ShamanStems releases Sylenth1 Drum Patches

ShamanStems Sylenth1 Drum Patches

Sounds To Sample has introduced Sylenth1 Drum Patches, a soundset by ShamanStems.

ShamanStems proudly present their one-of-a-kind Sylenth1 Drum Patches library. A staple in sound design craftsmanship, this collection covers all your drum shot needs, from almighty kicks to quirky percussion, analog-emulating hi-hats, impulsive snares/claps, heart-rate augmenting toms, realistic shakers and unique FX hits like LFO automated drum-fills, lasers, clicks, glitches and more.

Sylenth1 Drum Patches features

  • 18 Kick patches – a plethora of different kick-drum textures to choose from – subby,deep or dirty,you name it.
  • 18 Percussion patches – from bread an butter percussion to quirky digital madness.
  • 17 Hihat patches – 9 closed and 8 open hats,from analog emulations to nuskool experiments.
  • 16 Tom patches – ball busting toms to keep the groove going 14 Clap and Snare patches – punchy,crisp and ready to roll.
  • 9 Shaker patches – amazingly realistic shakers for an added organic touch.
  • 8 FX hits – lasers,snare rolls,clicks,robotic hits and many more.
  • Total of 100 Sylenth1 fxp patches, 7 Sylenth1 fxb banks

The soundset costs 14.90 EUR.

More information: ShamanStems Sylenth1 Drum Patches


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