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Avid releases new Sibelius First notation software

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Avid has announced an update of Sibelius First, the easiest and most intuitive way for aspiring composers, songwriters, arrangers and students to write and share music.

Sibelius First combines the Sibelius Student and Sibelius First notation products into a single easy-to-use, powerful, and fun music composition tool.

The new Sibelius First takes advantage of the features introduced by Avid’s Sibelius 7, including a task-oriented UI specifically designed to guide you through the creative process, exceptional playback and sound quality, 64-bit technology and support for the latest operating systems—plus new video export functionality, online publishing, and direct sharing to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook, and more.

Avid Sibelius First
Avid Sibelius First notation software – the fastest, easiest way to write and share music

Sibelius First features

  • Easy-to-use interface: Using Sibelius First is faster and easier than ever, thanks to a refined, task-oriented user interface that makes it possible to get great results without prior experience.
  • Enter notes the way you want: Choose from scanning, transcribing, or MIDI import to quickly get your ideas into Sibelius First—now with full MusicXML interchange for transferring your music into and out of other applications.
  • Exclusive Sound Library: Includes a premium sound library so you can hear your compositions played back in amazing detail on high-quality sampled instruments, and produce better quality exports.
  • Full 64-bit support: Unlock the full power of your 64-bit computer, and directly address more than 4GB of RAM.
  • Smart tools: no engraving or notation expertise required to get great results. Magnetic layout and dynamic parts make it easy to produce and tailor your scores to suit musicians of all kinds.
  • Take your scores on the go: Sibelius First scores can be added to the score library on the Avid Scorch app (sold separately).
  • Exciting new social media and video sharing options: Users can easily export compositions as videos and publish their work to social media websites (YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook) along with traditional print, email, or audio exports.

Sibelius First is available to purchase for $119.99 USD. Multi-seat 5 packs are available for $299.99 USD. Current Sibelius First and Sibelius Student customers can upgrade for $39.99 USD.

More information: Sibelius / Sibelius First

Avid releases Sibelius Student

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Avid Sibelius Student

Avid has announced the release of Sibelius Student, a notation and composition software platform specifically designed for students in grades three through 12.

Based on the same popular software used by industry professionals, Sibelius Student offers a tightly packaged set of features designed to help students complete music theory assignments, compose pieces for real ensembles, score music to video and increase literacy in music notation, while providing teachers with specific features for classroom use and management.

New in Sibelius Student

  • Magnetic Layout – Snaps score elements into position automatically, avoiding the need for time-consuming manual positioning and editing.
  • On-screen Keyboard window – Enables young musicians to use the computer keyboard to compose, developing their familiarity with music notation via an easy-to-use interface modeled after a piano’s keyboard.
  • Versions and Comments – Saves multiple versions of a score within the same file and enables the addition of Post-It style sticky notes to saved versions, allowing development to be tracked over time and changes to be easily recalled.
  • Export audio files – Empowers students to share scores as audio files by using the high quality virtual General MIDI sound module to convert compositions into audio, enabling easy sharing and collaboration.
  • Virtual instruments and effects support – Supports the use of VST or Audio Unit virtual instruments or effects, providing for greater control and coloration of playback sounds.

Network Pack and Classroom Control
Sibelius Student is also available as a Network Pack, which includes 20 seats of Sibelius Student and a single copy of Sibelius 6 Professional Edition to help educators prepare lessons and supervise classroom work remotely. A Classroom Control panel in Sibelius 6 lets teachers control students’ computers through the school’s existing data network, and provides teachers the ability to send scores or worksheets to all students at once, freeze student’s computers to gain attention, send out on-screen messages, and gather students’ work into a single folder at the end of instruction.

Sibelius Student is now available to purchase for $99 USD. 20-Seat Network Packs are available for $1,499 USD.

More information: Sibelius / Sibelius Student

Avid updates Sibelius to v6.1

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Avid Sibelius 6

Avid has released version 6.1 of Sibelius, the music notation software, which includes an innovative toolset designed to provide aspiring and professional musicians with a more efficient approach to music composition.

Sibelius 6.1 provides compatibility for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7, and includes other improvements and fixes. It is available free of charge for registered Sibelius 6 users.

