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Serato releases ITCH 2.0 DJ software

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Serato ITCH

Serato has released version 2.0 of ITCH, the DJ software for Windows and Mac.

Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware system, designed to give music selectors and DJs new kinds of control. Serato and ITCH partners have made award winning DJ systems that operate without CD players or turntables.

Using the ITCH software you can DJ music on your computer with accurate control from a range of purpose built ITCH hardware.

Changes in ITCH 2.0

  • A fresh new look, with changeable Night & Day modes.
  • New SP-6 Sample Player including Sample Sync.
  • Multiple display modes to suit different styles of DJing – vertical, horizontal, stack and library views.
  • Re-optimised Serato SmartSync engine for precise grids and locked grooves.
  • Improved Library Management so you can easily copy crates & tracks to external drives for gigs.
  • Smart Crates which auto-fill using keywords from your music library.
  • Serato Playlists to share your tracklists either as you play, or online afterwards.
  • Album Art Views for enhanced browsing.
  • Improved Instant Doubles functionality, including support for 4 decks.

The ITCH 2.0 update is available as a free download.

More information: Serato / ITCH

Sonar Remix Competition launched

Sonar Remix Competition

Loopmasters has announced the launch of the Sonar Remix Competition.

The Sonar Festival in Barcelona has kicked off once again this Wednesday.

The line-up of artists impressive as always, the weather beautiful, the city inspiring. As this great event is well underway we are proud to announce the Sonar Remix Competition in co-operation with our partners: Ableton, Serato and Novation.

Prizes include 30 Sample CDs from Loopmasters, Live 8 from Ableton, Rane SL from Serato, Launchpad from Novation, Soundcloud Pro Account from Soundcloud, and the winning entry will get the option to release the track on – the new website for unsigned music by Loopmasters.

Deadline for submissions is July 15th.

More information: Sonar Remix Competition

DJ TechTools releases Midi Fighter Pro Series

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DJ TechTools has announced the release of the Midi Fighter Pro, a new series of MIDI controllers.

DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro Series
DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro Series

The Pro series adds what Midi Fighter owners want most, well-placed analog controls with amazing mapping integration. The expressive and robust nature make them truly a controllerist’s controller.

For those who want to connect a controller to Serato or Ableton, the built in super fader functionality is clutch. They allow anyone to create amazing effects combos right out of the box without diving into Bomes coding or advanced MIDI mapping.

If you are looking for a super unique and powerful MIDI instrument, the Midi Fighter Pro is hard to beat.

Midi Fighter Pro features

  • Robust metal casing.
  • Chip proof surface.
  • High performance arcade buttons.
  • Bright blue LEDs.
  • MIDI controllable mode buttons.
  • Rugged faders and knobs.
  • Smooth high performance surface.
  • Analog controls send super knob values out of the box.
  • Digital buttons send super combo values out of the box.
  • Trade in program for existing Midi Fighter owners.

The Midi Fighter Pro is currently available in 4 models (Beat Masher, Cue Master, Super Knob, XX Fader) priced at $349 USD.

More information: DJ TechTools / Midi Fighter Pro

Novation introduces TWITCH – The Touchstrip Controller

Novation has announced TWITCH, a new DJ controller co-developed with Serato.

Novation TWITCH

Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing. It has Touchstrips to navigate tracks and you can slice-up your beats and mix them back together – totally on the fly. TWITCH has a built in audio interface which is absolutely rock-solid with high-level headphone and main outputs.

TWITCH has Touchstrips; simply grab your tracks and swipe them backwards and forwards like a touchscreen. The performance modes create totally new ways to manipulate beats and breaks. The control surface – with its 2 x 8 large Triggerpads and Fader FX – opens up awesome possibilities for digital DJs and the new breed of Controllerists.

It comes with Serato ITCH – powerful DJ software that only works with select hardware controllers. As well as being rock-solid and simple to use, ITCH has totally new performance tools that take digital DJing to the next level. TWITCH has been developed with Serato to put ITCH’s full potential right at your fingertips. It also maps to other DJ software like Traktor and Ableton.

TWITCH features

  • TWITCH can put your music in time, leaving you free to get creative
    • Serato ITCH software can beat match tracks so you can focus on performing
    • TWITCH gives you hands-on control of some powerful performance tools
  • Touchstrips for navigating tracks
    • Swipe tracks backwards and forwards as if you were touching the screen
    • You can instantly ‘Drop’ into a tune at any point in the track
  • ‘Slicer’ Performance Mode
    • Slicer allows you to chop-up beats in time and re-arrange them on the fly
    • 2 x 8 large Triggerpads let you to play eight rolling beat slices in any order
  • Tough and compact with a 2 in 4 out high-quality audio interface
    • Designed for gigging: Compact casing, bus powered with LED buttons
    • Balanced outputs, ultra-reliable audio/MIDI drivers and microphone input
  • Master FX and ‘Fader FX Mode’
    • Add different effects to either or both channels with TWITCH’s FX section
    • Use both channel faders for super-fast FX moves and tricks
  • Trigger Hot Cue Points and 2 different Loop Modes
    • 8 large Triggerpads can fire off 8 cue-points anywhere in your track
    • Trigger 8 different loop lengths and save them with your performance

The Novation TWITCH is scheduled to ship in July 2011.

