Bluezone Corporation releases Tripod Invasion – Sound effects, drones and mechanical textures

Bluezone Corporation has announced Tripod Invasion, a sound library featuring 200+ unique stereo drones and Sci-Fi sound effects. In this new downloadable sound library you will find high quality underground atmospheres, crashes and impacts, noise … read more

H.G. Fortune sets free Altair-4 B Pro and X-WoF 4 Pro

H.G. Fortune has announced that the Altair-4 B Pro and X-WoF 4 Pro virtual instruments for Windows are now free. The Altair-4 B Pro is a virtual “SciFi Sounds Lab”, now comes with a lazy … read more

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Precisionsound Astrosphere soundscape sample library released

Precisionsound has announced Astrosphere, a library of soundscape loops inspired by science fiction. Evoking alien habitats, future technology, and spaces that defy the laws of physics, Astrosphere provides nearly an hour of imaginative material for … read more

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Bluezone releases Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes

Bluezone Corporation has announced Xen World, a sample library featuring sci-fi sound effects and soundscapes. ‘Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes’ features over 390MB of dark cinematic elements, biological sounds, eerie sounds from … read more

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P5Audio releases Ambient Odyssey

P5Audio has released Ambient Odyssey, a collection of ambient loops. What are the sounds of the cosmos? P5audio believes that we might have come close to figuring it out with the dark ambient sounds found … read more

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Bluezone Corporation Robotic Division: Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Bluezone has released Robotic Division, a collection of sci-fi sound effects. Robotic Division: Sci-Fi Sound Effects’ has been designed to offer you the ultimate robotic sound library, with extremely great precision for sounds, either in … read more

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Bluezone releases Ambient Injection: Evolving Energy sample library

Bluezone Corporation has released Ambient Injection: Evolving Energy, a sample library featuring sounds for Sci-Fi film scoring. This exceptional sample pack contains intenses soundscapes, unreal atmospheres, deep drones, processed Sci-Fi sound effects, finely crafted transitions, … read more

Hollow Sun releases TriOsc for Kontakt

Hollow Sun has released TriOsc, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle … read more

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H.G. Fortune releases Altair 4: The SciFi Sounds Lab

H.G. Fortune has announced the release of Altair 4, a virtual “SciFi Sounds Lab” instrument plug-in for Windows. As the subname of this plugin synthesizer says this SciFi Sounds Lab will be of best service … read more

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Short links for May 18th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Discord 3 sneak preview Chris Randall writes: Just uploaded a video preview of Discord3's highlights. I think I touched on all the major features; I'll do a full … read more

Music for Our Future: Free 13-track compilation inspired by SyFy’s Caprica

Music for Our Future is a special compilation inspired by the SyFy original series, Caprica. Peter Kirn writes: Working with music production today is a bit like science fiction. It’s fitting that visions of technology’s … read more

SynthTronic releases Machine Creator

To celebrate the launch of the SynthTronic website, Michael Kastrup has released Machine Creator, a freeware rompler featuring various noises and ambient sounds used to create the illusion of sci-fi machinery or ambience. Machine Creator … read more

Sounds For The Space-Set! by RIAA (Robotic Intergalactic Astro-Artists)

RIAA (Robotic Intergalactic Astro-Artists) presents Sounds For The Space-Set!! This 22-song album is described as a “mashup tribute to the pioneers of electronic music“. Mashups titles include Antenna Rock/StroboNews (Kraftwerk “Antenna”, Queen “We Will Rock … read more

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Paper Star Wars models

Shunichi Makino’s SF Paper Craft Gallery features downloadable PDFs for papercraft Star Wars vehicles like the AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) Snow Walker and the Millennium Falcon. Paper models: Millennium Falcon and AT-AT Snow Walkers … read more

Iconfactory freebie: Doctor Who

Iconfactory‘s latest free icon set is called Doctor Who, after the famous sci-fi tv show. More about Doctor Who here. Iconfactory Doctor Who icon set (by Gedeon Maheux) This set contains 8 individual icons and … read more

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Forrest J. Ackerman and Frank Coe: Music For Robots

Jason of Scar stuff ripped this vintage LP and posted it for everyone to listen to: Forrest J. Ackerman and Frank Coe “Music For Robots” (Science Fiction Records, MFR-1001A, 1964). From the ad blurb (click … read more

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