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Short links for December 4th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

Open Reel Ensemble

# Califaudio: Open Reel Ensemble – Califaudio posts about the Open Reel Ensemble: scratching 4 reel-to-reel analog tape recorders to make some really cool music.

They hook up a keyboard, microphones, computers loaded with Max/MSP, USB interfaces, lights and solenoids to old-school reel-to-reel decks and mic the strange sounds of their voices, singing bowls and tabla.

# NYC: Handmade Music Now Monthly – 12/11 Event, Call for Works, Beep-It Workshop – Peter @ CDM reports that Handmade Music, the regular series of DIY music tech parties CDM hosts with and Make Magazine in New York, is back.

# Partners In Rhyme – Free Drum Loops – A nice collection of free 16bit/44kHz .wav drum loops from Partners In Rhyme (hip hop, rock, techno, drum n bass and jungle drum loops)

Wii Drum High

# Wii Drum High

HE Zhao's open source Wii peripheral drum-kit project:

With Nintendo Wii remote, Nunchuk and Wii Balance Board, it is easy to produce drum kit sounds from programming of their acceleration, joystick and weight data. These data can be transmitted from Wii controllers via Bluetooth to PC or Mac without Wii consoles. Wii Drum High integrates all three kinds of Wii controllers to stimulate a complete drum set of Hi-hat, Snare, Base drum, Crash cymbal, Ride cymbal, Mid tom and Low tom. Up to 4 sets of Wii remote and nunchuk can be used at the same time. (one of my colleague succeeded in connecting 5 wiimotes to a PC, but I've never tried)

# SevenUpLive for the Monome 40h and 64 – a Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface. With it, your monome communicates with Ableton Live 7 via MIDI and allows MLR-like functionality along with other goodies like sliders, sequencing melodies, creating patterns of beats, saving/loading/queueing your songs, and more.

comment releases Killa Kits for Battery 3 Killa Kits has released Killa Kits, a collection of 6,000 drum samples formatted into 96 presets for NI Battery 3, covering genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Dance genres.

Crammed to the hilt with 6,000 samples and mapped across the whole 60 note template, this downloadable sample cd-rom is bursting with the latest cutting edge drum sounds for both Rap/Hip Hop and Dance genres.

Killa Kits features

  • Scratch: sliced n’ diced scratch samples, chronologically mapped so as to provide you with playing realism. Unique and original and sampled live from a scratch artist.
  • Layered: layered drum kits, mapped and edited to provide you with the extra ‘thump’ and ‘bottom-end’ in your mixes.
  • Percussive: from Latin percussion to manic Tibetan Bells, from club Cowbells to Tabla drones, these kits have hundreds of pristine acoustic and synthetic percussive samples.
  • Hip Hop and Dance drum kits: specifically tailored for the genres. No gentle acoustic kits here, just mind numbing and spine rattling mega drums.
  • EFX: no drum library is complete without effects. Fancy some reverse Cowbells, or how about some electro grating sounds, or sounds from a factory? Maybe some huge resonating Toms run through an Eventide, or maybe some cricket crushed sounds, or sci-fi? They are all here.

Killa Kits is available now for £49.99 GBP. A free sample pack is available for download from the product page.

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Numark announces PRO SMX

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Numark PRO SMX

Numark has announced the release of the PRO SMX, a DJ battle mixer designed to the exact specifications of the world-famous DMC champion French DJ team, Birdy Nam Nam.

DMC and ITF champions, Birdy Nam Nam came to Numark and asked us to build the world’s best battle mixer based on their input,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “PRO SMX is built like a tank. It feels great and has all of the capabilities that these best-of-the-best professional DJs asked us to include… and then some!

PRO SMX features

  • Fully analog audio signal path with no A-D or D-A conversion.
  • PRO X FADE crossfader has adjustable end points and torque.
  • Pre/Post effects send and return.
  • Three inputs per channel including balanced 1/4″.
  • Three-band EQ per channel, switchable between +/-12 dB (EQ) and +12/-INF dB (kill).
  • Crossfader and line fader-reverse switches.
  • Adjustable fader slope for each side of the crossfader and each line fader.
  • XLR and RCA master outputs.
  • Session input with volume control.
  • Gold-plated rear connectors.
  • Rugged, thick, heavy metal construction.

