Pavel Vladykin releases Acid Bass (+ Acid Drums & Acid Arps)

Pavel Vladykin has released Acid Bass, a soundset featuring 34 bass sounds for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital. Purple at the traffic lights. We continue to move on Acid way. Today, we are met … read more

Sampleism releases The Bandoneon for Kontakt

Sampleism has released The Bandoneon, a 700 MB dynamic instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt by Argentinian film composer Guillermo Guareschi. The Bandoneón is a type of concertina popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays an … read more

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Peaks Sound releases GW Kit sample pack

Peaks Sound has released the GW Kit, a collection of samples derived from a garage window. These 80+ drum, glitch, and bass samples are derived from a common sound source. An old, raggedy garage window … read more

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TD Samples releases Enigmatic Phrases sample pack

T.D. Samples releases Enigmatic Phrases, a collection of sensual female speech samples. A unique collection of over 340 WAV files featuring enigmatic phrases spoken in a sultry female voice with an exotic accent. An essential … read more

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T.D. Samples releases Organic Desolation for Kontakt

T.D. Samples has released Organic Desolation, a collection of space/sea soundscapes instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. Organic Desolation contains 27 Kontakt instruments with a cold, desolate feel. The sounds were created by greatly stretching samples … read more

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Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Electronic Vol 1

Minimal System Instruments has announced the release of Analogue Electronic Vol 1, its first Sample/Loop pack. Analogue Electronic Volume 1 is a stunning collection of 288 cutting edge loops recorded from real analogue hardware. If … read more

MA Simon releases Silver Glockenspiel for Kontakt

MA Simon has released Silver Glockenspiel, a traditional and bowed instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt developed in collaboration with Mihai Sorohan. MA Simon Silver Glockenspiel for Kontakt The Glockenspiel has been carefully sampled both with … read more

Michael Bietenholz releases ‘Saurus’ multi-layer resonant-filter instrument for Kontakt

Michael Bietenholz has released Saurus, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Here’s a complex, analogue resonant-filter sound for you. It consists of four separate layers, the two main providing a nice stereo sound with … read more

System Effect releases Sequential Pro 1 Bass Sample Set Vol.1

System Effect has released Sequential Pro 1 Bass Sample Set Vol 1, a sample library featuring the sounds of the Pro 1 synthesizer. System Effect is a newcomer to the Sample Developer world and what … read more

Sampleism releases Harmonic Wineglass by MA Simon

Sampleism has released Harmonic Wineglass, a sample library for Kontakt by MA Simon. MA Simon is a fanatical sound designer with a talent for capturing great sounds and building awesome Kontakt Instruments. Harmonic Wineglass Sampled … read more

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Sampleism – Community Based Sample Libraries

Sampleism has launched its online service, offering Community Based Sample Libraries. Sampleism is a new and revolutionary platform for selling your own audio creations. Specifically sample libraries, virtual instruments, loops, patches and sound collections. We … read more

Sampleism releases 3 Reed Harmonium – Authentic Indian Instrument for Kontakt

Sampleism has released 3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda, an authentic Indian instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. 3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda This original Three Reed Harmonium Instrument has been lovingly re-created using the professional studio … read more

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