze has announced the release of True Essence – Drums Inspired by DJ Premier, a drum hits sample library.

Rated as one of the top Hip Hop producers ever (Source magazine and About) DJ Premier, or Primo, has amassed one of the most diverse yet ‘up to the minute’ sample libraries created from years of ‘digging’ into obscure Jazz and Soul records.

His production techniques date back to the old soul era but portrayed with a modern feel and understanding of what the market requires.

At Samplecraze we have tried to emulate, through inspiration, this production ideology and feel that we have created one of the best DJ Premier inspired sample libraries available.

Consisting of 348 pristine drum samples this sample pack is broken down into the three major drum sample elements: 116 kicks, 116 snares and 116 hi hats.

We have taken great care to provide a top quality product that can be slotted into any RnB and Hip Hop production with the feel and history of Primo slapped all across the samples.

If you have hankered after that elusive New York (East Coast) flavour then this pack is a ‘must have’ and to help you in your decision making we have provided a FREE demo sample pack containing 3 kicks, 3 snares and 3 hi hats.

True Essence is available to purchase as a download for £19.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze / True Essence


Samplecraze announces 1-2-1 Personal Tuition Courses

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Samplecraze has announced the availability of 1-2-1 Tutorials, personal tuition courses by Eddie Bazil.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert looking over your shoulder and offering advice on your sound design, composition and mixing skills? Many musicians reach a point where they don’t know how to solve a particular problem, or how best to move forward, and at times like these having an experienced tutor on hand can be invaluable.

Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze has written music for film and theatre productions, produced artists in a variety of different musical genres and remixes for artists such as Buster Rhymes, has a background in sound design for companies such as Emu, Propellerheads and Native Instruments, his sound libraries and custom samples feature on many acclaimed albums, and his video tutorials have already helped many musicians around the world.

Now, via the wonders of the Internet, he’s offering the benefits of this expertise on a 1-to-1 basis to individual students in the comfort of their own studios.

More information: Samplecraze


Samplecraze Sound Equalisation, free primer video tutorial

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Samplecraze Sound Equalisation

Samplecraze has announced the release of Sound Equalisation, a detailed video tutorial for beginners and intermediates on the subject of equalisation covering filters, slopes, various types of EQs and the terminology used.

The subject of EQ has always been one of confusion and misinformation. The understanding of how EQ works and the structure of filters and their responses seem to be an area rarely covered by technology sites.

This free primer video tutorial hopes to close those gaps and introduce the subject in a manner that can be understood by everyone. The ensuing EQ video tutorials will go further in depth and cover advanced functions and theories.

More information: Samplecraze / Sound Equalisation


Samplecraze Hip Hop Evolution, sample pack inspired by Pete Rock

Samplecraze Hip Hop Evolution

Samplecraze has announced the release of Hip Hop Evolution, a new sample pack inspired by the legendary and notable Pete Rock.

396 drum samples broken into drum specific categories and comprising: 116 deep ass kicks, 116 magical snares, 116 chunky and fizzing hi hats and 48 assorted percussive samples to help add flavour and fill your beat productions.

Treated and processed by some of the best dynamics from the Samplecraze studio these drum samples will flap the cones and cut through any club PA.

Fuel the East/West battle with these sumptuous hip hop drum samples and define your own signature in the process.

Hip Hop Evolution is available to purchase as a download for £11.99 GPB. A free demo pack can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Samplecraze / Hip Hop Evolution


Samplecraze iPhone Apps tutorials, learn about audio compression

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Samplecraze Compression iApps

Samplecraze has announced the release of Compression iApps, a collection of audio compression tutorials for iPhone.

There are few subjects more confusing than compression. It’s one thing understanding what the various controls do in theory, but quite another to know which ones to tweak to give your sounds more body, even out their dynamics, and bring forth all their details from the depths of your mixes.

From beginner to advanced these iApps are better than reading any book. The Samplecraze Compression iApps train your ears to hear how the sound changes with different compressor settings and types, so you learn how to extract the best results from your own tracks.

Compression iApps features

  • Tutorials in Part 1
    • Compression Primer: A detailed explanation of all the features of a compressor and how to use them.
    • Compressing RnB Vocals: Professional producer techniques and processes used to process male and female RnB vocals.
    • Compressing Rap Vocals: Advanced techniques and processes used in compressing various Rap vocals.
    • Compressing a Mix: How to use transparent and coloured processing a mix production.
  • Tutorials in Part 2
    • Compression Primer: A detailed explanation of all the features of a compressor and how to use them.
    • Compressing drum loops : Advanced techniques used in dynamically reshaping drum loops.
    • Compressing drum hits : Using compressor features and techniques in creating new textures from kicks, snares and claps.
    • Compressing a plucked instrument : Understanding the techniques and processes used in compressing the most complex of all instruments.

The Compression iApps are available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $2.99 USD / £1.79 GBP each.

More information: Samplecraze