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Shure offers fall rebates on wireless systems and legendary microphones

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Shure has announced that it is offering rebates this fall on four of its best-selling products.

Shure Wireless Rebate

Customers who purchase an SM57, an SM58, a PGX Wireless system, or a PGX Digital Wireless system between October 1, 2011, and December 31, 2011, are eligible to receive up to $30 cash back. The rebate is open to customers who purchase from Shure authorized retailers in the United States and Canada.

Shure’s line of SM microphones provides high quality audio and rugged dependability, regardless of the environment. The SM57 and SM58 offer clean sound and extreme versatility. The SM57 is most often used as an instrument microphone, ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording; while the SM58 is considered the industry standard for live vocal performances.

The PGX Wireless and PGX Digital Wireless systems combine superior wireless technology with rugged reliability, providing performers and sound engineers at any skill level with the sound quality they need, without the hassle.

“Shure’s commitment to great sound is a consistent thread through the decades, and it’s an acknowledgment of that shared passion every time a fan makes Shure gear his or her first choice,” said Terri Hartman, Director of Marketing Communications, Shure Americas. “We want to say ‘thank you’ to our customers and remove any barriers for those chasing great performances: from artists just starting their careers, to top-selling performers who have been loyal to Shure products for years.”

Rebates include $10 back for any SM57 or SM58 purchase; $20 back for a PGX Wireless System; and $30 back with the PGX Digital Wireless System.

More information: Shure


Shure launches Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition

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Shure has announced that entry registration for its eighth annual Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition is now open until October 21 for university and college students nationwide.

Judged by a panel of renowned musicians and industry professionals, the competition enables students to record a musical composition with the same high-quality Shure gear used by professional musicians and engineers.

Shure Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition

A random drawing on or about October 24 will narrow down the registrants to ten competing schools. Each participant will receive a standardized microphone locker from Shure that must be used to complete a recording project as part of the competition. Contents of the locker include one KSM313, two KSM32, two KSM44A, one KSM42, two KSM141, four SM57, two SM27, one Beta 52A, one Beta 57A, one Beta 91A, three Beta 98AMP, two Beta 181/S each with an additional Omni capsule, one SM7B, one VP88, and one A27M.

Competing teams from each school are required to track and mix an original piece of music, which will then be judged by a panel of industry professionals who will evaluate the recordings based on their overall fidelity, clarity, sonic balance, and creativity in selection and placement of the microphones. The winning school will be awarded the entire Shure microphone locker, valued at more than $10,000. In addition, students on one of the winning teams will receive prizes ranging from a KSM42 microphone, valued at $999 each to SRH840 headphones, valued at $250 each. Previous judges have included esteemed musicians and recording engineers, including Ed Cherney, Keith Olsen, Mike Clink, Frank Filipetti, Sylvia Massey, and Elliot Scheiner, among many others.

“Every year the caliber of student talent improves, and we’re amazed by the quality of their compositions,” said Terri Hartman, Director of Marketing Communications, Shure Americas. “As we move into our eighth year of the competition, we’re proud to continue supporting students who are pursing careers in the recording and music industry, and we look forward to another round of impressive submissions this year.”

The contestants chosen in the random drawing will be posted on Shure’s website on or around October 31, and dedicated microphone lockers will be sent in the following days. The winner of the Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition, as well as the runner-up and honorable mention distinctions, will be announced on April 30, 2012.

More information: Shure / Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition


Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System shipping

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Shure PSM 1000

Shure has announced that the new PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System – a dual-channel, networkable, professional monitoring system – is now shipping.

“The Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System outperforms other in-ear monitor systems in many ways,” said Matt Engstrom, Category Director for Monitoring Products at Shure. “With best-in-class audio and RF performance, networking connectivity, and a diversity bodypack receiver, PSM 1000 delivers on the demanding requirements of sound professionals.”

The PSM 1000 system builds on the stellar audio and RF performance of Shure’s PSM®900 Personal Monitor System, while adding numerous advanced features.

PSM 1000 System

  • Ultra-wide 72 megahertz tuning bandwidth allows up to 9 systems to operate in one TV channel, and up to 39 systems in one frequency band.
  • Backward-compatible with PSM 900 components.