Numark’s PRO SMX is available now from DJ and Pro Audio retailers at an MSRP of $799.99 USD.

Visit Numark for more information.


Short links for November 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

# YouTube – “Monkey Jazz” : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson™

Fantastic video of Beardyman doing the jazz thing.

Combining the talents of 2 times UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman and master of the edit mr_hopkinson, this is a one take performance by Beardyman using live looping technology that has been visually explained and augmented by mr_hopkinson's edit and animation.

More here:

# elastic~ – the ultimate pitch-shifting time-stretching looping MaxMSP object – Incorporating the same algorhythm as software giants Cubase, Ableton Live, and Kontakt, elastic~ is a powerful and intuitive tool for looping, pitch-bending and time-stretching audio within MaxMSP.

For Life magazine by Staton

# For Life – Free DJ Magazine From Stanton (pdf)

Stanton is thrilled to announce the first issue of our new hybrid magazine/lifestyle catalog, “For Life”! This new e-zine will be issued periodically to bring our DJs interesting articles, all our latest gear, and even a special “city guide” that focuses on a different city each issue and highlights all our favorite spots. We’re excited about this new venture, and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it! This issue features the new SCS.3d controller, artist Richard Devine, an insider guide to Seattle, and more! Check it out!

You can subscribe to For Life Magalog and Stanton News here.

# LP 2 FLASH – LP 2 FLASH is the fastest and easiest way to convert your vinyl recordings directly to an SD card or USB thumb drive* without the need for a computer. LP 2 FLASH listens for the silence between songs on your recordings and automatically breaks up album into individual tracks. Once converted, you can listen to your music on any audio player with a standard SD card slot, or on your computer. Converting your records is a snap with LP 2 FLASH!

# Touch the Wave – Objective-Audio – Free iPhone app for looping and scratching. More info over at CDM.

Arturia Origin

# Music Thing: Review: Arturia Origin
Tom Whitwell: It’s big, it’s expensive, it’s sexy. Why don’t I want one?

Why am I writing this, rather than playing with the thing? How come I've already taken the top off to have a look inside and see how it all works? Because the Origin has crossed that line – it's not a hardware synth, it's a computer in a box covered in knobs.

# – iPhone Synth – iPhone Synthesizer – is one of the most intriguing applications for iPhone/iPod Touch which is available exclusively on the AppStore. It is a unique, new-generation sound synthesizer for iPhone / iPod Touch featuring revolutionary user interface and technologies: ESFM, ControlSurface, SoftRibbon and many more. has hit the AppStore on the 30th of October 2008 and is available for purchase for $9.99

# Software Programmer Dreams of New, Small Music Machines – Belgian musician Marc Resibois talk about little music machines.

Peter Kirn writes:

Marc “Nostromo” Resibois, aka “m.-.n,” lives the digital life of computers. The Belgian musician and hacker [@MySpace] is renowned as a Game Boy musician, as the inventor of legendary Nintendo tracker LittleGPTracker, and even has a day job as a programmer for VJ software maker Arkaos. But lately, his thoughts have turned to more traditional synthesis hardware – hardware that acts as tiny computers. Nothing is going to shake me from my love of computers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in having what he describes sitting next to mine. Here’s what he imagines – and it’s a variation on a theme I think we’ll see a lot in the coming weeks and months here on CDM. And without giving away the punchline, that Nintendo DS is going to make another appearance.


Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO now available

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Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO

Native Instruments has announced that TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO are now available worldwide.

The new era of professionalism, performance and usability in DJing has begun. TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO and TRAKTOR PRO are available worldwide now in stores and in the NI Online Shop. Both are the result of years of DJ software evolution, and add over 20 incredible performance effects, streamlined workflow, a super-convenient user interface and many more powerful features.

Check out the full details and exclusive videos featuring Richie Hawtin and Grandmaster Flash at the TRAKTOR Microsite.


Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR PRO & TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO

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Native Instruments has announced TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO.

