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Sensomusic releases Homing Pad

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Sensomusic has released Homing Pad, a tool to create grooves in a new creative way.

In our creative process, we often find ourselves trapped by our habits. If for example, you systematically create your rhythms using a kick and a snare, Homing Pad is for you.

Homing Pad is a musical , creative and easy-to-use tool that allows you to generate grooves or melodies in an instant and completely intuitive way.

And since nothing is more spontaneous than movement and gesture, Homing Pad uses this method to allow you to explore rhythms that you otherwise would not have thought of.

Homing Pad for Windows (VST) is available as a free download.

More information: Sensomusic


Sensomusic releases Usine Stage

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Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released Usine Stage, an entry level version of the Usine music production software for Windows.

A perfect introduction to Usine world and to create complete sets for composition or live situation

Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization. Usine is made by musicians and audio engineers to respond to their specific problems in a lot of domains like live sampling, effect processing or sound design.

Usine Stage features

  • 16 in/ 16 outs.
  • Unlimited midi devices.
  • 8 tracks.
  • 8 patches per tracks.
  • 2 auxiliary buses.
  • 2 master tracks.
  • Osc implementation.
  • Conductor to memorize scenes.

Usine Stage for Windows is now available to purchase for €39 EUR.

More information: Sensomusic


Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.70

Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released version 5.7 of Usine, a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization.

After months of development we are proud to announce that Usine V5.70 is out. Hundreds of improvements and new features.

Changes in Usine v5.70

  • Usine Stage: A new product called Usine Stage has been created, an in-between the free and the pro version. See Products comparison. Usine Stage is a reduced version of Usine Pro for advanced users.
  • Master tracks: Now you have the capability to define a track as a master. All the tracks will be routed to this track input, you can then easily add master effects that will be accordingly applied to all actives patches.
  • Export as VST: With this version you can export your workspace into a stand alone application or a VST (a dll), so you can share a redistributable and royalty-free package of your creations.
  • Many major improvements and bugfixes, details here.

Usine Pro for Windows is available to purchase for €119 EUR. Usine Stage will be available soon for €39 EUR.

More information: Sensomusic


Sensomusic updates Usine & Easine to v5.50.40 (+ free add-ons)

Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released version 5.50.40 Usine and Easine, the universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization.

Changes in Usine/Easine v5.50.40

  • More efficient panic button.
  • New dashboard design.
  • [sampler] the gain inlet is now smoothed to avoid audio clicks (on fast modifications).
  • [conductor] the selected track is no longer modified during a conductor recall.
  • Fixed: [pianoroll] various display bugs.
  • Fixed: [pianoroll] some copy/cut bugs solved.
  • Fixed: [sampler] an artifact can occur the first time a sound is played.
  • Fixed: [Easine VST] is 2xin 2xout.

Sensomusic has also announced that the add-ons for Usine are now available to download at no cost.

After few month of suspended downloads we have good news for all Usine free users: Get more than 250 Add-ons and ready-made patches for free.

More information: Sensomusic


Sensomusic releases Usine 5.50 poly (+ special launch price)


Sensomusic has announced the release of Usine 5.50 poly, a new version of the universal audio software.

Usine 5.50 poly include a new technology called poly. All sub-patches can now be duplicated according a poly parameter. For example, you can build a single sample player and decide to duplicate it 8 times to obtain 8 independents sample players with their own interface. This version include many improvement of the interface, the audio engine and new modules.

Changes in Usine 5.50 poly

  • [patching] polyphony for sub-patches.
  • [module] new Draw Objects module more powerful and faster.
  • [module] mapper data up to 256 value.
  • [module] new X-1 module.
  • [module] new BLOC DURATION module.
  • [touch screen] contact surface informations now available in all interface modules.
  • [library] new grain engine FX.
  • [library] new Reverse FX.
  • [keylearn] allows now multiple keypressed at the same time.
  • [midi learn] soft take over implemented: option in the setup.
  • [interface] trace OSC out messages.
  • [interface] new color selector window.
  • all reported bugs fixed.

