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Vir2 Instruments releases MOJO: Horn Section

Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section

Vir2 Instruments has announced the release of MOJO: Horn Section, a virtual horn section instrument powered by the Kontakt engine.

Now at the tips of your fingers is the most versatile horn section in the world, MOJO: Horn Section, offering the most flexible and innovative approach to pop, funk, jazz, and big band horns ever created in a virtual instrument.

Inspired by legendary groups like Tower of Power and the big bands of decades past, MOJO is capable of emulating everything from a sultry sax solo to a screaming full big band playing at the top of their lungs.

MOJO: Horn Section eatures

  • Instruments: Alto Sax, Bari Sax, Bass Trombone, Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trombone Mute, Trumpet, Trumpet Mute
  • Articulation List (varies by instrument): Sustain, Octave Run Up and Down, Stab, Staccato, Bend Down, Crescendo (tempo-synced), Swell (tempo-synced), Rise to Hit, Shake, Trills
  • Release Types (varies by instrument): Standard, Doit, Slur Up, Falls (4 different speeds), Shake
  • Riffs: Over 1600 riffs included, Tempo-synced, Transposable, Organized by instrument, key, and tempo
  • Effects: Hundreds of special effects samples
  • Ensembles: Instant adjustment between 1 and 10 players per instrument, Intelligent and adjustable stereo positioning, Adjustable accuracy and sloppiness
  • Integrated Engines: Physically modeled vibrato, Advanced humanization, Character control, EZRoom Convolution Reverb
  • Playing Modes: Polyphonic, Monophonic, Legato
  • Built-in Effects: 3-Band Equalizer, Compressor, Saturation, Distortion, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Width, Limiter
  • Other: Remote MIDI CC control over almost every parameter, Lite patches with fewer samples for faster loading, Individual articulation instruments
  • Engine: Powered by Kontakt, Standalone, VST, AU, and RTAS operation, Mac and PC compatible

Vir2 MOJO is available for purchase for $499.95 USD.

More information: Vir2 Instruments


Sample Modeling releases The Sax Brothers

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 SamplemodelingThe Sax Brothers

Samplemodeling has released The Sax Brothers, a collection of virtual saxophone instruments for Windows and Mac.

After the great success of Mr. Sax T, we were asked by our customers to extend the Sax family. Here are two brand new brothers, Mr. Sax A., and Mr. Sax B., exploiting the same technology, but based on completely new sample material, with a lot of new added features, and supplied with the newborn Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 Player.

New in The Sax Brothers

  • New instruments: Alto and Baritone Sax, designed and programmed for the new NI Kontakt 3.5 Player.
  • The main panel allows for monitoring and inputting control data. It includes a drop down menu for Keyboard, Breathcontroller, Yamaha and Akai windcontroller input, symmetrical and asymmetrical pitchbend response, velocity or CC controlled portamento time, etc.
  • Automatic recognition of the audio card sample rate has been implemented, thus obviating the need of manually setting the corresponding value on the instrument GUI.
  • Channel aftertouch is now recognized and can be used to control several parameters, such as vibrato intensity or rate, subharmonic, growl or flutter intensity. A user defined smoothing parameter helps reduce any sudden jump of the less-than-optimal aftertouch response of several keyboards.
  • MIDI remapping of incoming CCs is now possible, by a dedicated GUI.
  • Mr. Sax T v1.51 has been reprogrammed in exactly the same way as the other Brothers.

The Sax Brothers (alto, tenor & baritone sax) is available for purchase for 239 EUR. Mr. Sax B. & A. (alto & baritone sax) can also be purchased in a bundle for 149 EUR (prices excl. VAT if within the European Union, and if applicable).

More information: Samplemodeling


Sample Modeling updates Mr. Sax T to v1.02 and The Trumpet to v2.01a

Samplemodeling The Trumpet

Samplemodeling has released version 1.02 of Mr. Sax T., and version 2.01a of The Trumpet, two virtual instruments powered by Kontakt Player 2.