P10R Diversity Receiver

  • Two detachable ¼-wave antennas for exceptional freedom from dropouts.
  • Full bandwidth scan finds clear, compatible frequencies and provides a graphic spectrum plot viewable from the screen.
  • Optional rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries provide up to eight hours of operation and recharge fully in just three hours.

P10T Transmitter

  • Full rack, dual-channel wireless transmitter housed in a touring-grade, all-metal chassis.
  • Internal power supply that supports daisy-chaining.
  • Networked control via Ethernet that vastly simplifies setup for high channel count.

Pricing and availability:

  • A PSM 1000 Wireless System with two bodypack receivers and two SE425 earphones is priced at $6,381 USD.
  • A PSM 1000 Wireless System with two bodypack receivers but no earphones is priced at $6,069 USD.
  • The P10R wireless bodypack receiver and P10T wireless transmitter are available as separate components priced at $1,094 USD and $3,881 USD, respectively.

All pricing listed is MSRP and the products are now shipping. The PSM 1000 carries a two-year limited warranty and can be purchased at select retail partners.

More information: Shure / PSM 1000


Shure Associates pitch in for ‘Chicago Cares’

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Shure has announced its Associates participation in the 18th Annual Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon, an event that brings more than 6,000 volunteers together to improve Chicago’s public schools.

With images of relief organizations responding to crises in remote regions of the globe appearing on television almost daily, it is all too easy to forget the everyday needs of people in our own neighborhoods. And while massive events require massive responses, the actions of one person can make an important difference on a local level.

Shure Chicago Cares

Recently, dozens of Shure Associates participated in the 18th Annual Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon. The event is the city’s largest day of community service, when more than 6,000 volunteers come together to transform public schools and improve learning environments for more than 18,000 Chicago students.

“This was the third year that Shure sponsored the Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon, and many of our Associates were repeat participants,” said Vicky Kraft, HRIS Manager at Shure, who volunteered for the third time. “You work hard all day long, but at the end of the day you know that you’ve really accomplished something. The principal, parents, and students at the Academy were very enthusiastic at our arrival and very appreciative of our day’s work.”

More than 40 Shure Associates, family members and friends participated in this year’s event. They were assigned to the Brentano Math & Science Academy, which serves Pre-K through 8th grade students on Chicago’s north side. The volunteers painted eight classrooms, three stairwells, three hallways, and a mural. They also built and painted eight benches and some storage shelves, and painted hopscotch and four-squares on the school’s playground. All of the work was done using donated materials.

“Mr. Shure strongly believed that individual volunteerism is one of the best ways to build stronger communities,” said Sandy LaMantia, President and Chief Executive Officer at Shure Incorporated. “We are inspired by the Associates who gave their time and energy to help create a better place to learn for everyone.”

More information: Shure / Chicago Cares


Shure and Guitar Center Studios Give Musicians Room(s) to Rock

Funding for school music programs is disappearing nationwide, but there’s no shortage of people with a burning desire to sing or play an instrument. Recognizing a need for education, rehearsal, and recording facilities, microphone manufacturer Shure Incorporated is providing microphones and headphones to the growing list of Guitar Center Studios, as the music retailer expands its music education facilities in the U.S.

Guitar Center Studios

“Music education programs are disappearing from public schools, and individual lesson providers are challenged to deliver a broad offering of learning opportunities and tools,” says Tom Hemphill, Director of Guitar Center Studios. To counter this trend, Guitar Center Studios has taken the fundamental elements of music education—learning to play, connecting with peers, rehearsing together, and recording—and made them the cornerstones of a progressive learning pedagogy.

“Guitar Center Studios not only provides best-in-class music education, but a wide range of opportunities to apply that education,” Hemphill continues. “We serve as a community where musicians can learn, meet, rehearse, and record using professional equipment.” The facilities use a subscription model under which students can take advantage of any or all of these resources for one price.

In addition to providing music lessons and training in Pro Tools and Logic software, the program encourages musicians to get together, rehearse, and record themselves. Having access to professional-caliber equipment is a key component of this part of the program, and Shure has outfitted every Guitar Center Studios facility with SM58® handheld microphones, MX395 low-profile microphones and SRH240 professional headphones. “Shure has been a tireless supporter of what we’re doing, and we’re grateful,” says Hemphill. The microphones and headphones enable performances to be recorded easily, allowing musicians to review their performances and identify areas for improvement. “You can walk in, rehearse, and walk out with a CD that you can learn from,” says Hemphill.

