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Samplecraze announces Audio Compression Video Tutorials

Samplecraze Compression video series compilation

Samplecraze has announced the release of the Audio Compression Video Tutorials, a series of audio production tutorials.

There are already many Samplecraze students around the world improving their audio skills via 1-2-1 Tuition, but now Samplecraze are offering a new series of pre-recorded audio production tutorials so that everyone can reap the benefits. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video tutorial must be one of the most effective teaching methods ever devised!

The first in the series covers Audio Compression:
There are few subjects more confusing than compression. It’s one thing understanding what the various controls do in theory, but quite another to know which ones to tweak to give your sounds more body, even out their dynamics, and bring forth all their detail from the depths of your mixes.

This video pack contains the following 7 audio compression video tutorials and is offered at less than half the price of all the combined individual video packs. Far better than reading any book, the Samplecraze Compression Tutorials train your ears to hear how the sound changes with different compressor settings and types, so you learn how to extract the best results from your own tracks.

The “Compression video series compilation” is available to purchase as a digital download for £14.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze / Audio Compression Video Tutorials


Samplecraze announces Audio Production Video Tutorials

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Samplecraze Audio Production Video Tutorials

Samplecraze has announced the launch of its Audio Production Tutorials, a new series of video tutorials.

There are already many Samplecraze students around the world improving their audio skills via 1-2-1 Tuition, but now Samplecraze are offering a new series of pre-recorded audio production tutorials so that everyone can reap the benefits. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video tutorial must be one of the most effective teaching methods ever devised!

The first in the series of covers Audio Compression. Used but often misunderstood, compression has deluded many beginners and pros alike, but now you can not only learn what it is, but also how to use it, when to use it, the different types of compressors and so on. What lifts this Samplecraze video tutorial above so many books and magazine articles on the subject is that you can hear how audio tracks alter as the various controls are changed and various different types of compression are applied, training your ears so you can achieve similar improvements on your own material.

The video tutorials are available to download for £5.99 GBP each. Some free videos are available as well.

More information: Samplecraze / Audio Production Video Tutorials


Samplecraze releases Dark To Light

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Samplecraze Dark To Light

Samplecraze has announced the release of Dark To Light, a sound library for the Albino synthesizer plug-in by Rob Papen.

This is a first for Samplecraze in terms of providing exclusive sound libraries directly to users. I have known Rob Papen since the Emu days, and always felt that a sound designer of his scope and experience would be a perfect candidate for designing and developing vstis that would in turn help other sound designers to get the best out of the tools, and thus design innovative sound sets.

Sure enough, Albino is without a doubt a wonderful vsti to use, with a unique feature set and tone colours, so I decided to dive into a project to create a varied yet extremely coloured sound library for use in any compositional project. Emphasis has been placed on providing a ‘different’ sound palette to the norm and to exhaust some of Albino’s potent tools.

Dark To Light features

  • 450 presets exploring synth history all the way from 50′s sci-fi weirdness, through classic phat analogue timbres and rich layered ensembles, drum machines and sound effects, to cutting edge digital and FM quirkiness. From darkest black to purest white, nothing offers a wider spectrum of synth colours.
  • Ideal for genres such as ambient, dance, electronica, glitch, IDM, space music, and trance, as well as many others. It explores the entire range from cone-bending sub-basses to whispering digital textures, from dark and dirty to squeaky clean. Sometimes spiky and sometimes silky smooth, this is a library filled with inspiration for your own musical creations.
  • Sound Types: 48 Basses, 71 Drums, 61 Effects, 63 Keys, 41 Layers, 32 Pads, 78 Sequences, and 61 Synths.

Dark To Light is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: Samplecraze / Dark To Light


Samplecraze releases Square Wave Drums

Samplecraze Square Wave Drums

Samplecraze has announced the release of Square Wave Drums, a collection of 200 kick samples, 200 snare samples and 150 clap samples.

In view of all the over-compressed drum samples available in the marketplace we at Samplecraze decided to process drum samples beyond the ceiling whilst maintaining their sonic integrity. Something that our competitors have not been able to achieve.