Changes in Mr. Sax T v1.02

  • Symmetrical (“keyboard-like”) and asymmetrical (“natural”) PitchBend behaviour.
  • Improved “bite”-vibrato for EWI wind controllers.
  • Transpose window (MIDI transpose function, not accessible via the Kontakt Tune or Transpose controls).
  • Instrument range extended to D#5 (sounding).
  • Optimized DynPitch default response.
  • DynPitch controlled by CC8.
  • All_Note_Off button (if “on”, produces all note off on CC120-121-123).
  • Improved legato/portamento behaviour, especially on larger legato intervals.
  • New Portamento Time mode (3 modes: Velocity, CC5, CC5 inv, for various wind controllers).

Changes in The Trumpet v2.01a

  • The progressive increase of the CPU load is no longer present.
  • Legato now optimally works with all Wind Controllers.

Visit Samplemodeling for more information, video trailers and some audio demos.


DSK Music releases Hispasonic Sampled Series

DSK Music has released the Hispasonic Sampled Series, a collection of high quality multi-sample instruments in collaboration with

DSK Music Hispasonic Sampled Series

Hispasonic Sampled Series includes:

  • HS Vintage Keys: 6 classic keyboards (Clavinet, Dyno Rhodes, DX7 Rhodes, Hohner Pianet, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer).
  • HS Saxotopia: 3 saxophones (tenor, soprano and alto).
  • HS Dynamic Guitars: 3 guitars (acoustic, nylon and steel).
  • HS Classic Grand Piano: Steinway piano in three variations: standard, bright and damped.

The instruments include multiple velocity zones and are available in four formats: Kontakt, SampleTank, SoundFont and GigaStudio (every format is about 270 MB in size, ~195 MB download).

Visit Hispasonic for more information (Spanish), audio demos and download links.


Wallander Instruments releases Saxophones 1 & 2

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Wallander Instruments has released Saxophones 1 & 2, two WIVI powered instrument collections.

Wallander Instruments Saxophones 1

Saxophones 1 includes the four most popular saxophone types of our day, the soprano, the alto, the tenor and the baritone.

The tenor is arguably the most popular and well-recognized saxophone of our day, along with the more soft-spoken alto. In saxophone quartets, the tenor regularly plays the most prominent role due to its distinct tone.

Saxophones 1 features

  • Soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • Alto Saxophones 1-3
  • Tenor Saxophones 1-3
  • Baritone Saxophones 1-3
Wallander Instruments Saxophones 2

Saxophones 2 is a collection which extends the range of the saxophone family with the sopraninos and bass saxophones.

Due to the 1929 Wall Street financial crash, the once so popular C melody, mezzo-soprano and C soprano saxophones were dropped from production. These once so popular non-transposing instruments virtually disappeared by a cruel twist of fate.

Nonetheless, these instruments have a unique voice of their own. Hidden gems in this collection is the edgy mezzo-soprano, and the C melody – a driving force in the 1920s, closely related to today’s tenor.

Saxophones 2 features

  • Sopranino Saxophones 1-3
  • C Soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • F Mezzo-soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • C Melody Saxophones 1-3
  • Bass Saxophones 1-3

Saxophones 1 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 299 EUR. Saxophones 2 costs 219 EUR.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information and audio demos.


Arturia announces Minimoog V 2.0 and Brass 2.0

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Arturia has announced version 2.0 of Minimoog V and Brass, two virtual instruments for Windows and Mac.

Arturia Minimoog V 2.0

A Minimoog is a Minimoog. What else can you add to it? That would not deform it, denature it, and take it to a place it does not belong to. In version 2, we made the choice to work in fits and starts, adding enough to inject fresh blood and excitement, while keeping the original DNA. In this version you will find an innovative preset explorer, an exciting new effect called the Vocal Filter, automation over four parameters and a few other additional improvements. The Minimoog is a classic; this is why we have brought you a version that keeps the core emotion intact while fostering the experience to a new level of simplicity and creativity.