Enjoy movies with Richie Hawtin and Grandmaster Flash discussing everything from gigs to kites and rockets at the TRAKTOR Microsite. And while you’re there, check out the brand-new TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO and TRAKTOR PRO. Both are the result of years of DJ software evolution, and add over 20 incredible performance effects, streamlined workflow, a super-convenient user interface and many more powerful features to the TRAKTOR arsenal.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO
Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO


  • Redesigned User Interface — The overhauled user interface is designed to make TRAKTOR PRO simple to read and use, even in extreme real-world club environments.
  • Sync Reloaded — TRAKTOR PRO delivers a new level in sync functionality, providing DJs with more accurate, more reliable and more convenient features.
  • Industry Standard Workflows — TRAKTOR PRO has been designed with the needs of professional DJs firmly in mind. In this respect, a number of workflows have been integrated into the software that will be familiar to users of industry standard DJ equipment.
  • Stunning Effects Section — TRAKTOR PRO comes with a brand-new, super-hot effects suite, featuring 20 new effects built using Native Instruments’ ground-breaking REAKTOR technology. These are exclusive to TRAKTOR, and range from traditional delays and reverbs, to wild and unique tempo synced effects.
  • Cover Artwork and Create Flick — The Browser has also been enhanced in TRAKTOR PRO. It’s now easier than ever to manage you collection and instantly find the right track for your set.

TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO will be available November 1st, 2008 in stores worldwide and the NI Online Shop.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO


  • TRAKTOR PRO €199 / $229
    Upgrade for users of TRAKTOR 1, 2 or 3 and TRAKTOR 3 LE is €99 / $119
  • TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO €599 / $669
    Upgrade for users of TRAKTOR SCRATCH 1 (includes the TRAKTOR PRO software) is €79 / $99. Crossgrades, certified mixer upgrades and other updates are available as well, more info here.

More information: TRAKTOR Microsite


Big Fish Audio releases Future Loops Scratch Anthology

Big Fish Audio Scratch Anthology

Big Fish Audio has released Future Loops Scratch Anthology, a collection of scratch samples that will add an authentic street flavour to your tracks.

This funky collection was produced by Dj Quest (Space Travelerz, LiveHuman), scratch expert and virtuoso, to delight you with the best turntable sounds on the planet!

Dj Quest created a massive sample library (over 1000 scratch loops) that is both a stand out of his unique talent and many years of experience of scratching and turntable techniques, and also a powerful tool built for extreme usability: you will now be able to access a glorious resource of superior turntable loops that will give that urban feel to your music.


  • 1,10 GB (730MB before content duplications) of scratch/turntable loops.
  • 1143 WAV Files, 143 REX2 Files.
  • Contains a wide variety of scratch patterns from different eras of the art form: from old
    school basic rubs to modern styles such as crab and flare.
  • The loops vary from 1-2 bar as well as 1/4 and 1/2 note. In addition, the range of sounds expands the usual expected by incorporating cut up instruments (drums, basses, horns, vocal phrases, etc) and electronic sounds for the user to compose tracks completely with “Scratch Anthology.”
  • Samples are categorized in folders by BPM, beginning at 80 BPM all the way to 125 BPM, with increments of 5 BPM per folder.
  • As a bonus, there is an additional bank with the traditional scratch sounds. Basic Scratches, Combos, and Rubs are a mixture of the different fundamental techniques dj’s have performed through the years.

Future Loops Scratch Anthology is available for $99.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio


Numark announces ARC 3, HDMIX, NS7, OMNI CONTROL and Total Computer DJ in a Box

Numark has announced a host of new DJ products, to be presented at the PLASA 2008, the leading showcase for new technology within the entertainment, live event, corporate, architectural and installation industries worldwide.

ARC 3 – Scratch Mp3/CD Player

Numark ARC 3

ARC 3 is an advanced tabletop CD player that plays standard CDs as well as MP3-CDs, enabling DJs to fit several hours’ worth of music on a single disc. ARC 3 is easy to use with high-performance controls, including pitch and scratch.

ARC 3 features

  • Tabletop MP3 and CD player with scratch.
  • Large five-inch scratch wheel.
  • Seamless looping.
  • Dual loop-memory banks.
  • Pitch control: ±8% and ±16%.
  • Analog (RCA) and digital (S/PDIF) outputs.
  • Heavy, rugged construction for years of service.

HDMIX – Compact, Portable, Expandable DJ System

Numark HDMIX

What do you enjoy about being a DJ? Is it the hours of moving heavy racks and cases, running cables, and testing levels, or actually playing the gig that makes DJing fun and exciting?

HDMIX gives you everything you need to DJ anywhere. Just add a pair of powered speakers or patch into the house PA, and HDMIX puts everything at your fingertips in a single, rugged console.