Whilst over-compressing drum samples has been a technique used for a long time, most have not been able to avoid the usual problems associated with over-compression: noise, distortion, sonic anomalies and artefcats and so on are by-products of badly overcompressed drum samples and the techniques required to drive through the ceiling and go beyond the clip (digital ceiling) have more to do with experience and understanding gain structuring and dynamic management.

At Samplecraze we have always believed, and taught, that maintaining the dynamic range is of utmost importance when processing any audio data. However, in this instance, we decided to experiment and see how far we could go beyond the ceiling without experiencing sonic anomalies and the result is Square Wave Drums.

Square Wave Drums is available to purchase as a download, priced at $39.99 USD. A demo pack of 30 samples can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Samplecraze / Square Wave Drums


Samplecraze releases Downbeat Electronica and Deconstructed Rhythm

Samplecraze has released two new sample libraries: Downbeat Electronica and Deconstructed Rhythm.

Samplecraze Downbeat Electronica

Downbeat Electronica – Downbeat and Lounge Music Samples

Fast off the pace of the Ambient Construction Series comes Downbeat Electronica – Downbeat and Lounge Music Samples, a sample pack devoted to the euphoric yet brooding Downbeat and Trip Hop genres.

If you are into the eclectic chillout vibe and have been after construction sets that allow you to mix each and every part to create your own productions then this pack will fit your needs.

Downbeat Electronica features

  • 10 individual ‘songs’/construction sets, broken down into individual WAV files allowing you to mix and match styles, key signatures, BPMs and all musical parts.
  • The samples provided are not chopped or sliced. They have been written and played individually. This allows for easier and better compositional building blocks.
  • Each drum beat is supplied as a clean 4-8 bar drum loop and in some cases with additional percussion fills and layers. The pads and synths are provided with ample headroom to allow for further processing, but are also strong in level so as to diminish the noise floor. All keyboards, hooks, synths etc have been written ground up which will allow you to infuse fresh ideas into your compositions.
Samplecraze Deconstructed Rhythm

Deconstructed Rhythm – Drum Samples Inspired By J Dilla

The late, great J Dilla was one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Inspiring musicians from cross Hip Hop genres to rething and apply their techniques.

Deconstructed Rhythm features

  • 336 individual drum samples split into category specific elements: kicks, snares, hi hats and percussion. These samples have been run through some of the most notable vintage dynamics and burnt to and resampled from vinyl to provide the edge and grit associated with this specific genre and style.
  • 160 drum samples organised into drum kits in SoundFont format. This allows the user to load or import the drum kits into any SF2 reader/player and most of today’s soft samplers will cater for that format.

Downbeat Electronica is available for purchase for $23.99 USD, while Deconstructed Rhythm is priced at $39.99 USD.

More information: Samplecraze

comment releases Killa Kits for Battery 3 Killa Kits has released Killa Kits, a collection of 6,000 drum samples formatted into 96 presets for NI Battery 3, covering genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Dance genres.

Crammed to the hilt with 6,000 samples and mapped across the whole 60 note template, this downloadable sample cd-rom is bursting with the latest cutting edge drum sounds for both Rap/Hip Hop and Dance genres.

Killa Kits features

  • Scratch: sliced n’ diced scratch samples, chronologically mapped so as to provide you with playing realism. Unique and original and sampled live from a scratch artist.
  • Layered: layered drum kits, mapped and edited to provide you with the extra ‘thump’ and ‘bottom-end’ in your mixes.
  • Percussive: from Latin percussion to manic Tibetan Bells, from club Cowbells to Tabla drones, these kits have hundreds of pristine acoustic and synthetic percussive samples.
  • Hip Hop and Dance drum kits: specifically tailored for the genres. No gentle acoustic kits here, just mind numbing and spine rattling mega drums.
  • EFX: no drum library is complete without effects. Fancy some reverse Cowbells, or how about some electro grating sounds, or sounds from a factory? Maybe some huge resonating Toms run through an Eventide, or maybe some cricket crushed sounds, or sci-fi? They are all here.

Killa Kits is available now for £49.99 GBP. A free sample pack is available for download from the product page.

Visit for more information and audio demos.