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Rob Meulman releases Rob’s Vocal Samplepack

Rob Meulman Rob's Vocal Samplepack

Rob Meulman has announced the release of Rob’s Vocal Samplepack, a collection of vocal samples.

The pack features 3 Construction kits and seven Song sets. The samples will work with all known VSTi samplers.

I think this is something special because vocal samples of good quality are pretty hard to find (especially for free).

Rob’s Vocal Samplepack features

  • 188 16-bit wav samples in the following styles: R&B, Rock, Pop and Old school.
  • All of the vocals are recorded by Rob with a Sennheiser Evolution 835a microphone.
  • Completely royalty-free for personal or commercial use.

Rob’s Vocal Samplepack is available to download from FileFactory and YouShare.

More information: Rob Meulman


Kazrog releases Recabinet 2.0

Recabinet Vintage 2.0

Kazrog has released version 2.0 of Recabinet, a speaker simulation for Windows and Mac.

With Recabinet, you can get full-bodied, album-quality guitar or bass tone at any volume with your Mac or PC. Recabinet accurately models the loud part of your guitar tone – including cabinets made by brands such as Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Orange, Vox, Ampeg, and more. Recabinet also models the subtle EQ shaping of 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, as well as 9 different industry-standard microphones in over a dozen positions.

Recabinet 2.0 comes in two flavors: Modern and Vintage.

Recabinet 2.0 features

  • Recabinet Modern 2.0 Cabinets
    • “Tangerine 4×12” – Orange 4×12
    • “1960 4×12” – Marshall 1960AV 4×12
    • “Excel 4×12” – Randall RS412XLT100 4×12
    • “Ghandi 4×12” – Mesa Standard 4×12 (newly resampled for version 2.0)
    • Plus the entire Recabinet Modern 1.0 library
  • Recabinet Vintage 2.0 Cabinets/Combos
    • “Motown 1×15” – Ampeg Portaflex B15N bass amp.
    • “Blackface 4×10” – Fender ‘65 Super Reverb 4×10
    • “Tweed 1×12” – Fender ‘53 Deluxe 1×12
    • “Green 4×12” – Marshall 4×12 with Greenbacks
    • “Zodiac 2×12” – Selmer Zodiac Twin 30
    • “Top Boost 2×12” – Vox AC30
  • Recabinet 2.0 Microphones
    • “57” – Shure SM57 – industry standard dynamic microphone, the most popular microphone for guitar recording.
    • “545” – Shure Unidyne III 545 – sought-after vintage predecessor to the Shure SM57, known for its smooth response, appreciated by those in the know.
    • “121” – Royer 121 – legendary modern ribbon mic, extremely popular in modern recordings.
    • “409” – Sennheiser MD409 – legendary vintage side-address dynamic microphone, used on many modern and classic recordings.
    • “421” – Sennheiser MD421 – legendary dynamic mic, used on many modern and classic recordings.
    • “i5” – Audix i5 – modern industry standard dynamic microphone, for a full-range, aggressive response.
    • “D6” – Audix D6 – modern kick drum mic, great for getting the low “cabinet rumble” tone as a blend-in with your primary tone.
    • “U87” – Neumann U87 – legendary condenser microphone with incredibly detailed, musical response.
    • “RTA” – DBX RTA reference microphone, known for its perfectly flat response and high SPL rating. Useful especially for Fractal Audio AxeFX users, and cool for everyone else!
  • Recabinet 2.0 Microphone Positions
    • On-the-grill, 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 4 inch*, 6 inch*, 12 inch* and far field** depths available (* 121 mic only, ** RTA and 121 mics only)
    • Speaker cap, edge of cap and cone, mid-cone, and 45 degree angle positions
  • Power Sections
    • Randall RT2/50 power amp with 6L6 power tubes (with all 4×12 cabinets)
    • Randall RT2/50 power amp with EL34 power tubes (with all 4×12 cabinets)
    • All other cabinets are amplifier combos, powered using their native power sections.

Recabinet Modern 2.0 and Recabinet Vintage 2.0 are available for purchase for $40 USD each. Recabinet Complete 2.0 bundles both at the discounted price of $70 USD.

Recabinet Modern 1.0 owners will receive the Recabinet Modern 2.0 upgrade free and are eligible to purchase Recabinet Vintage 2.0 for $20 USD until June 21, 2009.

Visit the Recabinet website for more information and audio demos.


Sennheiser announces HD 800 headphones

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Sennheiser HD 800

Sennheiser has presented its new top-of-the-range HD 800 headphones at the Winter NAMM.

More than 60 years of ingenious headphone engineering has been applied into the new HD 800. Incorporating Sennheiser’s most advanced driver technology, these open, circum-aural dynamic stereo headphones redefine what reference-level audio is all about. You will form an altogether new height of sonic perspective as you experience a high-fidelity natural hearing experience. Do take note that presently, no other manufacturer has been able to come up as close as the HD 800 in replicating the basic acoustic conditions of natural hearing.

HD 800 features

  • New reference class in wired headphones
  • Open, circum-aural dynamic stereo headphones
  • Natural hearing experience – realistic and natural sound field with minimal resonance
  • Biggest transducers ever used in headphones up to today – new innovative dynamic transducer design
  • Uncovered earcups for acoustic and stylistic reasons
  • Ear pads made of special high-quality Japanese Alcantara
  • Metal headband with inner damping element
  • Specially tuned symmetrical, impedance matching cable with low capacitance
  • Special high precision headphone connectors
  • 2 year warranty

The Audiophile HD 800 headphones will have an MSRP of $1,399.95.

Visit Sennheiser for more information.