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Simon W. Autenrieth releases The Wooden Frog

Simon W. Autenrieth The Wooden Frog

Simon W. Autenrieth has released The Wooden Frog, a free sample pack.

Hey! This is one of my first sampled things so… i hope you can have at last some use of it!

So… why this wooden frog thing? Becouse i heard it on a recent soundtrack i really liked. I found it today at a music festival near my hometown and just had to buy it. Its about 14 cm large and has six spikes carved onto its back.

The Wooden Frog features

  • 186 Samples, 24bit/44.1kHz – 67 MB.
  • Wooden Stick 01 (Stickside 1)
    • Scratches (Typical Instrument sound) – 6 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 4-5 Round robin each. (26 Samples)
    • Quark (Up-down, down-up scratch) – 2 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 8-10 Round robin each (18 Samples)
    • Hits (Top, side 1 and 2)
      • Top-hit, 4 velocity layers x 5-8 Round robin (27 Samples)
      • Side-hit-1, 4 velovity layers x 10 Round robin (40 Samples)
      • Side-hit-2, 4 velocity layers x 8-10 Round robin (37 Samples)
    • Effects
      • Short tremolo hit (bottom), 1 Velocity layer x 4 Round robin (4 Samples)
      • Slow, normal, fast and loud tremolo textures (bottom) (6 Samples)
      • Quarking tremolo textures (head) (3 Samples)
      • Click-noise-effects (4 Samples)
      • A nice bloob effect created by quickly removing the stick from the frogs mouth (1 Sample)
  • Wooden Stick 02 (Stickside 2)
    • Scratches (Typical Instrument sound) – 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 6 Round robin (6 Samples)
    • Quark (down-up scratch, softer that stick 01) – 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 9 Round robin (9 Samples)
    • Effects – Quarking tremolo textures (head) (5 Samples)

The Wooden Frog is available as a free download.

More information: Simon W. Autenrieth