Cakewalk announces free SONAR X3e update

Cakewalk has announced its upcoming free SONAR X3e update, which will be available later this month. Suitable for all three versions of the SONAR family (X3, X3 Studio, and X3 Producer), this update continues to … read more

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Nektar announces Panorama workflow integration with BitWig Studio

Nektar has announced the deep integration with the Bitwig Studio DAW and the Nektar Panorama range of controllers featuring the unique and musician friendly direct DAW integration Nektar P series Keyboards are famous for. From … read more

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ADSR Sounds releases Spektrumsynth for Reaktor

ADSR Sounds has launched Spektrumsynth, a powerful Reaktor synth with a wide variety of capabilities. It features multiple synthesis technologies combined into one instrument: Wavetable, FM, subtractive, granular and noise shaping. Performance is enhanced with … read more

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Zynewave updates Podium Free to v3.2.1

Zynewave has released version 3.2.1 of Podium Free, a free music production software for Windows. Podium is a modern digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows. It supports recording and editing of audio and MIDI, and … read more

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Arturia launches MiniBrute SE analog synthesizer

Arturia has announced the MiniBrute SE, a ‘special edition’ of its analogue mono synthesizer. Arturia’s red-hot MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer set the electronic musical instrument world alight immediately upon its introduction in 2012. Indeed, it rapidly … read more

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Akai Pro intros Rhythm Wolf analog drum machine & bass synth

Akai Professional has announced Rhythm Wolf, an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer module with built-in sequencing. The Rhythm Wolf is an authentic analog instrument that combines the coveted sounds of early electronic and hip-hop … read more

Loopr multiple phrase loopstation app for iOS updated to v1.2

The Loopr live loop composer for iOS has been updated to v1.2, which now features a realtime editable step sequencer to seamlessly compose songs (cmpsr mode). Still 64 audio tracks, organized in phrases and groups, … read more

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WaveDNA updates Liquid Rhythm beat generator to v1.3.2

WaveDNA has released version 1.3.2 of its Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro beat making software. Liquid Rhythm now allows drag and drop of MIDI to your DAW or desktop. The latest update includes a … read more

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Z3 Audiolabs releases Repeat-X, Dizztroy & Scratch it! plug-ins

Z3 Audiolabs has announced the release of Repeat-X, a multi-effect stutter effect, the Dizztroy distortion, and Scratch it!, a free scratch/tapestop plug-in. Repeat-X Repeat-X is easy and intuitive, designed for live use. Repeat-X is designed … read more

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Tracktion Software Corporation updates Tracktion to v5.2.2

Tracktion Software Corporation has released version 5.2.2 of Tracktion, the music production software for Windows and Mac. Changes in Tracktion v5.2.2 Added sequencer channel note shifting. Added means of swiftly toggling sequencer notes in a … read more

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K-Devices releases Herse audio effect for Ableton Live

K-Devices has introduced Herse, a new Max for Live device audio effect designed to rearrange and process audio in real time, released in partnership with Ableton. HERSE is perfect to refine your sound, massively or … read more

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Quadelectra releases Mercury arpeggiator for Reason

Quadelectra has launched Mercury, an arpeggiator Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. Mercury is a true 4 voice polyphonic arpeggiator for the Reason Rack. Nevertheless, it features functionality than exceeds those of a typical arpeggiator. Mercury … read more

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Homegrown Sounds releases Kosmology – Awakenings for Kontakt

Homegrown Sounds has announced Kosmology – Awakenings, an advanced groove sequencing instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. The new Kosmology for Kontakt features Wave Sequencing. Kosmology is an Advanced Performance Sequencing Tool in comparison with many … read more

Audio Damage updates Tattoo drum synth to v1.2.0

Audio Damage has released version 1.2.0 of Tattoo, the drum & percussion synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. With twelve voices inspired by the famous X0X series of analog drum machines and an internal sequencer … read more

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Twisted Tools updates Ultraloop for Reaktor to v1.1

Twisted Tools has released version 1.1 of ULTRALOOP, the first-of-its-kind loop remixing sampler with a fast and intuitive visual workflow for Native Instruments Reaktor. ULTRALOOP combines advanced loop layering, comping, effect processing and automation techniques … read more

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Sinevibes launches a charity sale with its Multitude plug-in (Mac)

Sinevibes has announced a sale for its Multitude quad delay Audio Unit plug-in for Mac (AU). A conventional delay constantly processes and echoes all of the audio on the input. Multitude uses gate sequencers to … read more

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monoplugs updates b-step step sequencer plugin to v1.1

monoplugs has released version 1.1 of its b-step sequencer plug-in. b-step is a bass guitar oriented multi string (or track) step sequencer vst-plugin, designed for improvisation and easy live use. You program your melodies live, … read more

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Steinberg updates Cubasis app to v1.7.2

Steinberg has announced the release of version 1.7.2 of its Cubasis multitouch sequencer app for the iPad. This maintenance update solves many user-reported issues and is highly recommended for all users of Cubasis. Changes in … read more

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Kymatica releases Sector v0.9 music app for iOS

Kymatica has launched Sector, a stochastic sample slice sequencer for iPad. Slice and sequence your loops with a network of markov-chain connections. Introduce order with the probability-based coin-flipping pattern sequencer. Bend time with warp functions … read more

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Soundsdivine releases MM+ synthesizer library for Kontakt

Soundsdivine has launched MM+, a virtual synthesizer library for Native Instruments Kontakt based on the Moog Memorymoog. MM+ features 3 Oscillators. 31 Waveforms. 2 Filters. 2 Aux Envelopes. 1 Programmable Arpeggiator. 3 Monophonic Pitch Sequencers. … read more

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