“The Guitar Center brand is known and respected by musicians at every level, from beginners to working professionals,” says Abby Kaplan, Sales Director, Western U.S., at Shure Incorporated. “We’re proud to partner with Guitar Center Studios to help develop the next generation of performers.”

More information: Shure / Guitar Center Studios


Two Notes Audio Engineering updates Torpedo PI-Free to v1.0.4

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-FREE

Two Notes Audio Engineering has released version 1.0.4 of Torpedo PI-Free, a “Speaker Miking Simulation” plug-in effect for Windows and Mac.

The Torpedo PI-FREE is based on our flagship model, the PI-101, but only features 1 model of power amp simulation (EL34 / AB class), 1 speaker cab (based on a Marshall 4×12) and 1 type of microphone (based on a Shure SM57). And you still have the full Post FX section.

Changes in Torpedo PI-Free v1.0.4

  • Audio processing optimizations.
  • Plugin parameters correctly saved and loaded at closing and opening of a project.
  • Better management of internal DAW presets.
  • Default and step values changed on some controls (input and output gain, compressor).
  • Mouse wheel support improved.
  • Impulse loading error fixed when display window is off.
  • GUI : Vu-meter scale changed.
  • GUI : modification of the PowerAmp display when off.
  • GUI : few display bugs fixed.
  • GUI : TwoNotes website URL inserted in the About box.
  • GUI : other minor GUI improvements.
  • Audio Unit: reduced window display mode improved.
  • Audio Unit: better management of automation and control surfaces.
  • Audio Unit : random Logic AU Validation Tool crash when validating plugin fixed.

Torpedo PI-Free for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available as freeware. Torpedo PI-101, featuring 8 different PA types, more than 30 different cabs (and more to come each month) and 8 studio standard microphones is scheduled for release early March or the end of February.

More information: Two Notes Audio Engineering / Torpedo PI-Free


RedWirez Marshall 1960A/Celestion G12M-25s, free IR library

RedWirez Marshall 1960A/Celestion G12M-25

RedWirez has released a free impulse library of a Marshall 1960A with Celestion G12M 25-watt Greenbacks.

Ah, the legendary Marshall 1960A. Pretty, ain’t it? With its grill-cloth glistening in the bar-light as this beast muscles out power chords in an amaranthine haze of smoke, hot lights and adoring fans… this cab positively reeks of rock… the raucous, beer-soaked, unapologetic kind. Oh, and it sounds great, too.

It was the first cab we ever sampled and is still one of our favorites, so it seems fitting to release these IRs into the wild on Redwirez’ birthday.

Marshall 1960A IR features

  • Loaded with four, well-traveled 25-watt Celestion G12M “Greenbacks”.
  • 17 industry standard mics, so explore countless tonal possibilities: AKG C414B-ULS, Audix D6, Audix i5, Beyerdynamic M160, Coles 4038, Electrovoice RE20, Heil PR30, Neumann KM84, Neumann U47, Neumann U67, Neumann U87, Royer R121, Sennheiser MD409, Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM57, Shure SM7, TAB-Funkenwerk SM57. The paid version also includes DPA 4007, Neumann U47FET, Sennheiser MD441, Unidyne III 545, Earthworks TC30, Neumann M7 on BLUE Bottle, Neumann M8 on BLUE Bottle.
  • Added IRs of the G12M’s impedance curve at varying degrees of prominince (paid version only). These can be used to capture the effect of a tube amp interacting with the speaker. In general, tube amps have a higher output impedance than solid-state amps. As a result the speaker’s frequency response is shaped to varying degrees by it’s own impedance curve. All of our cabs will be getting this update in the near future.
  • Up to 54 positions per mic for a total of 777 IRs (1048 in the paid version)
  • Uncompromising signal chain that won’t add undesirable color to your sound. Bryston 4B -> Cab -> Mic -> Neve 1073 or Earthworks 1022 -> Prism Orpheus.
  • Edited for better phase coherence allowing you to mix multiple IRs.

The Marshall 1960A/G12M cab is available as a free download (valid email address required).

More information: RedWirez