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Samplerbanks releases Lounge Synonyms sample library

Samplerbanks Lounge Synonyms

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Lounge Synonyms, a loops-only sample library by Saby Goss.

The vivid sound and complex musical content of Lounge Synonyms derives from Saby’s classical musical background, also inspired by contemporary nu-jazz and lounge performers like Bakara, Electric Brother, Koop, NuSpirit Helsinki, De-Phazz, Batucada and Jazzanova.

Saby is a professional pianist, teacher and composer. Her loops are the result of her side-projects where she is able to luxuriate herself with her trusty Macbook – Logic combo, a Moog Slim Phatty, spiced with a heavy Yamaha vibraphone and an old-school Vermona vintage organ sitting orphaned in the backmost corners of the store-house of the music-school she is working at.

Whereas the loops can be combined to a certain degree (the demo song you are listening to now is an example of usage), differentiation is the name of the game here.

Thanks to the diversity of the acoustic and electronic loops they are all living and breathing on their own: downtempo grooves, acoustic basses, squeaky leads, chord progressions from her favourite Logic instruments (EVP88 and ES2), groovy music loops, vibrant strings and some sound effects are all here to help you with a fresh starting point or as additional elements for your imagination, be it a Nu-Jazz, Lounge, Chillout or an Orchestral idea.

Lounge Synonyms features

  • 590 MB original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 283 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Drum, Keys, Lead, SFX, Strings and Music Loops sections.
  • Formats: Reason Refill REX2 / ACID WAV / Apple Loops.
  • All sounds are 100% royalty-free for your production.

The sample library costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Lounge Synonyms

Samplerbanks intros Progressive House

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Samplerbanks Progressive House

Samplerbanks has announced Progressive House, a sound library by Codar.

Progressive House features not just the Bass, Drum, Synth, Fill and FX Loops. In case you feel the audio does not provide enough flexibililty for your workflow, you’ll have access to all MIDI versions of the Bass and Synth loops to change tempo, key or harmony, not mentioning the educative side-effects of the expertly sculpted MIDI sequences. Finally you’ll get all Drum and FX one-shots for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Reason NN-XT and SFZ software samplers.

The Progressive House collection is the creation of Codar, an unparalleled producer with several releases by his Tekknology Music label including hits like “I Found Love”, “Fokus”, “Turntablelizer” and “Sax N Beats”, inspired by Daniel Portman, Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Julio Navas, David Amo, Beckers and D-Nox.

Whether you’re looking for a track with head-banging basslines and drums or epic chords, you’ll find what you need to create your next progressive house anthem that will blow the mind of your audience!

Progressive House features

  • 645 MB original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 362 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Drum, Fills, FX and Synth Loops sections.
  • 306 one-shot samples.
  • 119 MIDI files of Bass and Synth loops.
  • 9 ready to play patches for Reason NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible soft samplers.
  • Formats: Ableton Live Pack / Reason Refill / ACID WAV / Apple Loops.
  • Bass Loops, Drum and FX Loops, the Music Loops and the Sampler patches are available separately in small packages.

The sound library costs £24.95 GBP. Individual parts are also sold separately, starting at £7.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Progressive House

Samplerbanks launches Tech House Kits

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Samplerbanks has announced the release of Tech House Kits, a versatile and exciting multi-format construction kit pack that’s set to fuel your music productions and make the dancefloor shake.

Samplerbanks Tech House Kits

Contains 10 full construction kits with the focus on the deep part of tech, progressive house and techno. Each contains not just all the audio tracks – like pulsating subs, slick sequences, punchy tech drums, techy tops, sleek chords, vox slatches, plus all groove variations – of the main mixes, but also the REX2 version to chop’n mix creatively in your DAW / REX2 player. You’ll also get the melodic and rhythmic MIDI loops allowing you to use your favourite synth or sampler sounds with the phrases included.

The pack is assembled using the mixture of modern (NI Machine) and old (Virus A) technology, several samples were also processed through some vintage guitar effects. Many hours of micro-edits were accomplished to make all loop really unique.

Tech House Kits features

  • 262 MB original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 123 WAV, 113 REX2 and 30 MIDI loops categorized per construction kits.
  • All key and tempo labeled.
  • Formats: WAV, REX2, MIDI.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $28 USD / 22.40 EUR / £17.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Tech House Kits

Samplerbanks release Electrolyzium 2 sample pack

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Electrolyzium 2, an Electro House pack with Complextro influence made by Sunny Lax.

Samplerbanks Electrolyzium 2

The pack is full of shaky basslines, filthy synths, unsteady leads, raspy grooves, no-kick drums, fx one-shots, electro top loops and percussion elements for your pumping Progressive, Techno, Complextro and filthy Electro House tracks.

You’ll find many loops in Bass, Drum, Synth and Top Loops category, plus hundreds of Claps & Snares, Closed Hihats, FXs, Kicks, Open Hihats and Percussions, all featuring the watermark style of the Electrolyzium series.

Electrolyzium 2 features

  • Nearly 1 GB original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 515 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Synth, Drum and Top Loops sections.
  • 902 one-shot samples.
  • 20 ready to play patches for Reason NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible soft samplers.
  • Formats: Ableton Live Pack, Reason Refill, ACID WAV and Apple Loops versions are available separately.

Electrolyzium 2 is available to purchase for $47 USD / 35.90 EUR / £29.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Electrolyzium 2

Samplerbanks release Pure Minimal

Samplerbanks Pure Minimal

Samplerbanks has announced Pure Minimal, a sample library by Nawarro, a professional producer creating remixes and EPs for Anjunabeats, Deep Blue, Blaubeat (Baroque) and Dowalve Records.