New in Minimoog V 2.0

  • Sound MAP: Explore hundreds of sounds using our revolutionary Sound MAP. Locate areas you like and pick a sound that will stimulate your creativity. Morph sounds on the MAP by clicking anywhere you like. Add filters to make your search easier, or get back to the traditional list of presets, by sound-designer or by type. Be creative, be funky, be a sound-traveller.
  • Vocal Filter: Did you ever think of making a Minimoog talk? Well we thought of it and came with a very exciting solution called the Vocal Filter. Sonic results can be spectacular, similar to those sounds from Kubrick movies.
  • Circuitry improvements: While we built around the core Minimoog structure, we also added a few options in the circuits. The Keyboard Follow can now be deactivated on VCO2. In addition, we extended the modulation matrix and added a few sources and destinations. The Pan and Vocal Filter can now be used as destinations. Two random signals based on a Sample&Hold are added as inputs. We also allowed for using the voice number (from the polyphonic range) as a discreet source, which proved very interesting to control different parameters.
  • Automation: What if a Minimoog offered automation – not as a control option but as a sound-design tool? Pick up to four parameters and record realtime changes within the preset. This is an entirely new sound palette that will arise, just by the traditional Minimoog scenery.
Arturia Brass 2.0

Brass V2 is a collection of a trumpet, a saxophone and a trombone, all delivered in software format. You can play each of these instruments independently, or all of them together using different types of harmonization and effects.

It certainly isn’t your typical sample-based solution that comes with Gigabytes of samples. As a matter of fact, Brass V2 is a real instrument allowing for a lot of expressivity, subtlety and personal interpretation. Learning how to use Brass in-depth usually takes a couple of hours, but be assured you will never go back to using samples. This is what innovation and technology should always be used for: offering you more power and creativity, without any additional complexity.

New in Brass 2.0

  • New Saxophone model: In Version 2, BRASS comes with a new saxophone model. It is based on a tenor saxophone by Buffet-Crampon. We have also reproduced two different mouthpieces, one classical and one jazz.
  • New Harmonization: As you can now play four different instruments at a time, we bring you a new harmonization engine that is extremely easy to use. Sections, duets, trios, all these are now possible.
  • New Spatiality: Realism mainly comes from the core instrument models, but also from the recording scenery. The new spacialization adds a new level of possibilities to your brass parts.
  • New MIDI integration: In version 2, Brass comes with a better integration in the musician’s studio. MIDI settings will allow you to easily decide whether you control Brass using a simple keyboard, a breath-controler, an Akai EWI, a Yamaha WX5 and more.
  • New Riff organization: While Brass is primarily a set of instruments to play, it also comes loaded with hundreds of pre-written phrases. Organized by style, such as Hip-Hop, Latino, Rock, Jazz or even Military, they make it easy for non-players to insert realistic brass parts in their music. All of these phrases can be quickly and dramatically modified in all aspects.

Minimoog V 2.0 and Brass 2.0 will be available soon, free to all registered users.

Visit Arturia for more information.


PowerFX releases DSK Music sample libraries

PowerFX has released five new DSK Music sample libraries.

DSK Music sample libraries

DSK Music sample libraries

  • DSK Vintage Keys Vol.1 — Clavinet, Dyno Rhodes, DX7 Rhodes, Hohner Pianet, Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer. +270 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Saxotopia — Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Alto Sax. +130 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Dynamic Guitars 1 — Acoustic guitar, Nylon guitar & Steel guitar. +250 samples, velocity zones, big dynamic range!
  • DSK Classic Grand Piano — Classic Grand, Classic Grand Bright & Classic Grand Damped. +170 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Brass, Brass (Ensemble, Orchestra & Shot), Horns (Flugel, French, French Mute), Harmon Mute, Piccolo Trumpet (+Staccato), Sax (Alto, Soprano, Tenor), Trombone (+Cup Mute, Strt Mute, Wah Mute), Trumpet (+Cup Mute, H. Mute, Staccato, Swell), Tuba (+Staccato). +250 samples, velocity zones.

The DSK Music sample libraries include SoundFont, NI Kontakt, Giga & SampleTank formats and are available for download at $29 USD each.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.