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Vir2 Instruments announces MOJO: Horn Section

Vir2 Instruments MOJO

Vir2 Instruments has released MOJO, a virtual horn section instrument powered by the Kontakt engine.

Now at the tips of your fingers is the most versatile horn section in the world, MOJO: Horn Section, offering the most flexible and innovative approach to pop, funk, jazz, and big band horns ever created in a virtual instrument. Inspired by legendary groups like Tower of Power and the big bands of decades past, MOJO is capable of emulating everything from a sultry sax solo to a screaming full big band playing at the top of their lungs.

MOJO: Horn Section eatures

  • 12 instruments: Alto Sax, Bari Sax, Bass Trombone, Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trombone Mute, Trumpet, Trumpet Mute
  • Instant ensembles (1-10 players).
  • Numerous articulations.
  • Stylistic effects.
  • Doits, falls, and more release layers.
  • Tempo-synced swells and crescendos.
  • Extensive riff library.
  • Advanced humanization.
  • Physically modeled vibrato.
  • Character control.
  • Full suite of onboard effects.
  • Ultimate ease of use.

Vir2 MOJO is available for pre-order for $499.95 USD. It will be shipping in February 2009.

Visit Vir2 Instruments for more information and audio demos.

Sample Modeling releases Mr. Sax T.

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Sample Modeling Mr. Sax T.

Sample Modeling releases Mr. Sax T., a virtual saxophone instrument powered by Kontakt Player 2.

Yes, it’s true, sample-based, but relying on a completely new technology, developed and patent-pending by Stefano Lucato. The saxophone is probably the most difficult instrument to emulate. Despite several attempts, using different technologies ranging from traditional sampling to sophisticated physical modeling, the results obtained so far fell short of the expectations. This is particularly true if real time use is concerned.

Mr. Sax T. features

  • Synchronous Wave Triggering — uses samples as a base material, chromatically performed by a professional sax player over a very wide dynamic range, and recorded with state-of-the-art technology. The resulting timbre is therefore that of the real instrument.
  • Continuous interpolation among different vectors like time, dynamics, pitch and formants.
  • Advanced real time processing techniques yield realistic legato/portamento, vibrato, ornamentations & trills with phase continuity, constant-formant pitchbends, subharmonics, growl and flutter tongue to be performed in real time.
  • Kontakt Player 2 Virtual Instrument, working either standalone, or as a plugin (no additional sampler or player is needed).

Mr. Sax T. is available now for 119 EUR / $164 USD / 95 GBP (+ VAT, if applicable).

Visit Sample Modeling for more information, a video demonstration and audio demos.

HV Synth Design releases SaxCollection

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HV Synth Design SaxCollection

HV Synth Design has released the SaxCollection, an acoustic modeled instrument featuring a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bariton Sax.

The instruments are based on a unique modeling method, called Eclectic Acoustic Synthesis (EAS), created with SynthMaker.

SaxCollection features

  • Very realistic Sax sounds.
  • Like real Saxes, you can ‘blow’ the models from very soft to very loud with an increment of brightness (the high frequencies become more and more prominent). This is done via modulation wheel or a breath controller.
  • Low CPU load: about 8.6% on a moderate PC.
  • Controls:
    • Breath Pressure: ModWheel or Breath Controller.
    • Breath Envelope.
    • Breath noise.
    • Vibrato.
    • Portamento.
    • 4 stage EQ.
    • Fine tuning.

The SaxCollection is available as a VST instrument for Windows and Standalone, and costs $179 USD.

Visit HV Synth Design for more information.

Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Sections

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Sections

Best Service has released Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Sections, a collection of 17 solo instruments and a huge selection of mixed sections.

With the 17 instruments you can realise nearly any instrumentation of a brass section, jazz, pop or big-band production. While CHH Vol.1 contains instruments especially designed to perform realistic solos, CHH Vol.2 is focussed on section playing.

Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Sections features

  • 17 solo instruments (4 Trumpets, 7 Saxophones, 6 Trombones) as well as a huge selection of mixed sections.
  • ca. 20.000 Samples, 14 GB content.
  • aprox. 2.000 Samples per instrument.
  • 18 different playing techniques.
  • All playing techniques in one program.
  • Up to 8 Velocities per note.
  • 72 control-features in 11 edit-pages.
  • 6 DSP Efx, 21 high class convolution reverbs.
  • Key-Switch Presets, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato, Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control, and more.

Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Sections is available for 399 EUR (inc VAT). All registered owners of Vol.1 are eligible for the reduced crossgrade. Separate instruments and sections are available as well for 150 EUR each.

Visit Best Service for more information.