HDMIX features

  • Professional DJ mixer with CD and expandable playback options.
  • CD player plays CDs, MP3-CDs, and MP3-DVDs.
  • 80GB hard drive is replaceable and upgradable up to 1TB.
  • High-definition color LCD screen.
  • Three input channels, each with with EQ and gain.
  • Two USB ports for connecting iPods, thumb drives, and hard drives.
  • Two mic, three line, and two phono inputs.
  • XLR master and RCA zone outputs;1/8″ and 1/4″ Headphone outputs.
  • Scratch with MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) files.
  • Massively-wide pitch control -100% – +25%.
  • Key Lock lets you independently shift tempo and pitch.
  • Jog wheels for seamless looping, pitch control, and scratching.
  • Text search, letter-pick scrolling, and on-board playlist creation.
  • Track search by artist, album, song, genre, and BPM.
  • Create custom playlists while performing.
  • Keyboard included for fast searching.
  • Beatkeeper™ technology for auto-syncing loops and samples; TAP override.
  • Transfer tracks between HDMIX and your Mac or PC via USB.

NS7 – Motorized Computer DJ System With Audio I/O

Numark NS7

NS7 is turntable-software control without the skipping needles. It’s vinyl and slipmats on adjustable-torque, motorized, aluminum turntable platters.

Designed by Numark in collaboration with world-renowned DJ software developer, Serato, NS7 comes with ITCH software and is compatible with Scratch LIVE crates, loops, and cue points.

NS7 features

  • Two seven-inch motorized, adjustable-torque, direct-drive turntable controls with vinyl.
  • 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interface.
  • High-speed, precision-MIDI controls (compatible with any MIDI software and device).
  • Professional, replaceable CP-PRO crossfader.
  • Industrial-strength construction, all-metal housing.
  • Extensive looping, cueing, and track selection controls.
  • Assignable controls including eight rotaries, eight triggers.
  • Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle drop controls.
  • Audiophile-quality analog circuitry.

OMNI CONTROL – DJ Control Surface with Audio I/O and Software


OMNI CONTROL contains everything you need to plug into any club’s house PA and perform. This high-quality, heavyweight, rugged DJ device is not only a hardware controller for performing with the included Native Instruments Traktor 3 LE and MixMeister Fusion Live software; it also houses a professional digital-audio interface to feed your headphones and the sound system.


  • Complete professional computer-DJ package.
  • Hardware controller with built-in audio I/O.
  • Includes Native Instruments Traktor 3 LE and MixMeister Fusion Live software.
  • Heavyweight, sturdy feel.
  • Extremely clean, high-quality sound card.
  • Stiff, reliable knobs, faders, and buttons.
  • Includes: OMNI CONTROL control surface, Software CD, USB cable, Owners manual.

Total Computer DJ in a Box – Computer DJ System

Numark Total Computer DJ in a Box

Total Computer DJ in a Box is the perfect way to get started DJing today. The kit gives you everything you need to DJ using your computer.

Mix and scratch on Total Control, the scratch control surface designed expressly for computer DJs. DJ|iO gets audio into and out of your computer for connection to the PA system and for cueing with the included pro-grade HF125 headphones. Total DJ in a Box even comes with Traktor LE heavy-hitting DJ software from Native Instruments.

Total Computer DJ in a Box features

  • Complete DJ package for use with Mac or PC.
  • Total Control hardware control surface with 20 knobs, five faders, and 31 buttons.
  • Scratch wheels, crossfader, and EQ knobs all laid-out in DJ mixer format.
  • DJ|iO computer interface for getting audio into and out of your computer.
  • Two sets of RCA stereo outputs.
  • Microphone input with adjustable gain.
  • 1/4-inch stereo headphone output.
  • High quality 24-bit, 44.1/88.2 kHz audio.
  • ASIO audio drivers with control panel.
  • Includes HF125 DJ headphones for accurate cueing.
  • Traktor LE DJ software.
  • Pre-mapped controls and overlays eliminate programming when used with CUE LE or Traktor LE.
  • USB-powered, no wall power needed for portability.
  • Plug-and-play USB, no driver-installation needed.
  • Includes: Total Control USB hardware control surface, DJ|iO USB audio interface, HF125 DJ headphones, Software CD, Two USB cables.

Visit Numark for more information.