unEarthed Sampling releases Spaceology for Kontakt

unEarthed Sampling has launched Spaceology, an “Orbital Sound Module” for Native Instruments Kontakt.

unEarthed Sampling Spaceology

Spaceology contains 13 patches derived from the actual NASA recordings recently released into the public domain (This instrument set is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with NASA).

You’ll get creepy pads, ethereal tempo synced pulses (one of which is derived from the infamous Sputnik signal), as well as a Mission VOX patch which contains 22 choice bits of dialogue from NASA missions and various radio beeps and static one shots mapped to the lower octaves. All of the samples utilized were meticulously remastered and cleaned for maximum clarity for both sample quality and archival purposes.

The sample library is available from Sampleism for £6.99 GBP.

More information: unEarthed Sampling / Spaceology


Synth Anatomy releases WaveForm Project & The ART Lead

Synth Anatomy

Synth Anatomy has launched WaveForm Project, a collection of 120 new waveforms for use in synthesizer instruments.

WaveForm Project is the beginning of a collection of waveforms for your favourite software synthesizer like Serum, Synthmaster, Alchemy and many others.

This library contains actually 120 new waveforms but will grow in the next weeks and months. You will find 500 waveforms by the end of this year. Pay once and receive free updates with new waveforms.

The waveforms are created from different sources like modular analog gear, analog gear or voices. Each file is available as .wav file.

The library is available for purchase for £2 GBP. A free 10 waveforms demo Version is available to download.

Synth Anatomy has also released The ART Lead, an instrument library for Kontakt featuring sounds from the Arturia Minibrute synthesizer.

The sounds are directly sampled without effects from the Arturia Minibrute. This collection contains 25 NKI Instruments and all raw .wav files. A GUI for this sample library is included.

All future updates (more sounds, more NKI, more samples) are free. More contributors to this library more new sounds will be available.

The ART Lead is available for purchase for £2.69 GBP. A purchase of this pack comes with a free copy of the WaveForm Project for a limited time.

More information: Synth Anatomy


AudioWarp releases BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) for Kontakt

AudioWarp BOCS

AudioWarp has launched BOCS Volume 1, a sample pack for Native Instruments Kontakt, consisting of ten pads inspired by the electronic duo Boards of Canada.

It’s refreshingly different compared to previous efforts from various sample packs and vst synths. The reason why? These sounds have been created via the methods used by the group themselves. Vintage analog synths, 4-tracks, valve amps even VHS recorders were used to create a sample bank more authentic than anything we’ve heard before.

These sounds have a dirty, dusty, and dream like quality just like that elusive Boards of Canada sound. Weighing in at just under 1 gig you can be guaranteed a truly professional sound to use for your next stunning track.

BOCS Volume 1 is available from Sampleism for £4.99 GBP. Requires Kontakt 5 full version.

More information: AudioWarp


TW-Samples updates Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle

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TW-Samples Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle

TW-Samples has announced an update to its Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle, which now includes 20 Wavetable Retro Synth Presets.

The entire money goes to Synth Anatomy. A blog / youtube channel for synthesizer software and IOS Synths.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Logic Pro Bundle is a collection of synthesizer Sounds for ES-M, ES-E and new with this update wavetable Retro Synth presets.

Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle features

  • 35 Presets for ES M Synthesizer.
  • 25 Presets for ES E Synthesizer.
  • 20 Presets for Wavetable Synthesizer in Retro Synth.

The bundle is available for purchase for the introductory price of £2 GBP until October 31st, 2014.

More information: TW-Samples / Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle


Sampleism releases Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies free sample pack

Papas St Germain Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies

Sampleism has announced Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies, a sample pack from Papas St Germain featuring an eclectic mix of tough beats, ambient pads and chords, melodic loops and combinations of beats and melodies.

The sounds were sourced from drum machines, real snare hits, acoustic and electric guitars and bits and bobs – such as recorders, thai flutes and some actual flute (played by Catherine). All sounds were then heavily processed using paulextremesoundstretch, Reaper and Pro Tools, huge amounts of analogue and digital delay, reverb, distortion and saturation.

A combination of software and hardware was used with The MPC, S3000XL , Electribe ES1, Alesis SR16, Big Muff, Line 6 delay and Holy Stain used on the hardware front. On the plug ins side, huge amounts of PSP plug ins for EQ and compression, audiodamage for extreme dub delays and whatever else could be used to sculpt and manipulate the original sounds.

The sample pack is available to download at Sampleism. Other packs from Papas St Germain are currently on sale.

More information: Sampleism / Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies


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