This sample pack was particularly inspired by the tribal and percussive movement as well as artists like Deadmau5, Sander van Doorn and Wippenberg.

Pure Minimal is a collection of glitched, processed and tweaked minimal music loops produced specifically for the dance music producer. The pack contains 308 Drum, 65 Bass and 36 Synth Loops recorded at 126, 127 and 128 bpm. Loops are available not just as ACID-ised WAV files, but the whole source material is available in Apple Loop, REX2, Reason 5 ReFill or Ableton Live Pack formats.

Add to the package the 100 Hats, 102 Kicks, 100 Percussions, 9 Riffs, 100 Claps, 50 SFX, 22 Stabs, 15 Vocal One-shots, 50 SFX and even 15 Egyptian vocal one-shot samples recorded during a trip! To round the list, all these samples are pre-mapped as 12 sampler banks kits for the popular software sampler formats: Kontakt, EXS 24, HALion, Reason NN-XT and SFZ.

Pure Minimal features

  • 541 MB original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 409 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Drum and Synth sections.
  • 498 one-shot samples.
  • 12 ready to play patches for Reason NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible soft samplers.
  • Formats: Ableton Live, Reason Refill, ACID WAV and Apple Loops versions are available separately.

Pure Minimal is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Pure Minimal

Samplerbanks releases Neo Soul Keys for Reason 6, iOS Garagaband and more

Gospelmusicians Neo Soul Keys

Samplerbanks has released Neo Soul Keys, an electric piano sample library, now in the long-awaited Reason format as well.

Samplerbanks proudly present Neo Soul Keys – the electric piano recorded in the North Avenue Studio (Orange City, Florida) has a very specific “phat” and warm personality. Coupled with the personality of the mastermind and top gospel musician Jamal Hartwell (Gospelmusicians) behind the concept of Neo Soul Keys proved to be a winning combination!

Realism was absolute number one goal and with vintage modeled effects, complex impulse response algorithms, and tweak-able knobs for ultimate control Neo Soul keys offers the best EP experience ever produced in a plug-in.

Additional goal was to make sure that if musicians were not able to take an electric piano to the studio or to gig this plugin would be the very next thing – just load the iOS Garageband version into you iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and take it whereever you go!

Neo Soul Keys features

  • 2.6 – 1.1 GB sample data depending on format.
  • 12 velocity layers for Sustain and Release samples.
  • Additional multilayered sample sets for Key Down, Key Up, Staccato noises.
  • Tine / Bark samples sets for more hollow / bite to get the Neo Soul feelin’.
  • Vintage modeled vibrato.
  • Reason 6 version – use of new effects like Pulveriser, The Echo, Line 6 Guitar Amp.

Neo Soul Keys is available to purchase as a ReFill for Propellerheads Reason 6 for £79.99 GBP, NI Kontakt Player 4/5 for £99.99 GBP, Apple Garagaband iOS 5 version for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch for £ 79.99 GBP, and Yamaha MOTIF ES / XS / XF for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Neo Soul Keys

Samplerbanks releases Drum Sound and Beat Creation – Ultrabeat by Sound Guru

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Drum Sound and Beat Creation – Ultrabeat, a video tutorial by Sound Guru featuring more than 3 hours of advanced knowledge about creating your own drum sounds in Logic’s drum machine.

Samplerbanks Drum Sound and Beat Creation - Ultrabeat

Yet while many people use its presets or load up the occasional sample, few use Ultrabeat to its full potential. With Ultrabeat you can create your own sounds from scratch, or emulate classic drum machines, before morphing them dynamically across complex patterns. In Ultrabeat: Drum Sounds & Beat Creation instructor delve deep to show you how every feature works, then you’ll use that knowledge to build your own awesome percussion sounds in the 3.2 hours of HD video.

The tutorials are split into two parts:

Part 1 explains Ultrabeat’s layout and how all its features work, from pattern creation to synthesis. Although Ultrabeat can seem intimidating, these videos break it down into simple chunks, and you’ll find it quick, easy and fun to edit and create your own sounds.

Part 2 delves into the exciting world of synthesising your own drum and percussion sounds. You’ll learn everything from how to recreate classic 808 sounds to making far out and unusual electronic percussion. You’ll also discover Ultrabeat’s rarely used sound morphing capabilities.

Drum Sound and Beat Creation – Ultrabeat £14.99 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Drum Sound and Beat Creation – Ultrabeat

Samplerbanks releases Urban Bass Techniques by Gospelmusicians

Gospelmusicians Urban Bass Techniques

Samplerbanks has released Urban Bass Techniques, a video tutorial by Gospelmusicians, geared specifically for the beginner to intermediate bass player.

From Gospel to Neo Soul, Ivan Santiago shows you the top industry’s secret tricks of the tradeas that will completely change the way you play the bass guitar. You will learn things such as theory, scales, proper fingering along with very important bass techniques such as slapping, popping, fretting, harmonics, and “ghost notes.”

You will even learn the very secret techniques to “slugging” as it relates to Neo-Soul music. As an added bonus we even have the patented LMS technology that allows you to notes, and chords being played with the virtual bass right on the screen. You can be assured that all of the techniques are hot and can be applied immediately. Raise your bass playing to another level by watching this title.

Urban Bass Techniques is available to purchase for $51 USD/£31.95 GBP/€35.36 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Urban Bass Techniques