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SampleScience releases Today’s Harvest sample pack

SampleScience Today's Harvest

SampleScience has announced the release of Today’s Harvest, a Boards of Canada inspired sample pack.

Today’s Harvest is a small sample pack featuring loops and sounds inspired by Boards of Canada new album.

The pack includes: 5 loop kits, 27 miscellaneous loops, 3 one shots and a bonus techno trance loop kits (including WAV loops, one shots and MIDI files) You have a total of 70 WAV samples, 108 megs of content for the very low price of 1.99£.

The sample pack is available at Sampleism, priced at £1.99 GBP.

More information: Today’s Harvest


Prizm Audio releases Selected Tones for Kontakt

Prizm Audio Selected Tones

Prizm Audio has released Selected Tones, a collection of 51 Kontakt 5 instruments created using sounds from the Electronisounds sample vault.

SampleScience chose his favorite multi-samples and enhanced them with Kontakt’s built-in effects and sound shapers. Almost all of these multi-samples were taken from real, hardware analog synths.

The result is 51 Kontakt instruments covering various types of tones including: genuine analog basses, resonant pianos, spacey synthetic atmospheres, cut through leads, textured pads, vibrant ethnic instruments, rich organs, deep electric pianos and more!

This is a collection of sounds suited for the discerning electronic music composer.

The sample library is available from Sampleism for £9.99 GBP.

More information: Sampleism


SampleScience releases Vortex SoundWaves for Kontakt

SampleScience Vortex SoundWaves

SampleScience has announced Vortex SoundWaves, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Vortex SoundWaves is a collection of 20 Kontakt 5 instruments of abstract, atmospheric sound textures and tones.

The sources that were used to create these instruments are genuine analog synthesizers, software synthesizers as well as treated acoustic instruments and physically modeled instruments.

The sample library is available from Sampleism, priced at £5.99 GBP. A collection of 5 Kontakt instruments is available to download at no cost.

More information: Sampleism / Vortex SoundWaves


SampleScience releases free Kontakt instruments

SampleScience has announced the release of a collection of free sampled instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

SampleScience Dusty ePiano
The Dusted ePiano sample library for NI Kontakt.

SampleScience Kontakt libraries

  • Dusty ePiano is a sampled electric piano emulation produced to sound like it has been sampled from a dusty vinyl. This Kontakt instrument is made to be light weight and use minimum RAM and disc space. In an age of multi-gigabits sound libraries, this is a breath of fresh air! Just download the instrument, load it in Kontakt and play!
  • Nutron Pad is a synthetic pad made to sound very analog and rich. The sound has been EQed and a subtle touch of phaser was added to make this pad very thick and deep.
  • Mopho Bass is an original patche created with Dave Smith instruments Mopho analog synthesizer.
  • Deep Space is an tribute to the sound design skills of Tim Conrardy and to his first VSTi, the M42 Nebula. You’ll find that this Kontakt instrument has a lot of texture and details in it. I created this particular tone by using a granular chorus and a tape delay effect.
  • VocoLead is a lofi vocoded synthesizer sound. Useful for techno, ambient and space music. Based on a single sample 24 bits long sound.

The sample libraries are a free download at Requires full version of Kontakt.

More information: SampleScience


Sampleism October 2012 Giveaway—Free sounds with a creepy Halloween Vibe

Sampleism October 2012 Freebie

Sampleism has announced its October 2012 Giveaway, a free collection of sounds and patches.

I must admit, I am truly astounded by the quality on offer here – I am humbled by the awesome people that use Sampleism and tip my hat to them all for creating such amazing audio for everybody to enjoy. Respect!

This collection has a horror theme running through it with Loops, Old Horror Movie FX and vocal samples from Les Productions Zvon, Kontakt Kits and patches for Massive. There are also a selection of breaks and beats from Sample Science and some original House loops from Electronisounds.

Please – if you like what is on offer here (and who wouldn’t!) support the independent developers and producers, check out their profiles and buy something to show that you care.

The sample pack is a free download for Sampleism users (registration is free).

More information: Sampleism


Samplescience Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3 sample pack released

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Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol 3

Samplescience has announced the release of Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3, the third volume in the sample pack series, including smooth ambient loops, dirty breakbeats, dusty vintage film cuts, music loops in the style of Boards of Canada, LFO, Aphex Twin and early Ninja Tune records.

You also have weird FX loops, experimental textures, voices from old public domain films, drum hits and more! My inspiration for this sound library has been Kid Koala, Cold Cuts, Lone, Kona Triangle, Milieu and the whole electronic lofi scene! Expect dusty ambiences, lofi drums, indie casio melodies and old software synthesizers doing their best!

Note that this library doesn’t include any construction kits, just samples to mangle! The samples are also lofi, dusty, there’s is crackles and it’s all on purpose to give you that old vinyl cut feeling. Classified under: breakbeats, lofi, experimental, beats, underground, indie electronics.

Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3 features

  • 190 samples, 16/24-bit Wav.
  • 11 Ambient Loops.
  • 9 Bass Loops.
  • 28 Drum Loops.
  • 31 LoFi-Cuts.
  • 25 Music Loops.
  • 28 One-Shots.
  • 47 Voices.
  • 11 Weird FX Loops.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $5 USD.

More information: Samplescience / Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3


Samplesciene releases Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2

Samplescience Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol 2

Samplescience has released its Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2 sample library.

The second volume of Dusty Eclectic Goldmine includes 55 original breakbeats, 23 dialogue clips (taken from public domain sources), 13 FX loops & samples, 3 Groove Kits, 38 Music Loops (including genuine analog basslines, melodies, riffs, pads & keys) & 244 percussions samples (including 94 crystal clear bongo samples, 38 darbuka percussions, 38 real analog hits & more!).

The loops are Fruity Slicer & SliceX ready, they contain all the necessary metadata (slice makers + loop points) to loop properly. The genre range from minimal techno to lofi instrumental hip hop, trance to experimental!

Some of the breaks were recorded on cassettes & the percussions folder contain 100 original recordings. An Effectron Junior & rare FX pedals were used to get that unique lofi sounds from the eighties cassette exchange of underground music era. All the files are 24 bits except the dialogues which are served in 16 bits mono.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $5 USD.

More information: Samplesciene / Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2