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9 Soundware releases Scratch

9 Soundware Scratch

9 Soundware has released Scratch, a collection of turntable loops by DJ Shiftee, winner of the 2007 DMC World Championships.

Along with being the titleholder in the prestigious event, he is also the winner of the 2003 DMC NYC (youngest champion ever, at age 17.) as well as a finalist for the DMC USA in both 2003 and 2004. In addition to being the winner of countless other DJ battles, he is also a member of the legendary Lo-Livez crew alongside members of The X-ecutioners and a highly acclaimed DJ that has opened for artists such as The Roots, Talib Kweli, and Aesop Rock, among many others. Literally being among the top DJs in the world, the musicality and virtuosity of his performances are simply jaw-dropping.

Needless to say, Shiftee could scratch like it’s nobody’s business. From simple, straightforward scratches which vibe up beats to vinyl madness at breakneck speeds, these loops will scratch the !@#$ out of your tracks!

Scratch features

  • 78 loops (1 to 4 bars in length) at tempos 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, and 140 BPM.
  • All 78 files (24-bit/44.1 kHz) have been meticulously sliced and turned into REX2 and Apple Loops files.
  • 216 MB download contains all three formats and will work seamlessly with most popular applications including Apple Logic Pro/Express, Propellerheads Reason, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, and Ableton Live.

Scratch is available for download for $19.99 USD (CD/DVD optional).

Visit 9 Soundware for more information and some audio demos.


9 Soundware releases DJ Shiftee: Extreme Turntablism

9 Soundware DJ Shiftee: Extreme Turntablism

9 Soundware has released DJ Shiftee: Extreme Turntablism, a collection of turntable and mixer feedback loops by DJ Shiftee, the 2007 DMC World Champion.

These loops are taken from performances recorded shortly after his 2007 DMC World domination. Armed with months’ worth of woodshedding and new techniques, here, he is in his finest form and exhibits his unhuman-like mastery of the turntables. Extreme Turntablism documents DJ Shiftee as, literally, the king of DJ battling. This collection of loops displays his mind-blowing musical ferocity, technically wizardry, as well as the ingenuity he puts into his craft.

DJ Shiftee: Extreme Turntablism features

  • 212 loops (2 to 4 bars in length) at tempos 70, 80, 90, and 100 BPM.
  • 166 files (the turntable loops) have been meticulously sliced and turned into REX2 and Apple Loops files.
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz in Wav, REX2 and Apple Loops.
  • The 895 MB download contains all three formats and will work seamlessly with most popular applications including Apple Logic Pro/Express, Propellerheads Reason, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, and Ableton Live.

DJ Shiftee: Extreme Turntablism is available as a digital download for $39.99 USD (optional backup CD or DVD).

Visit 9 Soundware for more information and audio demos.


Numark announces NS7

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Numark NS7

Numark has announced that its NS7 premium performance controller will be available worldwide on March 24, 2009.

Numark and Serato have jointly developed NS7 to deliver an unprecedented degree of DJ software and hardware-control integration, delivering a completely new DJ experience. ITCH is Serato’s next-generation software, building on the award-winning Scratch LIVE engine, it is fully compatible with libraries, crates, loops and cue points created in Scratch LIVE.

NS7 key features

  • High-resolution controller built for Serato ITCH and compatible with Scratch LIVE libraries.
  • Direct-drive, motorized turntable platters with classic and modern feel settings.
  • Includes Serato ITCH DJ software, fully pre-mapped.
  • Audiophile-grade audio circuitry with mic and line inputs, system and cue outs.
  • Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls.
  • Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle-drop control.
  • Controls most MIDI applications without requiring a mouse or keyboard.
  • Rugged, all-metal construction.

NS7 will be available from musical instrument and DJ retailers worldwide on March 24, 2009. The controller carries a U.S. retail price of $1,599 USD, and a street price of approximately $1,299.95 USD.

Visit the NS7 website for more information.


Theo Krueger releases Vinylator

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Theo Krueger has released Vinylator, a freeware vinyl noise emulation plug-in created with with SynthEdit.

Theodor writes:

It simply makes Vinyl scratching noises but does not process incoming audio.

Theo Krueger Vinylator
Get your crackle on with Vinylator!

Vinylator is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. Download it here.