Usine Pro 5.50 poly is now available to purchase for a special promotional price of 90 EUR (regular 120 EUR). A license includes one year of free updates.

Sensomusic has also announced Easine, a simplified version of Usine, especially designed for installations and netbook computers. Details on Easine here.

More information: Sensomusic


Short links for January 31st, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Touchscreen or Tangible? Use Both: A Practical, Affordable, Playable PC Rig with Usine

Peter Kirn writes:

Touchscreens? Good, old-fashioned faders, knobs, and pads? Why not just use what suits the job – especially when you can choose both on the cheap?

Nay-Seven shares some of his latest work with Usine, the brilliant, modular and touch-centric tool for Windows. It’s a futuristic rig that’s also down-to-earth. Touchscreen monitors can be had for around US$300 street, and the Akai LPD8 and Korg nanoKONTROL controllers each figure under a hundred bucks. Usine, the software, is a bargain for its depth at EUR120, and free and educational versions are available.

Nay-Seven: Here a work where i use the sequencer of Usine not to sequence audio or midi but patches : patches appear only when i need them , easy way to have only the controls you need on the screen, i also associate here works with faders and pads via personal patches for lpd8 and nano kontrol and the use of a touchscreen . Made with Usine ( ) thanks also to Michael Ourednik for his great vst Argotlunar

# – one year of drums

Here is my 365 days project. Every day I will compose/produce and upload here one drum break in CD quality format. It's simple – use it the way you want it. all files are copyrights free. This is not commercial project but if you like my work click donate button. have fun !

# John Olson: LIFE’s Young Photographer at Work – Rock Stars and Their Parents

LIFE - Rock Stars and Their Parents

They had fame, reams of money, and fans willing to do wild, unmentionable things just to breathe the same air — but in 1971, LIFE illustrated a different side of rock stars: Just like most of us mere mortals, they came from humble backgrounds, with moms and dads who bragged and worried about them every day. Assigned to take portraits of the artists at home with their sweetly square folks, photographer John Olson traveled everywhere from the suburbs of London to Brooklyn to the San Francisco Bay Area, capturing in his work the love that bridged any cultural divide that may have existed between his subjects. Now, as a special treat for Mother's Day, brings back Olson's nostalgia-inducing photos — check out the awesome '70s decor! — and talks with the photographer himself about his memories of those shoots.

Includes pictures of Frank Zappa, The Jackson Five, Joe Cocker, and more.

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday: Distorted Snare Drums

It's the weekend! To celebrate, here are 12 snare drum samples that have been distorted in various ways. Some of the distortion on these is so extreme that the transients are pretty much totally sheered off, so if a particular snare doesn't have the oomph you want, try layering it behind an undistorted snare. 12 stereo samples, 24-bits, 1.3 MB.


The truth about the gentle reviewer

Carl at Plughugger:

Writing about and reviewing products is a subject that is brought up in forums and reader correspondence, and it generally follows the same story. Someone has read a magazine, got annoyed because 98% of the products got at least 8/10 ratings and/or a fancy award. Conclusion – the reviewers are in the pockets or the advertisers or simply bribed.

After working in the publishing business as a daily job for many years, I have to say that – sadly – I still haven't met a music technology journalist who drives a BMW or bloating around in a Hummer.

Writers in this genre are not bought, nor incompetent.

Carl brings up some excellent points in this article.

I generally don’t post any reviews of products I really don’t like. I just can’t be bothered to spend time on something really bad… Seems Tom at Waveformless is a different kind of reviewer… (not really of course, just pulling your leg, Tom)

# Canenero’ s Sketchbook Page – Idea e forma in Max/Msp.

# "Sounds from a Distant Outpost" Ableton Live Pack Experiment Update – New Compositions + 1000 Downloads and Counting

Sounds from a Distant Outpost

Mark Mosher writes:

On December 17th, 2010 I released the Sounds from a Distant Outpost FREE Live Pack.

