Sampleism intros LS Small Percussion free Unusual Percussion for Kontakt by LS Samples

Sampleism has announced the release of LS Small Percussion, a free percussion Kontakt library by LS Samples. Hey there! This is my first publicly available sampled instrument – and it’s a freebie! The LS Small … read more

Sampleism intros free Ocean Harp waterphone instrument from Pingu

Sampleism has announced that Pingu’s Ocean Harp sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt is available to download at no cost. The Ocean Harp is a cheaper version of the now famous Waterphone, with a sound … read more

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Sampleism launches Half Price Sale for Temporal Geometry samples

Sampleism has announced a Half Price Sale for sample libraries by Temporal Geometry. Temporal Geometry is an independent sample library developer with a unique range of products that are not available anywhere else. All of … read more

Sampleism launches June 2012 Give Away – Free 600 MB sound pack

Sampleism has announced its June 2012 Give Away, a limited time promotion offering a free 600 MB sound library featuring samples, loops, Kontakt instruments, and MIDI files. A FREE selection of premium sounds offered to … read more

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Pavel Vladykin releases Acid Bass (+ Acid Drums & Acid Arps)

Pavel Vladykin has released Acid Bass, a soundset featuring 34 bass sounds for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital. Purple at the traffic lights. We continue to move on Acid way. Today, we are met … read more

Sampleism releases The Bandoneon for Kontakt

Sampleism has released The Bandoneon, a 700 MB dynamic instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt by Argentinian film composer Guillermo Guareschi. The Bandoneón is a type of concertina popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays an … read more

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Peaks Sound releases GW Kit sample pack

Peaks Sound has released the GW Kit, a collection of samples derived from a garage window. These 80+ drum, glitch, and bass samples are derived from a common sound source. An old, raggedy garage window … read more

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TD Samples releases Enigmatic Phrases sample pack

T.D. Samples releases Enigmatic Phrases, a collection of sensual female speech samples. A unique collection of over 340 WAV files featuring enigmatic phrases spoken in a sultry female voice with an exotic accent. An essential … read more

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T.D. Samples releases Organic Desolation for Kontakt

T.D. Samples has released Organic Desolation, a collection of space/sea soundscapes instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. Organic Desolation contains 27 Kontakt instruments with a cold, desolate feel. The sounds were created by greatly stretching samples … read more

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Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Electronic Vol 1

Minimal System Instruments has announced the release of Analogue Electronic Vol 1, its first Sample/Loop pack. Analogue Electronic Volume 1 is a stunning collection of 288 cutting edge loops recorded from real analogue hardware. If … read more

MA Simon releases Silver Glockenspiel for Kontakt

MA Simon has released Silver Glockenspiel, a traditional and bowed instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt developed in collaboration with Mihai Sorohan. MA Simon Silver Glockenspiel for Kontakt The Glockenspiel has been carefully sampled both with … read more

Michael Bietenholz releases ‘Saurus’ multi-layer resonant-filter instrument for Kontakt

Michael Bietenholz has released Saurus, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Here’s a complex, analogue resonant-filter sound for you. It consists of four separate layers, the two main providing a nice stereo sound with … read more

System Effect releases Sequential Pro 1 Bass Sample Set Vol.1

System Effect has released Sequential Pro 1 Bass Sample Set Vol 1, a sample library featuring the sounds of the Pro 1 synthesizer. System Effect is a newcomer to the Sample Developer world and what … read more

Sampleism releases Harmonic Wineglass by MA Simon

Sampleism has released Harmonic Wineglass, a sample library for Kontakt by MA Simon. MA Simon is a fanatical sound designer with a talent for capturing great sounds and building awesome Kontakt Instruments. Harmonic Wineglass Sampled … read more

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Sampleism – Community Based Sample Libraries

Sampleism has launched its online service, offering Community Based Sample Libraries. Sampleism is a new and revolutionary platform for selling your own audio creations. Specifically sample libraries, virtual instruments, loops, patches and sound collections. We … read more

Sampleism releases 3 Reed Harmonium – Authentic Indian Instrument for Kontakt

Sampleism has released 3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda, an authentic Indian instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. 3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda This original Three Reed Harmonium Instrument has been lovingly re-created using the professional studio … read more

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