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ShamanStems releases Dark Progressions

ShamanStems Dark Progressions

ShamanStems has released its Dark Progressions sample library.

455MB of melancholic melodics, deep synths, rising tech progressions and shadowy pads, dark analogue basses, glitched-out tops, machined drum hits, alien FX and more for techno and house productions.

ShamanStems turn their attention to the darker and more melodic dancefloors with Dark Progressions, a clandestine collection of intricate and rapturous synthetics, haunting ambiences, industrial-tinted kick-free tops, brooding basslines and esoteric FX built for epic and atmospheric through to the dark and driving.

Dark Progressions features

  • 45 melodic loops, 35 bass loops, 45 tops loops, 25 kicks, 22 clap/snares, 25 hi hats, 28 percussion hits, 16 bass hits, 10 pads, 21 complex chord shots, 19 sound fx.
  • All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm and all files are presented as 24-bit Wav files.
  • Includes 45 Midi files.
  • Download size: 455MB (unzipped).

Dark Progressions is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 19.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / ShamanStems Dark Progressions


ShamanStems releases Nu-Jazz & Soulful House sample library

ShamanStems Nu-Jazz and Soulful House

ShamanStems has released Nu-Jazz & Soulful House, a new sample pack from Dual Shaman.

A sophisticated fusion of underground house, soulful analogue synths, jazzy bass and guitars, stunning live sax and clarinet licks and loops, tribalised percs, deep ambiences and FX hits for organic house tracks.

Shimmering with detail and bottomless depth, the Shaman boys pull together hints of nu-jazz, funk, soul, disco and classic house to create a 370+MB collection for any four-to-the-floor track that requires an organic injection – all offered in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format.

Nu-Jazz & Soulful House is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 22.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Nu-Jazz & Soulful House


Sound To Sample releases Organic Tech by ShamanStems

ShamanStems Organic Tech

Sounds To Sample has released Organic Tech, a new title in the ShamanStems series of sample packs.

After the chart-topping success of their debut release, the ShamanStems boys are back, this time merging a cacophony of organic elements and tough tech tools in this 320MB serving of loops and hits for tech, deep house and techno productions.

Rising like a phoenix from the after-hours ashes of a lost weekend clubbing in Berlin comes Organic Tech, a dark collection of gritty techno tools and tribal-infused house elements for forward-thinking dancefloors.

Organic Tech is packed with driving drum workouts, pumping FM basslines, tweaked resequenced percussion loops, twisted and deep synths, lo-fi vox cuts, background percussive beds – plus FX and found-sound hits.

Organic Tech is available from Sounds To Sample for 18.90 EUR.

More information: Sound To Sample / ShamanStems Organic Tech


Sounds To Sample releases Chicago House sample library by ShamanStems

ShamanStems Chicago House

Sounds To Sample has released Chicago House, a new sample library by ShamanStems.

Jackin’ Chicago drum workouts, classic drum fills, funky acid-tinted basslines, vinyl-infused music loops, all-analogue synth hooks, warehouse-inspired vox, FX and drum hits in this 350MB house spectacular.

Dual Shaman, ceators of best-selling collections for S2S and Sample Magic open the taps on their new label with an inaugural release of classic Chicago grooves and vintage synth workouts to sum up the sound of the cutting-edge dancefloors across the globe.

Chicago House features

  • Drum Loops – Classic Chicago grooves and jackin’ house workouts from the hey-day of house, all offered in full, stripped and variant versions for total bat control.
  • Bass Loops – All-analogue lines and acid-laced bottom-ends for that old school jack.
  • Music & Synth Loops – Unabashed leads and vintage melodics to inspire modern house anthems.
  • Classic Fills – Pure analogue grooves seamlessly melded with discofied funky drumming to create all-original percussive passages.
  • Vox Loops – Glitched workouts and diva-infused utterances imbued with authentic depth and warmth – human touches with contemporary programming.
  • Drum Hits – Chunky kicks, live lounge hits, circuit-derived shots, cowbell, shakers and more. Unmissable beat-making elements.
  • FX & Ambiences Loops – Sonic naughtiness for builds and transitions – all bursting with depth and warmth.
  • All loops are sub-divided into tempo-linked folders at 125 and 127bpm; all melodic loops are key-labelled.

Chicago House is available to purchase for €18.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / ShamanStems Chicago House