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Shuriken releases Berrtill VST distortion effect

Shuriken Berrtill

Shuriken has released Berrtill, a freeware distortion unit modelled from circuit bent hardware.


  • Clip: Adds what I think might best be described as of clipping action
  • Drive: Adding volume
  • Bitcrush: Removes bit’s from the audio, a late addition and not in the analogue set-up.
  • Monsterclip: I really don’t know how to describe this parameter so I gave it a strange
  • Moonshine: Yup this one as well, strange and hard to describe.
  • Clip: Clipping type of parameter.
  • Drive: Adding volume.
  • Type: Different set up’s:
    • 1 amp1+bit+do+amp2 : Goes straight from left to right
    • 2 amp1+mo+bit+amp2 : Does as nr 1 but monshine and bit are switched
    • 3 amp1+mo+amp2 : No bitcrush in this one
    • 4 amp1+bit+amp2 : No moonshine
    • 5 Amp+mo*bit+Amp : Instead of moving, there is a ringmodulation added
    • 6 Amp1 : Only the first amp
    • 7 bit : Only bit redcution
    • 8 mo : Only Moonshine
    • 9 COWARD : This one has nothing, it just pushes the sound through

Check the pdf manual for Berrtill to see the circuit bent model this plug-in is based on.

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download Berttill (Mac/Win).


Shuriken releases Kerrstinn VST

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Shuriken Kerrstinn VST

Shuriken has released Kerrstinn, a freeware slicer, glitcher and loop dissector VST plug-in.

Kerrstinn changes your loops randomly with both moving slices of it around and or applying effects to the slices according to rules that we call generators. It is sort of an automatic controllable recallable loop slicer.


  • Random: initial value for randomising
  • Slices: controls the amount of slices (i.e. 4, 8 or 16)
  • Bisyness: controls the amount of randomisation (low value is less random)
  • Bars: lets you set the amount of bars a loop has (max = 8)
  • Generator: determines how the loops will be treated/sliced/glitched/dissected

To get a good idea of how Kerrstinn works, check this YouTube video.

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download Kerrstinn (Win/MacOSX)


Shuriken releases SqakAttack

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Shuriken SqakAttack VST

Shuriken has released SqakAttack, a free MIDI-controlled buffersynth with a duck for GUI.

From the author:

A one-trick pony if I ever saw one, this here is SqakAttack. Feed it audio and midi, AND when a
midi note is played it will do buffer synth magic on the audio you fed it. There is also an automatable parameter that you can use to adjust the pass through volume. Have a look at the youtube instructions for a better explanation.

So… just give it a try!

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download SqakAttack.


Shuriken releases CopyShop

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Shuriken CopyShop VST

Shuriken has released CopyShop, a freeware FSU effect plug-in.

This my friend is a what you would call a FSU VST, all it does is chopping up buffers and plays them back. of-course you can choose the length of the piece of audio played back and when to apply it.

CopyShop is available for Windows and MacOSX.

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download CopyShop, a manual (.pdf format) and a video showing how CopyShop works.