Prime Loops releases Big Room Anthology sample pack

Prime Loops has launched Big Room Anthology, a collection of epic uplifting synths, high energy FX, weighty basslines and heavy drums. Prime Loops’ brand spanking new Alpha Waves imprint has served up 613 MB of … read more

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Zenhiser releases Extreme D&B Drum Beats sample pack

Zenhiser has launched Extreme D&B Drum Beats, a sample pack featuring 400 drum and bass drum beats. Tired of the same Drum & Bass beats, need something new that isn’t a re-hashed drum loop from … read more

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Toontrack releases three EZdrummer 2 bundles

Toontrack has announced the release of EZdrummer 2 Metal Edition, EZdrummer 2 Rock Edition and EZdrummer 2 Vintage Edition, three separate bundles including EZdrummer 2 combined with two EZX sound library expansions. With either of … read more

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Prime Loops releases Dubstep Assassins sample pack

Prime Loops has launched Dubstep Assassins, a 259MB+ collection of dubstep samples featuring screaming synths, brutal bass & banging drum loops, insane SFX and more. Go totally NUTS – with Dubstep Assassins! Armed to the … read more

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Incognet releases Future House Tools sample pack

Incognet has announced the release of Future House Tools, a sample pack featuring 24 bit Wavs, MIDI files and presets. Future house is style that you can hear now everywhere! Its next step of EDM … read more

Josh Spoon releases 50 Shades of Fade to Grey for Live

Josh Spoon has announced the release of 50 Shades of Fade to Grey, a collection of Fade to Grey effects usually used to fade a song out with a wash effect. 50 Shades of Fade … read more

Bela D Media launches Choir Sale

Bela D Media has announced a Choir Sale, offering 30% off all Bela D Media choir libraries. Savings include the newly released Phantom Voice, Giovani Revive and V Alto Choir for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 … read more

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8Dio releases Solo Cello Designer for Kontakt

8Dio Productions has announced the release of Solo Cello Designer, a Kontakt instrument library featuring a collection of over 1,800 phrases. The intention of the library was to sample completely realistic Solo Cello by creating … read more

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Best Sample Libraries releases Opera Female Vocal by Marina

Best Sample Libraries has announced the release of Opera Female Vocal by Marina, a sample library featuring recordings of Marina Diva. This sample library have have 25 min of unedited vocal recording of some classical … read more

Prime Loops releases Deep House Anthems

Prime Loops has launched Deep House Anthems, a 350MB+ collection of official Deep House samples and MIDI files by Alpha Waves. Within Alpha Waves’ brand spanking new Deep House Anthems sample pack you’ll find over … read more

Sound Pack Giveaway: EDM Megapack by Sample Tools by Cr2

Sample Tools by Cr2 has launched EDM Megapack, a bundle of three best selling EDM packs. It’s our one year anniversary at Sample Tools by Cr2 and to celebrate we are giving you the bargain … read more

Rhythmic Robot releases free PanaRhythm for Kontakt + 33% off sale

Rhythmic Robot has announced the release of PanaRhythm, a free snare drum instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. PanaRhythm is sampled from a tiny analogue Panasonic drum machine we found at a car boot sale. … read more

123Creative releases Dubstep Revolution Vol. 1 sample pack

123Creative has announced the release of Dubstep Revolution Vol. 1, a sample pack by SampleCloud featuring the deep, hard-hitting sounds of bass music. Taking the best from Dubstep, 2-step and Post-Dubstep, and adding a twist … read more

Daniel Belik releases Liner Horn for Kontakt

Daniel Belik has released Liner Horn, an industrial wind instrument for Kontakt with a brutal, unstable and roaring sound. During the composition, there are situations when it is necessary to create a dramaturgic accent, for … read more

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Future Loops releases Essential Deep House Tools

Future Loops has launched Essential Deep House Tools, a collection of over 1,900 samples that extensively covers the ground of Deep House productions. With over 2,8 GB, “Essential Deep House Tools” features Full Drum Loops … read more

Loopbased launches Total Electro Chords sample pack

Loopbased has released Total Electro Chords, a sample pack by Pulsed Records featuring a collection of construction kits. ‘Total Electro Chords’ by Pulsed Records delivers an awesome collection of Construction Kits inspired by artists such … read more

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Detunized releases Schunda Cimbalom Budapest sound library

Detunized has announced the release of Schunda Cimbalom Budapest, a new Ableton Live Pack and Universal Format library. The Cimbalom is a chordophone composed of a trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top. … read more

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Singomakers releases Spin In Deep

Singomakers has launched Spin In Deep, a collection of deep house loops and samples. All samples from this sample pack are mixed and processed with Professional Studio equipment like SSL Channel Strip, Avalon VT747, Manley … read more

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Loopmasters releases House Vocal Sessions with Sheree Hicks

Loopmasters has launched House Vocal Sessions, a brand new royalty free collection of vocal acapellas by Sheree Hicks. House Vocal Session is a soulful collection of Dance vocals with over 1.5 GB of Acapellas, Hooks … read more

Delectable Records releases Tech House Monster MIDI Pack 01

Delectable Records has launched the Tech House Monster MIDI Pack, a collection of MIDI kits and audio loops. Big room basslines, lush drums and percussion, mighty chord pads, main room melodies, fantastic harmonies it’s all … read more