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Samsara Cycle Audio releases VMP1, RMS1, E.S.P., and Big Beauty

Samsara Cycle Audio VMP1

Samsara Cycle Audio has released a number of freeware plug-ins for Windows.

Samasara Cycle Audio is dedicated to bringing quality products for the creation of music and sound since being established in 2003. We provide 100% FREE Virtual instruments, effects and soundfonts.

Samsara Cycle Audio plug-ins

  • VMP1 – Virtual Mono Poly Analogue Synth.
  • RMS1 – Virtual Rackmount Synth.
  • E.S.P. – Enhanced Soundfont Player.
  • Big Beauty – Multi Effects Unit.

Samsara Cycle Audio plug-ins are available as a free download for Windows PC (VST).

More information: Samsara Cycle Audio