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Pavel Vladykin releases Sweep Dreams for Sylenth1

Sweep Dreams

Pavel Vladykin has released Sweep Dreams, a collection of 128 sound fx patches for LennarDigital Sylenth1.

All noises you need is here: sweeps, drops, rises, magic sounds, sound of nature, swish noises, 8bit tones even screams and pad effects.

Number of full range noise sounds, combined with velocity, mod wheel and aftertouch controls truly rushes to infinity.

The soundset is available to purchase for £9.90 GBP at Sampleism.

More information: Sampleism


Mrthebigman releases E|Loops X1 & A|Bass XL sample packs

Mrthebigman A|Bass XL

Mrthebigman has announced the release of the E|Loops X1 and A|Bass XL sample packs.

E|Loops X1 was born out of Native Instruments Reaktor and then schooled by Logic Pro.

I took all of the samples in the E|Drums : Kit Arsenal pack and created brand new samplemaps for the Reaktor platform. I then ran them through the following ensembles: What you are left with are 200 of the most random drum loops I have ever produced, usable in all genres of music.

The E|Loops X1 pack includes 200 loops at 120bpm, all 8 bars in length. It is a free download at Mrthebigman.

The A|Bass XL library includes a total of 1,250 samples (919 MB of individual sounds).

We have been giving away smallish bass packs for a while now and we felt it was time to fully update the series and make it bigger, bringing it into line with the new XL series we are planning over the next few months and years.

In this installment there are 50 seperate bass sounds fully multisampled from 10 of the best synth sources.

The A|Bass XL pack is available to purchase from Sampleism for £3 GBP.

More information: Mrthebigman


Sampleism releases Alive Cymbals by Nicolas Signat

Nicolas Signat

Sampleism has announced the release of Alive Cymbals, the first in the new series of ‘Alive’ instruments for Kontakt, developed by sound designer and composer Nicolas Signat.

Alive Cymbals has been created from a set of 8 cymbals recorded with Audio Technica mics and Nagra LB recorders and preamps in 88,2kHz 24 bit, edited in the same resolution and then down sampled into 44,1kHz 24 bit with Izotope SRC.

Recorded in a warm room in stereo (close position), the sound is raw, vibrant, accurate, and extremely musical.

Alive Cymbals features

  • 8 high-end cymbals: Wuhan 27″ china, Zildjian 20″ K Custom Dark Ride, Meinl 18″ Byzance Extra Dry China, Paiste 16″ Twenty Crash, Meinl 14″ Byzance Thin Crash, Sabian 10″ Evolution Splash and a pair of Paiste 2002 Cup Chime (5″ and 5.5″), recorded closely with stick, brush, mallet and/or bow with full sustain.
  • Several round robins and velocity layers (3-4 of each, average).
  • Attack & Release controls for all patches
  • Fx reverb for all the basic patches.
  • 12 sound designed instruments with weird pianos, bells, pads, sci-fi fx with modwheel control.
  • Custom GUIs with photos of the cymbals.
  • 44,1kHz 24 bit stereo files, originally recorded in 88,2kHz with Nagra recorder and preamps.
  • 388 files, 1,30GB uncompressed, (982MB zip file)
  • For Kontakt 4 and above with all wav files available separately.

The Alive Cymbals library for Kontakt (full version required) is available for the introductory price of £10.99 GBP.

More information: Sampleism / Alive Cymbals


Pluggotic releases DeeDeeTee sound library for Kontakt

Pluggotic has released DeeDeeTee, an electronic drum module based on a sampled circuit-bent DD-7, pcm “Super Session Player” drumpad.

Trigger and edit 50 hits through 50 drum parts, every part can be controlled with amplitude, panning, tuning and decay. Plus, simply turning a knob any of the bending options can be activated to damage the sounds, indipendently for any of the 50 drum parts.

DeeDeeTee’s dark side hides behind a funky mask, the original kit. Urban kicks and snares, electro fxs, percussions, an addictive clap, scratch fxs, animals, the almighty orchestra hit, voicecounts and more. A huge kit that increments any respectable funk/electro/’80 drum-machines collection.

Pluggotic DeeDeeTee
Pluggotic’s DeeDeeTeee instrument & sampled waveforms for Kontakt 4.2.3+

DeeDeeTee features

  • 637 24bit 96khz unlocked waves, 95MB.
  • 50 sounds and parts, with avarage of 11 “bent” variations each.
  • Manual and MIDI-controlled user interface.
  • MIDI-loops, 100 original and 41 new patterns with related presets.
  • Two additional “leftover” sounds included in the library.

The sample library is available to purchase from Sampleism for £7 GBP.

More information: Pluggotic DeeDeeTee


Pavel Vladykin releases Old Forest Tales for Sylenth1

Pavel Vladykin Old Forest Tales

Pavel Vladykin has introduced Old Forest Tales, a soundset for the Sylenth1 software synth by LennarDigital.

Pavel Vladykin and Sinus Machinus presents. Old Forest Tales – Sylenth1 Presets Bank. 128 Presets in the following categories: 15 Arps, 17 Bass, 16 Drums, 29 Leads, 32 Pads, 19 FXs.

The sounds have all been designed to tranport your mind to a fictional magic forest with beautiful animals and ugly beasts, pretty fairies and crafty witches, wise wizards and evil sorcerers. If you want to understand the spirit of this pack is it better to read names of a selection of the presets e.g. Zelda Flute, Drunk halfling, Wheels of Doom, Lost Bead, Tear Drops, Spirit of Light, Cold Breeze Apex Nation.

The soundset is available from Sampleism for £6.95 GBP. Requires Sylenth1 v2.21 or newer.

More information: Pavel Vladykin


Multiples releases OneShot Killbot sample pack & Secret Sauce for Massive

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Multiples has announced the release of OneShot Killbot, a collection of 200 one shot sounds covering bass and lead, and the Secret Sauce soundset featuring 50 patches for Native Instruments Massive.

Multiples OneShot Killbot & Secret Sauce

OneShot Killbot has come about due to the amount of downloads I was getting on seperate one shot sounds. I thought it would then be a good idea to offer the samplists among you some one shot sounds covering leads and basses and make them long enough for easy looping in your sampler so that full patches can be made or even resampled. OneShot Killbot is here and wants to play……….

Secret Sauce is our flagship brand for presets for some of the best synths used by many producers throughout the world. For those who have followed our ‘Padded Cell’ series this should come as a welcome additon to your Massive arsenal as we explore some of the more random sounds available through its interface. There are indeed many other sounds familiar to most users so for those that want to play it safe there is plenty of sounds for you also.

Both libraries are available to purchase at Sampleism.

More information: Multiples Pro at Sampleism


Sampleism launches December Sale on Kontakt Instruments and Sample Packs

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Sampleism December Sale

Sampleism has announced the launch of a December Sale, offering up to 75% off across the entire collection of sample libraries.

Well, Christmas is coming, so to get in the spirit of things we are offering massive reductions across a whole range of products.

Our best Kontakt Instruments, Sample Packs and Patches have been carefully selected for this amazing promotion.

More information: Sampleism