Now, a little over a month later there have been over 1,000 downloads from!

The most exciting thing for me is that a two people have REALLY dug into the 12 instruments in the Live Pack and have taken the time to compose tracks using ONLY instruments from this pack.

I’ve attached their two songs plus a third I created below. It’s pretty fantastic that while we didn’t directly collaborate all the works are quite different yet sound they all sound like they are telling stories from the same universe.


Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.25f

Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released version 5.25f of Usine, a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization.

This version contains hundreds of improvements and new features. Usine is more stable, powerful, light and ergonomic than ever.

Changes in Usine v5.25f

  • Improvements
    • Aiff sound files compatible.
    • Zero crossing is active now in the sampler during the recording process, if the option is activated.
    • Better audio quality and synchro in the Grain Generator module.
    • New on/off parameter in the send bus module.
    • Midi-learn is now allowed on all the buttons of the navigation bar in IB mode.
    • Better size adjustment when moving/resizing controls.
    • New browser/Add-ons design.
    • New protect mode as hidden string.
    • Better Audio to Midi (pitch tracker) sub-patch.
    • New Active Line Number module, to get the selected line in the grid.
    • New navigation bar design (IB mode).
    • New Midi Expand voices Midi Tool script.
    • New Math/Bit Operators OR, AND, XOR, NOT, SHL, SHR available as scripts.
    • New improved Random Law Generator sub-patch.
    • New options in the global IB “maximize if ON (Grid & IB)” and “maximize if ON (IB only)”.
    • Usine graphic engine is globally twice faster.
    • Scripts take less memory.
    • Audio protection in the Filter module to prevent instability.
    • New target parameter in the mouse module.
    • New SET_LAYOUT instruction in the IML.
    • New FaderColor Module.
    • In the Sequenced Pianoroll, we can now scroll the cursor position.
    • Array’s input in the XPpad module.
    • The internal help form has a Minimize button.
    • Set array parameter in the random module.
    • Inverse Y axis option in the layout of XYPad.
    • Various design improvements.
    • Array’s input in the Draw Objects module.
    • Up to 128 objects in the Draw Objects module.
    • New layout option to draw connexions between objects in the Draw Objects module.
    • Parameter type ptPointerBitMap, ptPointer, ptLed added in scripts.
    • Array’s parameters are saved automatically in scripts except if SetDontNeedSave is called.
    • New 1-X and X+1 math modules.
    • New window parameter in the grain sampler module.
    • The Delay module sounds better.
    • New Compile&Init and Compile&Reload menus for scripts.
    • Few new IML instructions: PAUSE, CREATE_UID, GET_CAPTION.
    • VST Randomizor template added.
    • DrawTrajectory user module has been updated (thanks to Martin Fleurent).
  • Fixed bugs
    • The Drag & Drop doesn’t work in the sequencer.
    • Various Drag & Drop issues in grid mode.
    • Several important bugs in the VSTRandomizor script.
    • Hard bug when updating VST parameter’s list.
    • The SetVariableString doesn’t work properly in scripts.
    • Various bugs in the random data module.
    • Various glitches issues in the VST version.
    • Problems storing Midi-learn’s after copy/past of a sub-patch.
    • Problems with negative numbers in the RandomData module.
    • The ‘edit layout’ function is sometime tricky…
    • Various graphic refresh problems when the ASIO driver is down.
    • Small refresh issue in the preset panel on recall.
    • Sometime Midi/Key learns aren’t properly stored in the patch.
    • Often, the Midi setup is lost…
    • The Midi Sequencer diplicates Midi Events in bar mode.
    • Various conductor issues with copy/past bank.
    • Refresh problem when a VST window is reduced as a thumbnail.
  • Comments
    • The scale parameter of Faders/Knobs is no longer in the layout settings but is now in the module settings (as it use to be in the V4).
    • The color selector is now opened with a double click instead of single click.
    • Midi/key learns can be lost from previous Usine versions.

