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Samplerbanks releases Urban Drumming Techniques by Gospelmusicians

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Samplerbanks Urban Drumming Techniques

Samplerbanks has released Urban Drumming Techniques, a video tutorial on Urban style drumming by J. LaToya.

This is a drum video tutorial from top drummer J. LaToiya focuses on the beginner but may be useful if you already have been playing drums for a few years. She teaches you the basic concepts of various drumming techniques like licks, tricks, fills, gospel, slow R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, some Jazz and how to apply them properly.

Rather than just playing along with tracks, you get the benefit of a full band (teamed up with Gospelmusicians’s Jamal), where they slow down the movements and really take their time to teach, while not being restricted to a set click track.

All-in-all “Urban Drumming Techniques” is a full fledged Urban instructional video that does not just focus on chops, but feel and placement!

Urban Drumming Techniques is available as a download for $60 USD/£37.95 GBP/€42.45 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Urban Drumming Techniques


Samplerbanks releases Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul by Gospelmusicians

Samplerbanks Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul

Samplerbanks has released Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul, a video tutorial by Gospelmusicians.

Samplerbanks is proudly present their latest label “Gospelmusician” run by keyboard wizard Jamal Hartwell. The Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard is one of the hottest and most coveted video tutorial program ever made, emphasizing the playing techniques and the joy of playing together – performed by Jamal and his session player friends.

Jamal grows from the Gospel / Neo-Soul background, however all these concepts can still be easily applied to every urban genre of music from gospel to R&B. If you are looking to finally make some smooth grooves with your tracks and become an urban producer, then this video course will give you all the tools to produce your first album. If you are getting a little bored with the same chords you’ve been playing all the time, now it’s time totally transform your style by adding a touch of neo-soul to your keyboard playing!

Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul features

  • Neo-Soul Instructinal Video Tutorial – 4.9 hours, including Beat Making Lessons from Boonie Mayfield (YouTube super producer), lit keys video of theory.
  • Sheet Music in PDF format.
  • MIDI files.
  • Extra bonus Neo-Soul movements.
  • Extra WAV samples to load into your computer DAW / software sampler.

Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul is available to purchase for $50 USD / £31.95 GBP / €35.75 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul


SamplerBanks releases Eclectic Vibes sample pack by Zo

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SamplerBanks has released Eclectic Vibes, an all-embracing journey into the aura of Nu-Jazz, Deep House, Electronica, Chillout, Lounge and Hip-Hop genres.

SamplerBanks Eclectic Vibes

Eclectic Vibes is a first-rate tool to inspire both mainstream producers and alternative composers as well. Contrary to other sample packages, here you are absorbed in a broader spectrum of different musical flavors. Soulful house elements, jazz packages, chillout music riffs, dirty drum breaks from slow to speedy (70-190 bpm), acoustic double-bass phrases and synth basslines, electric guitars, natural piano recordings, funky sounds, vinyl glitches, consonant sound FX, melodic leads, pads and sexy female vocals are all in the sonic palette.

The mixing and the mild mastering of the samples are consciously varied and theme-dependent, though they still serve a single purpose: providing great inspiration along the challenging way of song composition.

Creator of Eclectic Vibes is Zo, professional composer and musician. Besides being a composer of several film and theater music he is the founder and mastermind of the “Singas Project” nu-jazz band. One of their song “Voice” was published on the 13th edition of Cafe del Mar from their first LP “Merry go round”, their album “Yolife” has been nominated to the best nu-jazz record of the country and their successful “This is Theater Honey” opened the door to several international jazz festivals. The progressive experimentation stamping the band fully infuses the nu-jazz sound of the Eclectic Vibes sample pack as well.

Eclectic Vibes features

  • Over 1 GB of fresh original sounds, 100% royalty-free.
  • 391 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Drum, Vocal, Pad, Lead sections.
  • 409 one-shot samples.
  • 11 ready to play patches for Reason NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible soft samplers.
  • Formats: Ableton Live, Reason Refill, ACID WAV, Apple Loops, and REX versions are also available separately.

Eclectic Vibes is available to purchase for $40 USD / £24.95 GBP / 28.50 EUR.

More information: SamplerBanks / Eclectic Vibes


Samplerbanks releases Neo DJ FX sound effects library

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Neo DJ FX, a complete collection of sound FX’s for Dance genres and Film, Game, TV / Post & Cinematic use.

Samplerbanks Neo DJ FX

Most professional dance tracks are distinguished from amateurs not just by the right selection of sounds, the proper adjustment of equalization and dynamics processors and the art of mastering, but also by the smart selection of sound effects. The vibe of a track is greatly influenced by the choosen FX sounds, giving a polished touch for the final product.

Have you ever experienced you composed a great song but there was something missing? A common agreement among experienced producers and DJs is that the subtle and mature use of some sound fx’s may conjure an empty track into a breathing creation. Nevertheless, you still have to compose great ideas and create the vibe, but the use of FX elements helps to achieve these goals in nearly every genre of modern contemporary music.

The Neo DJ FX collection from Samplerbanks fulfills this requirement by offering a complete range of SFX for music producers and DJs.