Changes in Sibelius 6.1

  • Sibelius will now avoid collisions between magnetic slurs and objects under their arc — e.g. notes, articulations and accidentals — by adjusting the shape of the slur and moving its end points to produce the best shape.
  • New Play > Repeats dialog, allowing you to specify any sequence of bars for playback, and also to specify that nth-time endings should be played back after a D.C./D.S. jump
  • Live Tempo can now include tap points, so that you can specify where you will tap, allowing the use of advanced conducting techniques such as melded and dead beats.
  • Sibelius is now compatible with HyperControl™, the new two-way communication standard built in to M-Audio’s Axiom Pro range of keyboards. HyperControl automatically maps the keyboard’s controls to playback, Mixer and note input controls in Sibelius, and the Axiom Pro’s LCD display constantly updates to show the current values.
  • Improvements in keyboard navigation between notes in different voices, and in which notes are played when individual notes in chords are selected.
  • New Sibelius 6-style chord symbols can now be left-aligned.
  • New baseline and superscript chord symbol suffix appearances for word-based suffixes (e.g. add, omit, sus, etc.)
  • Further options for the numbering of 2- and 4-bar repeat bars.
  • It is now possible to specify the width of leger lines on half note (minim) and whole note (semibreve) rests.
  • Improvements to the positioning of the left- and right-hand ends of tuplet brackets.
  • The Word Menus page of Preferences now shows the words as they will appear in the actual word menu, rather than plain text versions of them.
  • It is now possible to adjust the Y position of rests once more, using a new Rest Y control on the Notes panel of Properties.
  • New Merge Bars plug-in.
  • Export anti-aliased bitmap graphics via File > Export > Graphics.
  • Export embedded TIFF files in grayscale via File > Export > Graphics.
  • Pick-up bars at the start of a score can now be exported as a short irregular bar rather than a full-length bar padded with rests when exporting a MIDI file.
  • Many improvements to MusicXML import.
  • Many improvements to the ManuScript language.
  • Sibelius is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7.
  • Sibelius for Windows is now a Large Address Aware application, allowing it to access up to 3GB RAM on 32-bit Windows, and up to 4GB RAM on 64-bit Windows.
  • …plus many other small improvements and fixes.

Sibelius 6 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $599 USD (educational pricing is $329 USD per copy with additional discounts when purchasing bundled multi-seat licenses). The version 6.1 update is free for current Sibelius 6 users.

More information: Sibelius

Avid releases Sibelius 6

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Avid Sibelius 6

Avid has released Sibelius 6, the music notation software, which includes an innovative toolset designed to provide aspiring and professional musicians with a more efficient approach to music composition.

Designed by musicians, Sibelius 6 offers a number of new features including a unique Magnetic Layout tool that cuts score preparation time in half. Students, educators, academic institutions and composers can also take advantage of Sibelius 6 workflow improvements that facilitate greater collaboration, classroom management, and creative control, through the ability to track progress during review cycles and deliver smooth integration with Digidesign® Pro Tools® systems and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

New in Sibelius 6

  • Magnetic Layout – dramatically cuts the writing time in half between the moment of inspiration and the final printed score – delivering the added assurance that all individual objects are positioned conventionally on the score where musicians expect to find them.  The software automatically spaces and lays out scores to look professional and clear from the very first note.  Previously, aligning individual score objects required time-consuming manual adjustments which now occur transparently to the user.
  • Versions– enables educators to efficiently track student progress, spot plagiarism and promote collaboration. Students can record progress and submit creative commentary with their final coursework.  Professionals now have a robust, effective way to track changes or collaborations with copyists, orchestrators and publishers by saving, manipulating and comparing revisions of a work piece within a single file.
  • Keyboard and Fretboard Windows – provide a visual approach to the music education process, allowing aspiring musicians and composers to follow lighted key and finger positions as a score plays back – reinforcing the relationship between staff and tab notation with real instruments.  These windows also create a new way for customers to input music directly from an on-screen piano keyboard or guitar fretboard, as opposed to using conventional methods such as clicking on the staff of the note or typing the note names on the computer keyboards via a separate MIDI keyboard.
  • Classroom Control – offers a simple and single window for common classroom management tasks.  This enables educators to keep students on subject by creating a streamlined approach for sharing files across the network during review cycles and facilitating daily classroom instruction.  Messages sent by the educator appear on the student’s workstation screen.  Now, educators can easily attract attention despite any challenges in the teaching environment, such as students wearing headphones.
  • ReWire Support – simplifies the once challenging process of incorporating audio tracks into notation-focused projects, making it an ideal tool to facilitate a film’s orchestral session.  By synchronizing Sibelius software with Pro Tools software (or other DAWs running on the same computer,) customers can start real-time playback in Sibelius and the DAW will follow, or vice versa.  Further, composers or orchestrators can easily add a vocal to a song created with Sibelius or augment an existing recording for enhanced creative options.

Sibelius 6 for Windows and Mac is now available for $599 USD (educational pricing is $329 USD per copy with additional discounts when purchasing bundled multi-seat licenses). Current Sibelius customers can upgrade for $169 USD ($129 USD for current customers who are educators and students).

Visit the Sibelius website for more information.

Sibelius Software releases Sibelius 5

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Sibelius Software Sibelius 5

Sibelius Software has released Sibelius 5, the latest version of the popular music notation software.

New in version 5

  • Ideas Hub: Capture, use and re-use snippets
  • Panorama: A new, clearer way of viewing music
  • Stunning new sounds & playback: 150+ high-quality built-in sounds
  • VST & Audio Units: Mix and match from different libraries
  • Easy cues & instrument changes: Instrumental parts made even easier
  • Complete layout control: Flexible page layout and numbering
  • Power tools & undoable plug-ins: New fonts and plug-ins
  • More new features: Over forty other improvements

Visit Sibelius Software for more information and a free demo of Sibelius 5.