Short links for December 4th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

Open Reel Ensemble

# Califaudio: Open Reel Ensemble – Califaudio posts about the Open Reel Ensemble: scratching 4 reel-to-reel analog tape recorders to make some really cool music.

They hook up a keyboard, microphones, computers loaded with Max/MSP, USB interfaces, lights and solenoids to old-school reel-to-reel decks and mic the strange sounds of their voices, singing bowls and tabla.

# NYC: Handmade Music Now Monthly – 12/11 Event, Call for Works, Beep-It Workshop – Peter @ CDM reports that Handmade Music, the regular series of DIY music tech parties CDM hosts with and Make Magazine in New York, is back.

# Partners In Rhyme – Free Drum Loops – A nice collection of free 16bit/44kHz .wav drum loops from Partners In Rhyme (hip hop, rock, techno, drum n bass and jungle drum loops)

Wii Drum High

# Wii Drum High

HE Zhao's open source Wii peripheral drum-kit project:

With Nintendo Wii remote, Nunchuk and Wii Balance Board, it is easy to produce drum kit sounds from programming of their acceleration, joystick and weight data. These data can be transmitted from Wii controllers via Bluetooth to PC or Mac without Wii consoles. Wii Drum High integrates all three kinds of Wii controllers to stimulate a complete drum set of Hi-hat, Snare, Base drum, Crash cymbal, Ride cymbal, Mid tom and Low tom. Up to 4 sets of Wii remote and nunchuk can be used at the same time. (one of my colleague succeeded in connecting 5 wiimotes to a PC, but I've never tried)

# SevenUpLive for the Monome 40h and 64 – a Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface. With it, your monome communicates with Ableton Live 7 via MIDI and allows MLR-like functionality along with other goodies like sliders, sequencing melodies, creating patterns of beats, saving/loading/queueing your songs, and more.

comment releases Killa Kits for Battery 3 Killa Kits has released Killa Kits, a collection of 6,000 drum samples formatted into 96 presets for NI Battery 3, covering genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Dance genres.

Crammed to the hilt with 6,000 samples and mapped across the whole 60 note template, this downloadable sample cd-rom is bursting with the latest cutting edge drum sounds for both Rap/Hip Hop and Dance genres.

Killa Kits features

  • Scratch: sliced n’ diced scratch samples, chronologically mapped so as to provide you with playing realism. Unique and original and sampled live from a scratch artist.
  • Layered: layered drum kits, mapped and edited to provide you with the extra ‘thump’ and ‘bottom-end’ in your mixes.
  • Percussive: from Latin percussion to manic Tibetan Bells, from club Cowbells to Tabla drones, these kits have hundreds of pristine acoustic and synthetic percussive samples.
  • Hip Hop and Dance drum kits: specifically tailored for the genres. No gentle acoustic kits here, just mind numbing and spine rattling mega drums.
  • EFX: no drum library is complete without effects. Fancy some reverse Cowbells, or how about some electro grating sounds, or sounds from a factory? Maybe some huge resonating Toms run through an Eventide, or maybe some cricket crushed sounds, or sci-fi? They are all here.

Killa Kits is available now for £49.99 GBP. A free sample pack is available for download from the product page.

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Numark announces PRO SMX

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Numark PRO SMX

Numark has announced the release of the PRO SMX, a DJ battle mixer designed to the exact specifications of the world-famous DMC champion French DJ team, Birdy Nam Nam.

DMC and ITF champions, Birdy Nam Nam came to Numark and asked us to build the world’s best battle mixer based on their input,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “PRO SMX is built like a tank. It feels great and has all of the capabilities that these best-of-the-best professional DJs asked us to include… and then some!

PRO SMX features

  • Fully analog audio signal path with no A-D or D-A conversion.
  • PRO X FADE crossfader has adjustable end points and torque.
  • Pre/Post effects send and return.
  • Three inputs per channel including balanced 1/4″.
  • Three-band EQ per channel, switchable between +/-12 dB (EQ) and +12/-INF dB (kill).
  • Crossfader and line fader-reverse switches.
  • Adjustable fader slope for each side of the crossfader and each line fader.
  • XLR and RCA master outputs.
  • Session input with volume control.
  • Gold-plated rear connectors.
  • Rugged, thick, heavy metal construction.

Numark’s PRO SMX is available now from DJ and Pro Audio retailers at an MSRP of $799.99 USD.

Visit Numark for more information.