More information: Novation / TWITCH

Rane Corporation & Serato Audio Research launch Rane SL 4 DJ interface

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Rane SL 4

Rane and Serato have announced Rane SL 4, a revolutionary new five-channel DJ interface, designed for the discerning DJ.

The Rane SL 4 is the first standalone DJ interface with two high-speed USB 2.0 ports, for seamless DJ changeover and back-to-back performances, as featured in the award winning Rane Sixty-Eight Mixer.

Rand SL 4 features

  • Supports four turntables or CD decks switchable in any combination.
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports for two DJs for uninterrupted performances.
  • Aux Input for session recording or LiveFeed.
  • Aux Output assignable to the SP-6 Sample Player and The Bridge.
  • Four software-switchable analog Thru connections for regular vinyl or CD.
  • 48 kHz and 96 kHz sample rate switch on the SL 4 rear.
  • 10-in 10-out USB sound card with any software supporting ASIO or Core Audio.
  • Bus power from either USB port or the included external power supply.

The SL 4 is shipping April, 2011 for US MAP $899 USD.

More information: Rane / SL 4

Numark debuts NS6, 4-channel DJ controller with built-in mixer for Serato ITCH

Numark NS6

Numark has introduced the NS6, a DJ controller for Serato ITCH which delivers massive control, mixing and I/O capabilities.

NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with complete built in mixer and 4 decks of software control. This easy to use dual-platter system has been designed in collaboration with Serato to deliver powerful breakthrough performance to a broad range of DJs.

NS6 borrows from the popular designs of Numark’s award-winning NS7FX and V7 controllers and delivers substantial new features including the most responsive, high-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product. The wheels on NS6 deliver 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation; when combined with NS6’s automatically adjusted platter sensitivity the result is ultra-precise, high definition turntable control.

NS6 features

  • Built-in 4 Channel DJ Mixer that works with or without the computer.
  • Inputs for 4 line, 2 turntables, 2 microphones.
  • Serato’s Itch 4 Deck DJ software included.
  • Built-in professional 24-bit audio interface with balanced XLR outputs.
  • Touch sensitive illuminated wheels with 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation.
  • Strip Search with track position indicator.
  • Channel assignable effects controls.
  • Mouse-less library navigation with view options.
  • Deck Controls include: Key Lock, Pitch Control, Manual and Instant Looping, Hot Cues and Beat grid.
  • NS6’s uses standard MIDI protocols enabling DJs to use it with a variety of MIDI software.

Numark will showcase NS6 at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, Booth #6400, January 13 – 16.

More information: Numark / NS6

Pioneer and Serato Audio Research introduce DDJ-S1, DJ controller for Serato ITCH software

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Pioneer DDJ-S1

Pioneer and Serato Audio Research have introduced the DDJ-S1, a new DJ controller for Serato ITCH software.

Combining Pioneer’s renowned DJ hardware design with world leading software development by Serato, the DDJ-S1 offers familiarity, innovation and pure controllerism in one inspired package.

DDJ-S1 features

  • Professional Pioneer hardware design for familiar layout and enhanced control.
  • Effect control area to access Serato ITCH DJ FX..
  • USB powered for a “plug and play” connection.
  • Tight integration with Serato ITCH, offering 1-to-1 software to hardware mapping.
  • Slip mode for looping, reversing, and scratching without changing the song tempo.
  • Multiple input and output options, including balanced XLR input/output.
  • Built in audio interface.
  • Talk-over function to lower the music volume when receiving voice input from the microphone.
  • Pioneer mixer audio circuitry ensuring a clear and powerful DJ sound.
  • Laptop dock under the controller for a compact DJ setup.

More information: Serato

Mixed In Key announces 2nd Annual Harmonic Mixing DJ Contest

Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key, makers of award-winning Harmonic Mixing software used by world-renowned DJs, has launched their second annual DJ contest.

DJs around the world are invited to showcase their favorite music genre in a 10-15 minute mix that will be judged by some of the top talents in the industry. The winner and the runner-up will receive DJ packages worth more than $6,000 in combined retail value.

DJ Contest prizes

  • The First Place winner will receive:
    • A pair of Event Opal 750-Watt Active Monitor speakers featuring Variable Impedance Flared Ports to eliminate artifacts and noise, a new ULD tweeter design, and 8″ EX8 Drivers for solid bass.
    • A copy of Serato Scratch Live, the ultimate software/hardware DJ solution featuring cueing, looping, keylock, the SP-6 Sample Player and DJ FX.
    • A copy of Ableton Live 8 Suite featuring new Groove and Warping engines, Looper, 5 new effects (Vocoder, Multiband Dynamics, Overdrive, Limiter, and Frequency Shifter), and many workflow enhancements.
    • Lifetime licenses for all Mixed In Key products, current and future.
    • A Rane SL 3 Audio Interface, a 24-bit USB 2.0 interface that connects turntables to a computer and a mixer and can control up to 3 virtual decks in Scratch Live 2.0.
    • A $250 Gift certificate from Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic dance music downloads for DJs and club music.
    • A $250 Gift certificate from Traxsource, a digital music store for underground music.
    • Ableton and Serato’s “The Bridge” Technology.
  • The Runner-up will receive:
    • An Allen & Heath Xone:DX MIDI Controller.
    • A copy of Serato ITCH software.
    • Beatport gift certificate for $150.

The entry deadline is November 25, 2010.

More information: Mixed In Key