Haunted House Records announces Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop

Haunted House Records Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop

Haunted House Records has announced Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop, the latest sound library in the Electronic Critters series.

The sounds in this library are inspired by the early work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and features raw sounds like field recordings, radio interferance, ultrasound and theramins reprocessed and chopped up to create electronic sounds that sound out of this world.

The Creaturephonic Workshop is ideal for Film and TV sound design aswell as all types of electronic music production.

Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop features

  • All sounds are high quality 24bit 44khz wave files and this library contains over 4gig of material.
  • Ambient Textures — The ambient textures section contains 103 sound effects split into 22 different groups. These textures will be familiar in style to anyone who has used a previous Electronic Critters sound library.
  • Loops — This section contains 126 loops split over 3 different bpm ranges (100bpm, 125bpm, and 140bpm). The loops are rythmic and work well on their own or under drum tracks and can really lift your music productions and get people talking.
  • Musical Phrases and Sound Beds — This section contains smalll musical phrases and ambient sound beds that are perfect as a starting point for music in TV and Film. There are 140 sound samples split over 29 groups. Each phrase or sound bed comes as a full mix and seperate track submixes so you can use any part of the track. This offers you greater flexibility as you can pick and choose which parts of the mix you can use.
  • Source Material — This folder contains the source material used in the construction of this disc. We have included the source material as we hope you are inspired to create some sound effects yourself. There are 313 sounds included in this section split into the following sections:
    • Field Recordings
    • Outside Ambience, Household Objects, and a Thumb Piano
    • Radio Frequency Scanner Samples
    • Theramin Phrases
    • Ultrasound Doppler

Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop is available for pre-order on DVD for £19.99 GBP plus postage (regular price £24.99 GBP). It will also be available as a digital download from Sounds/To/Sample shortly.

A collection of 11 samples from this release is available as a free download from the product page.

Visit Haunted House Records for more information and audio demos.


Haunted House Records Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves

Haunted House Records Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves

Haunted House Records has released Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves, a sample collection featuring processed sounds originally captured by a high end radio frequency scanner.

The sounds contains in Airwaves are ideal for all types of electronic music where you need to add some ambience, or just want some sample material to chop up into new loops. Airwaves also makes an ideal collection for foley edits in TV and film.

Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves features

  • All sounds supplied in 16 and 24bit 44Khz Wav files.
  • 277 sounds split into 63 groups.
  • Over 2gig of 24bit samples.
  • Over 1.3gig of 16bit samples.
  • Free demo pack from Electronic Critters 1.
  • Free Creature music promo album.

Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves is available for pre-order now for £19.99 plus shipping (regular price £24.99). All pre-orders will be shipped around mid November 2008.

A free sample set (10 samples, 32 MB) is available for download from the product page.

Visit Haunted House Records for more information.


Short links for August 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on August 6th, 2008:

Berlin Hauptbahnhof by leralle

# Free audio recordings from the Berlin S-Bahn. – Oliver Chesler writes:

Yesterday I took a trip to Ikea in Berlin. To get from Prenzlauer Berg to Spandau takes about thirty minutes on the S-Bahn. I had my camera with me which also takes decent video. However, it wasn’t visual imagery I was after. I hit record but left the camera’s lens cap on. I was only after audio recordings.

There are a myriad of hot flash recorders on the market but I used what I had with me and I think the recordings sound great. Another advantage of recording this way is people aren’t really aware of what your doing. If I had a Sony PCM-D1 in my hand people may not speak naturally. I’m planning on using some of these recordings on my next album but your free to use them too. Remember it’s not the sounds, it’s how you use them!

Check wire to the ear for links to download the recordings (24bit wavs) released under a Creative Commons license.

# Critter and Guitari – Here are some pictures showing how to construct a felt top enclosure for the Pocket Piano Kit. The enclosure uses felt for the top, and wood on the sides.

# Noise.io, “First” Synth for iPhone/iPod Touch, Will Bring Gestural FM Synthesis Control – Peter Kirn writes:

The iPhone and iPod Touch are getting their share of metronomes, guitar tuners, sonic toys, and even one fairly full-featured sample-based drum machine / arrangement tool (BeatMaker). But what about live synthesis? Noise.io (short for Noise for iPhone) claims to be the “first” synth. (I believe, technically, that honor goes to Einar Andersson’s iPhone synth, but that isn’t yet an official iTunes app, and it’s relatively basic by comparison.)

More info on Noise.io here.

# Paul Rubenstein kids – Paul Rubenstein, known as "Mr.R." by his students, teaches high school and middle school kids how to make electric guitars and amplifiers.


# Mobile Apps: MeTeoR, Micro-DAW for Windows Mobile PDAs, Phones – CDM reports on MeTeoR, a pocket-able miniature DAW, boasting:

  • 12 tracks of audio with stereo mixdown.
  • Audio waveform editing with cut, copy, paste, and processing (fade, normalize, reverse, etc.).
  • Various effects (delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, filters, pitch shift, noise gate, graphic EQ, and more), with routable aux sends.
  • Metronome with live recording.
  • A mixer with full automation envelopes for each tracks (for the mixer lanes and effects).

More info on multi-track recorder MeTeoR @ 4pockets.com

# Image scanning sequencer – This sequencer by Gijs Gieskes scans images, and plays the image as midi notes.