Neo DJ FX features

  • 645 MB of cutting edge loops and samples (24-bit).
  • Includes 38 Seamless Noise and 55 (both harmonic and enharmonic) Synth Atmosphere loops plus the following one-shots: 42 Combined FXs, 30 long Cymbals, 20 special Doppler sounds, 51 Rise/ 52 Fall Drones, 50 Swishes, 48 thundering Impacts, 30 metalic Hits and even 20 great electro-cyber crackles and noises, recreated from the famous Transformers movies.
  • Software sampler presets included for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Reason NN-XT and sfz samplers.

Neo DJ FX is available to purchase as a download for $32 USD / £19.95 GBP / 22.95 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Neo DJ FX


Samplerbanks releases “Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis” by Sound Guru

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Samplerbanks Logic's ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis, a tutorial video by Sound Guru.

Synthesis can seem extremely daunting. When you open up a synth like Logic’s ES2, you’re confronted with a huge array of buttons, knobs and sliders whose function seems obscure at best.

Even if you study the manual and can find your way around, it can still be extremely frustrating; hearing the sounds you want to make in your head, but unable to produce them. ES2 Synthesis: Basic to Intermediate guides you all the way from the foundations of synthesis to advanced sound design in 2hrs 35mins of HD video.

Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis is available to purchase for £21.99 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis


Samplerbanks releases Electrolyzium, a Progressive Electro, Tech sample pack

Samplerbanks Electrolyzium

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Electrolyzium, a 1.1 GB royalty-free compilation of latest Progressive Electro, Tech-House, mixed with Trance elements for Producers and live DJ sets.

This package is a mix of progressive electro and trance samples, loops and sampler sounds from the Anjunabeats superstar Sunny Lax, cautiously selected and mastered by Samplerbanks. BPM range is between 128-134, all with precise key indication to keep up the speed. ELECTROLYZIUM blends the modern electro and trance elements, focusing on exotic leads, electro basslines and groovy progressions while provides the pumping contrast that makes the real excitement and vibe of the dance floor.

Detailed and groovy multi-layers of modern crushing basslines perfectly match the included 130 kick drums. Accurately crafted melodic chord-sequences, arpeggios are all there to evoke the aura of aliased and dirty Electro sounds whereas providing the uplifting floating passion. All the 270 drum loops are made in “No-Kick” style to give you total flexibility in the creation, also providing hundreds of one shot Drum Samples to spice up the grooves. There are some classic upward / downward textures in the powerful FX section, but this is also the place of some more esoteric and evolving crazy stuff perfect for Electro, Techno, Trance as well.

As a bonus, you will also get some multi-sample sets of the finest of new and old-style synth sounds for the popular software samplers. We made every sample ready to mix for you, thus the majority of sounds are far from over-processed to make more space for your effect arsenal. All you’ll find here are royalty free sounds only, so you do not have to pay any licence fee for further use.

If you are a producer or DJ in the need of busy no-kick grooves, modern basslines, shaky leads and crazy uplifting pitch-bent chord progressions for your next track or DJ SET, Electrolyzium will prick up your ears!

Electrolyzium features

  • 1.1 GB content (1307 samples, 24bit/44kHz), ACID WAV, Reason ReFill, Ableton Live Pack, and Apple Loops formats available.
  • Loops: 240 Drum, 78 Bass, 61 Synth Loops.
  • One-Shots: 130 Kick, 100 Claps, 100 Closed Hihats, 106 Open Hihats, 50 FX, 250 Percussion and 193 Snare.
  • 48 Bass, Lead, Drum, Percussion and FX sounds in various Sampler formats (EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT, SampleTank, Sfz, Stylus RMX).

Electrolyzium is available to purchase as an instant download for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks / Electrolyzium


SamplerBanks releases Minimal Pop

SamplerBanks Minimal Pop

SamplerBanks has announced the release of Minimal Pop, a multi-format sample library featuring a collection of minimal loops.

Pop Minimal is a massive collection of brilliant minimal loops recorded from vintage and analog stuff, then edited in an old-fashion way: chords, grainy synths, fat basslines, electro breaks, glitched sounds and high-quality drum loops prepared to use in your upcoming track! All loops and samples are in Minimal House style with a pinch of popularity. Add a teaspoonful of creativity and bake it for a hot, danceable production!

The producer of Pop Minimal was inspired by various artists and DJs like Alan K, Brandon Plank, Andy Lee, Nieghel and other non-electronic musicians to record unique, whoopy sounds to make this genre more magnetic for the dance floor. You will find ideas, inspirations and ingredients for Minimal, Minimal House, Deep House and Tech House music to add to your mash-ups, mixes and music productions in a dancefloor-friendly style.

Minimal Pop features

  • 675 MB content.
  • ACID WAV format loops: 187 drum loops, 77 bass loops, 66 chord and lead loops, 33 glitched drum loops.
  • One-shot sounds: 52 closed hihats, 27 open hihats, 44 bassdrums, 70 percussion hits, 46 snares and claps, 24 FX, 44 synth hits, 30 bass hits.
  • Multi sounds for Reason NN-XT, Kontakt 3, HALion 3, EXS24, SampleTank 2, and sfz.
  • All loops are also available in REX2 format, ready to use in Spectrasonics Stylus RMX or any compatible DAW host or sampler.

Minimal Pop is available to purchase as an instant download for £24.95 GBP.

More information: SamplerBanks / Minimal Pop