Usine is available to purchase for Windows PC for 120 EUR (educational license 60 EUR, upgrade 40 EUR). A free version of Usine is available to download from the Sensomusic website.

More information: Sensomusic


Short links for June 16th, 2010

Vuvuzela by Dundas Football Club @ Flickr

Some interesting things I found recently:

The sound of the vuvuzela seems to irritate quite a number of people, so here’s a round-up of some solutions on how to watch the World Cup games without this loud horn.

# Filter The Vuvuzela Horn Out of the World Cup; Learn JACK Routing on Linux

Are you a World Cup fan annoyed by the constant sound of the South African vuvuzela horn? Wish you could remove that sound from your World Cup viewing experience? Do you want to learn a little bit about powerful modular effects routing can be on Linux? Either? Both? Call it “football”? “Soccer”? Any way round, we’ve got you covered.

# Waves Vuvuzela Noise Reduction Solution

Waves has a processing chain available to download.

In response to the widely publicized complaints from TV viewers and broadcasters of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Waves is proud to unveil a solution which dramatically reduces the problematic sound of the omnipresent Vuvuzela trumpet favored by South African soccer fans.

Working in conjunction with a major television broadcaster, we've precision-crafted a preset processing chain which drastically decreases Vuvuzela noise: The WNS Waves Noise Suppressor and the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer. Together, they not only minimize Vuvuzela noise, they increase the intelligibility of the game announcers' play-by-play action and color commentary.

Waves Vuvuzela processing chain

The processing chain for Vuvuzela noise reduction is now available as load-and-use sessions for Pro Tools, Waves MultiRack, and Cubase.

# Prosoniq VuvuX

And Prosoniq has a free filtering plug-in for Mac users.

Prosoniq is proud to announce the world's first realtime Vuvuzela filtering plug in based on sonicWORX' audio de-mixing technology.

# Z3TA+

Cakewalk's award-winning Waveshaping Synthesizer is now just $19.99 USD as a download.

Usine Ableton OSC touch Controller

# Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released tons of freebies for its Usine users.

Good news for all Usine free Users: Get more than 200 Add-ons and ready-made patches for free. Just register on the forum (it's totally free).

Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music also report on this one in Hundreds of Free Musical Tools Now Free to Add to Usine.

Usine is an overlooked gem in music making, a PC-based modular environment and live performance tool that runs as a host or VST plug-in. Pick the modules you need from a set of powerful building blocks, and build a custom musical rig, complete with multi-touch control on new Windows devices. It sounds like something you might request from a magical genie, but the thing is real, priced at EUR120 (or just EUR60 for educational users).

As with any modular environment, having ample access to powerful modules and some patches to get you started is everything. But that makes this week’s news worth noting: co-developer Olivier Sens has made some 200+ add-ons and patches free. All you have to do to grab them is register on the forum. The demo version of Usine is surprisingly capable, too, so if you’ve been waiting to test-drive and you have a Windows machine (or a dual-boot Mac), now could be a good time.

# Black Allegheny, Swarm Generated Music

Evan Merz writes:

Black Allegheny is one of the first albums made up entirely of swarm generated music. The album was created using a swarm-controlled sampler called Becoming, which was programmed by the composer.

Obey™ 3 Compact DMX Controller

# Review of the Chauvet Slimpar56 LED Light and Obey3 Light Controller

Mark @ Modulate This! on the Chauvet Slimpar56 & Obey3:

In a recent post I documented my new live rig with a drawing and a time-lapse video sans lights and light controller. I’m happy to report I just received and have been testing the brand new LED SlimPAR™ 56 and Obey™ 3 compact DMX controller so I thought I’d share some notes.