Review: FabFilter Volcano 2

FabFilter has recently released Volcano 2, a versatile filter effect plug-in. The product Volcano product page reads: FabFilter Volcano has proven to be one of the few plug-ins that offer convincing high quality digital filtering … read more

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Eiosis updates ELS Vocoder to v1.6

Eiosis has released version 1.6 of ELS Vocoder, a 22-band vocoder which uses the same filtering techniques as real analog vocoders. Version 1.6 of the ELS Vocoder brings a smaller interface option which allows using … read more

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db audioware releases Sidechain Compression tutorial video

db audioware has released Sidechain Compression, a new tutorial video. Side-chaining, and side-chain compression in particular, is one of the hottest topics in digital audio production. More DAWs offer native support for the technique than … read more

Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Studio to 4.1

Steinberg has updated both Cubase and Cubase Studio to version 4.1. This update to the popular digital audio workstations brings new features such as Sidechaining for VST3 Plug-ins, free routing, a Global Transpose Track, Music … read more

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Ableton announces Ableton Live 7, new instruments and Ableton Suite

Ableton has announced some new products, scheduled to be released before the end of 2007: Ableton 7, some new add-on instruments, and Ableton Suite. Ableton Live 7 Ableton Live 7 renews the core of Live, … read more

Eiosis updates ELS Vocoder to v1.5

Eiosis has updated ELS Vocoder to version 1.5. The 22-band ELS Vocoder uses the same filtering techniques that a real analog vocoder, which allows you to get the same sound, the same precision and the … read more

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db audioware updates Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate to v1.1

db audioware has updated Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate to version 1.1. New in v1.1 Feature: Added Gain control to allow manual gain make-up and fine adjustment of the output (compressor only) Feature: It is … read more

FabFilter updates Pro-C to v1.01

FabFilter has updated Pro-C to version 1.01. Version 1.01 fixes a bug that could cause increased CPU usage when there was no input to the compressor for a while. The included Pro-C help document has … read more

Antress releases Modern Bouncer and Modern Monster (Modern Series updated to v2.15)

Antress has updated the Modern Series plugin pack to version 2.15, featuring 2 additional plugins (27 total). Updated in v2.15 Modern Bouncer (new) Power On/Off button LCD display include Attack, Release, Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Knee … read more

db audioware releases Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate

db audioware has released two new sidechain plugins, Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate. Side-chaining compressors are amazingly useful effects. They are standard issue tools for vocal ducking in radio production, to fade out music when … read more

PSPaudioware updates MasterComp to v1.5.4

PSPaudioware has released version 1.5.4 of MasterComp, a high fidelity stereo dynamics processor (plug-in VST, RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, RTAS, VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary). MasterComp’s double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT – … read more

Sonalksis releases TBK3 Über Compressor

Sonalksis has released TBK3 Über Compressor, the third plug-in in the Creative Elements range, and like the other TBK plug-ins it has the same simple one knob interface and is fully loaded with exploding sound … read more

ReaPlugs VST plug-ins released

Three plug-ins that are part of REAPER have been released as stand-alone VST plug-ins (preview versions). ReaGate is a very configurable gate with wet/dry controls, lookahead (on hosts that support PDC), hysteresis, hold, noise generator, … read more

Teragon Audio updates DualComp to v1.0b2

Teragon Audio has updated DualComp to version 1.0b2. DualComp is a compressor utility plugin with sidechaining capabilities. Updated in v1.0b2 A GUI editor is now available Better support for saving/restoring states in saved documents Better … read more

Sonalksis SV-719 Analogue Gate

Sonalksis has recently launched their latest product, the Sonalksis SV-719. The Sonalksis SV-719 is an analogue-modelled dynamics processor developed for professional audio applications. In keeping with the other plug-ins in the Sonalksis ‘SV’ series, it … read more

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Teragon Audio updates DualComp to v1.0b1

Teragon Audio has updated their compressor utility plugin with sidechaining capabilities DualComp to version 1.0b1. New in v1.0b1 An AudioUnit version is now available as a Universal Binary Major cleanups with overall sound. When sidechained, … read more

Teragon Audio releases DualComp v1.0a3

Teragon Audio has released v1.0a3 (alpha) of DualComp, a compressor utility plugin with a unique and warm sound. DualComp has sidechaining capabilities, allowing an input signal (such as a kick drum) to “punch” through. New … read more

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Voxengo Marquis Compressor v1.1 released

Voxengo has updated Marquis Compressor to version 1.1. New in version 1.1 VST ID conflict fixed Minor speed optimization (when side-chain is disabled compressor works a bit faster) “Clean” coloration option added T1/T2/T3 attack/release behaviour … read more

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Free Digidesign Dynamics III DigiRack available

Dynamics III is an exciting new addition to the free collection of DigiRack™ plug-ins included with all Digidesign® Pro Tools® and Avid® picture systems. The plug-in suite includes a Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate, and De-Esser, each in … read more

Wave Arts TrackPlug 5 released

From the Wave Arts website: TrackPlug 5 features comprehensive per-channel processing tools in one plug-in: 10 band EQ, dual compressors, a gate, now including sidechain modes and more! Our most popular plug-in is now the … read more