Schwa releases CMX

Schwa CMX

Schwa has released CMX, a stereo microshifter plug-in for Windows and Mac.

CMX thickens and enhances monophonic audio by doubling the signal and applying small amounts of pitch shift and/or time delay to each side.

This technique is often applied to vocals or lead lines. With a light hand, CMX can add just enough fullness to give a part extra presence in a mix. With a heavier hand, CMX can create a rich and polished “expensive production” sound. The added presence is especially effective in musical styles that make minimal use of reverb.

CMX uses a new, unique pitch identification and shifting algorithm from Schwa that is designed and optimized for small, precise pitch shifts, from one cent to a quarter-tone, with perfect phase coherence and maximum smoothness. You can use CMX on exposed, high-quality vocal tracks with complete confidence.

Schwa CMX is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for $50 USD. A Reaper-only, personal use license is available for $30 USD.

Stillwell Audio has also recently released Windows x64 installers for Schwa Olga, Tin Man, Schope, and Bitter.

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information and audio demos.


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