ShuttleBuG records releases Grep v2.1 and Timeframe v1.1

ShuttleBug records Grep v2.1
ShuttleBug records Timeframe v1.1

ShuttleBuG records has released two new freeware Shuttleplugs effect plugins for Windows PC.

Grep is an audio destruction unit/fuzz-machine (waveshaping) and features:

  • CLATTER section adds clatter to the sound.
  • SPLATTER section splats the sound, the amount of splattering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • KLONG section rectifies the signal. There’s also a button to splut the klong.
  • SPUTTER section adds sputter to the sound, the amount of sputtering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • Frequency and resonance controls (“F” & “Q” sliders in the FILTER section).

Timeframe is an LFO-controlled delay effect. The faders & waveform-selector control the LFO, while LFO controls the delaytime. Timeframe features a feedback knob and mono/stereo-selector to control the delay, and the mix knob controls the overall dry/wet mix.

Visit ShuttleBuG records for more information and links to download Grep and Timeframe.


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