Arturia announces Analog Laboratory, software synthesizer workstation

Arturia has announced the Analog Laboratory, an extremely powerful software synthesizer solution. First of all, Analog Laboratory offers 3500 legendary classic synthesizer sounds from Arturia’s vintage analog recreations: Minimoog, Prophet V, CS-80, Jupiter-8, ARP, Prophet … read more

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Arturia Origin Keyboard, synthesizer now shipping

Arturia has announced it is now shipping the Origin Keyboard, its new flagship hardware synthesizer. The Origin project started in 2004 and was aimed at creating a new kind of synthesizer. Ambitious from a features … read more

Roberson Audio launches new website

Roberson Audio has launched a new website. The website offers three freeware virtual synthesizer plug-ins by Chris Roberson. Roberson Audio Synthesizers: RA Mowg, Oddy-Free, and Prophanity Roberson Audio Synthesizers RA Mowg, a Minimoog Model D … read more

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Kid Nepro releases Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths

Kid Nepro has released Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths, a new collection of 32 sounds for the Korg M3 Workstations. An amazing assortment of fully KARMA-fied Programs & Combis perfect for Producers and … read more

Arturia releases Prophet V v2.0

Arturia has released version 2.0 of Prophet V, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows and PC. We have taken the FIRST and the LAST synthesizers created by Sequential Circuits™ and brought them to you … read more

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Kreativ Sounds releases SYN Prophet V Sounds V1

Kreativ Sounds has released SYN Prophet V Sounds V1, a collection of sounds for the Arturia Prophet V synthesizer. Sequential Circuits have created some of the most intriguing synthesizers ever, the notorious Prophet 5 and … read more

Review: FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad

FXpansion has recently released DCAM: Synth Squad, a bundle of plug-ins that is supposed to be the “missing link between analogue and digital synthesis”. The FXpansion team spent the last few years working on some … read more

Gunnar Ekornås updates Memorymoon to v1.6 and Messiah to v1.2

Gunnar Ekornås has released version 1.6 of Memorymoon and version 1.5 of Messiah, two virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows PC. Memorymoon is based on the Memorymoog, while Messiah is inspired by the Prophet 5 synthesizer … read more

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Sounds To Sample releases Minimal Drum Hits

Sounds To Sample has announced the release of Minimal Drum Hits, a collection of single shot drum sounds by DrumDog. The minimal beat programmer’s weapon of choice arrives in the form of DrumDog’s latest exclusive … read more

Benedict Roff-Marsh releases electro 3-57

Benedict Roff-Marsh has announced the release of electro 3-57, a ReFill for Reason 4 featuring sounds from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Benedict writes: Many of these sounds are from real pieces – … read more

Gunnar Ekornås updates Memorymoon to v1.5 and Messiah to v1.1

Gunnar Ekornås has released version 1.5 of Memorymoon, based on the Memorymoog, and version 1.1 of Prophet 5 inspired synthesizer Messiah. Changes in Memorymoon v1.5 New GUI keyboard system developed by Andy Medforth. It saves … read more

New Atlantis Audio releases B.E.A.S.T. ReFill

New Atlantis Audio has released B.E.A.S.T., a complete realtime analog bass workstation for Propellerhead Reason 4. We’ve captured the raw, low-end sonic power from an arsenal of classic analog synths and infused it with the … read more

25 free drumkits for Kontakt 3

Vergel Evans recently posted a nice collection of drumkits for Kontakt 3. After finding some nice drum machine samples at, Vergel created a multi-set of drum kits for Kontakt 3. It was quite a … read more

Arturia shipping Origin

Arturia is now shipping Origin, a hardware DSP system that houses several synthesizers in one machine. Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time, Origin lets you combine these modules and take … read more

Roberson Audio updates Prophanity and Oddy-Free to v1.2

Chris Roberson (a.k.a. Blu Gruv) has released version 1.2 of Prophanity, a freeware VST instrument which aims to clone the Prophet 5, and Oddy-Free, a clone build of an Arp Odyssey Mk.2. Changes in Prophanity … read more

Goldbaby Productions releases Tape Drum Machines Vol 1 and TheTapeVermonaDRM

Goldbaby Productions has released Tape Drum Machine Vol 1, a collection of drum machine sounds recorded on various tape machines. What do you get if you take 10 drum machines, 4 tape machines and a … read more

P-600 II

This page contains patches and sound banks for P-600 II by EFM (electronics for music). The P-600 II is a software emulation of the SCI Prophet 600. Download the P-600 II from the EFM website. … read more

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Ueberschall releases Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack

Ueberschall has released two new Elastik Soundbanks, Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack. Reggae Fundamentals Reggae Fundamentals is a specialized sample compilation which includes 33 construction kits and 12 Drumkits sheltered in 2 GB of ready … read more

DSK releases mini DrumZ

DSK Music has released mini DrumZ, a freeware drum sample rompler for Windows PC. mini DrumZ features the sounds of the following drum machines: Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi’s pre-Roland sound drum machine. Akai XE8, … read more

Gunnar Ekornås releases Messiah v1.0 and updates Memorymoon to v1.4

Gunnar Ekornås (from Voltkitchen) has released version 1.0 of Messiah, a Prophet 5 inspired VSTi synth made with SynthEdit. Messiah features Three innovative oscillators: Morph oscillator with 4 waveforms. Unison oscillator with 7 voices (and … read more