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Samples From Mars releases TR 909 Samples Library

Samples From Mars TR 909 Samples Library

Samples From Mars has launched its TR 909 Samples Library, a collection of raw TR 909 samples reecorded to tape.

If you’re after raw, banging 909 samples, look no further. To finish off our Drum Machine Samples Collection we’ve taken a Roland TR 909 Drum Machine and recorded it through a legendary SSL 4000 G+ analog console to a mastering reel to reel 1/4″ tape machine.

After using various high end processing (almost exclusively analog), we edited every hit by hand, and arranged the best ones into corresponding folders, named simply and sorted chromatically for maximum ease of use.

TR 909 Samples Library features

  • 332 24bit, royalty free TR 909 samples recorded through an SSL Console to tape.
  • Every hit has been re-pitched extensively & arranged by tuning.
  • 72 deep kick drums, ranging from clean to dirty, low to hi.
  • 61 punchy & saturated snares.
  • 199 additional Claps, Hi Hats, Toms, Rims, & more.

The sample pack costs $18 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / TR 909 Samples Library

Samples From Mars releases Bass Drop sample pack

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Samples From Mars Bass Drop

Samples From Mars has launched Bass Drop, a sample library featuring a collection of bass drop samples.

The purpose of this sample library is to eliminate the time required for re-creating your own bass drop sample, and to provide a quick and easy way to grab an excellent sounding bass drop sample, at the length and pitch / key you desire.

Bass Drop features

  • 4 folders, each containing 18 pure sine wave bass drops from D1 (37 Hz) to G2 (98 Hz) at 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 sec long in WAV format.
  • 18 tuned, 2 second long analog square wave bass drop samples created with a Dave Smith Poly Evolver analog synthesizer.
  • 1 808 kick drum bass drop recorded through UA LA-610, and pitched digitally.
  • Named and organized chromatically, by frequency and note name.
  • Recorded with high quality conversion.
  • Digital and analog pitch envelope modulation, both linear and exponential.
  • Analog bass drop samples for when aggressive sub bass is desired.
  • Pure, digital bass drop samples for adding your own processing and plugins.
  • 808 Kick drum for when you need that “classic” sound.

The sample pack costs $8 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / Bass Drop

Samples From Mars releases TR 808 Samples Library

Samples From Mars TR 808 Samples Library

Samples From Mars has announced the release of the TR 808 Samples Library, a collection of 493 samples from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, recorded through an SSL 4000 G+ console.

We are in love with the Roland TR-808 and all of the genres it has created and inspired (Electro -> Hip Hop – > Boogie -> House -> Techno -> Trap -> Pop). And although the (world’s most popular?) drum machine has been sampled many times, as collectors of 808 samples for over 10 years, we believe we have succeeded in creating a truly unique 808 sample pack.

If you are like us and already own 10+ different 808 libraries, we are confident you will still find yourself reaching for this 808 kit again and again, because we’ve used different gear and artistic judgement to create the sounds in our own style.

TR 808 Samples Library features

  • Over 450 professional quality, punchy and clear TR 808 samples.
  • Recorded with classic, vintage analog gear and re-pitched on tape.
  • Instant Download.

The sample pack costs $18 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / TR 808 Samples Library

Samples From Mars releases LinnDrum LM-2 & CR-78 sample packs

Samples From Mars has launched with the release of its LinnDrum LM-2 and CR-78 sample packs.

Classic, Hi Quality LinnDrum Samples

Samples From Mars LinnDrum LM-2

This is the most complete collection of LinnDrum samples around.

We’ve taken a Linn Drum LM-2, sampled the individual outputs into a classic Emu Sp-1200 sampler, pitched them every which way, run them through an SSL console, recorded them to a mastering 1/4″ tape machine and finally into Apogee conversion.

To achieve additional depth and variety we’ve also used a Roland Re-201 Space Echo to give these Linndrum samples even more character and depth.

The LinnDrum LM-2 pack costs $12 USD. A collection of 21 sounds is available in the LinnDrum LM-2 Free Kit.

CR-78 Samples Recorded to Tape and Re-Pitched

The CR-78 sample pack features the sounds of the classic analog Roland CR-78 rhythm machine, processed through an SSL console EQ, gate, compressor and filters, and recorded through high end Apogee converters.

Samples From Mars CR-78

We’ve gone a step further, recording the CR-78 to a hi-end mastering reel to reel tape machine, and extensively re-pitching each and every sound. This gives us an incredibly dynamic library of sounds that the original machine did not provide – lower and higher kick drums, snares, hi hats, congas, and the famous bleeps and bloops. And we’ve hit the tape at varying levels, so you get a combination of overdriven and softer sounds – sometimes with nice tape artifacts and sometimes entirely clean.

The end result is an extremely punchy and extensive (the largest library we’ve found on the internet), excellent sounding library of CR-78 samples: 136 24 bit 44.1 kHz wav files, with enough headroom to allow you for even more processing if you’d like.

The CR-78 sample pack costs $8 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars