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Stillwell Audio releases Schwa Dyno

Stillwell Audio Schwa Dyno

Stillwell Audio has released Schwa Dyno, a threshold-driven dynamic envelope editor VST plugin for Windows PC.

The product page reads:

A radically new way to gain total control over dynamics: it’s a transient designer, compressor, expander, sound designer, and more.

Adjust an intuitive graphical detection circuit to capture transients and waveform peaks, and draw high-order Bezier curves to edit peak dynamics. Use Dyno for anything from adding a little snap to a snare drum or a little sizzle to a cymbal, to morphing a bass line into a crazed rhino pump. All in real time, with amazingly low CPU use.

Check the PDF Manual for detailed information about Dyno.

Schwa Dyno costs $50 USD (or $25 USD for a Reaper-only, non-commercial use license).

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information and to download an evaluation copy of Dyno.


Stillwell Audio releases Schwa Sculpto

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Stillwell Audio Schwa Sculpto

Stillwell Audio‘s Schwa has released Sculpto, a waveform shaping tool which allows powerful direct control over audio.

From the Sculpto page:

Draw Bezier curves over your audio waveform to create envelope shapes to follow or clip to. Clean errors, sharpen transients, or design entirely new sounds. All in real time, with amazingly low CPU use.

Sculpto features

  • Clipped peak restoration: easy, smooth and repeatable reshaping of peaks.
  • Click removal: Clipping to an envelope allows to edit out unwanted peaks, such as clicks or room noise.
  • Transient shaping: Visually design the dynamics of the sound.
  • Special effects: Swells, rides and rhythmic re-imposition.

Schwa Sculpto is available for Windows PC and costs $50.00 (all hosts, commercial use license), or $25.00 for a Reaper-only, non-commerical use license version.

Note: Sculpto depends on getting sample position / timeline information from the audio host. Audio editors like Wavelab, Audition, Sound Forge, etc. generally don’t support this.

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information, and links to download an evaluation version of Sculpto.


Stillwell Audio releases Schwa Spectro

Stillwell Audio Schwa Spectro

Stillwell Audio has released Schwa Spectro, an intuitive, real-time spectral editor VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Spectro features

  • Allows you to draw boxes to add or subtract gain, mute, or solo specific frequency ranges.
  • Clean up accidental room noise, remove harmonic bleed, perform surgical EQ, write your own multiband compressor, de-ess, or get creative and combine additive filters for some truly wild effects.
  • All in real time, with amazingly low CPU use.

A fully functional evaluation copy is available for download.

Schwa Spectro costs $50.00 USD (all hosts, commercial use license), and a Reaper-only, non-commercial use license costs $25.00 USD.

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information.