Simple-Media releases Planetoid & Meteoroid

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Simple-Media has announced Planetoid and Meteoroid, two virtual analogue synthesizers for Windows.

Simple-Media Planetoid
Planetoid virtual analog synth for Windows.

Planetoid is a simple but also very powerful and flexible polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer capable of producing sounds and effects suitable for virtually any purpose. While it may seem like a very generic instrument Planetoid has a character and power all of its own and offers a great deal of performance control making it stand out from many other instruments.

Meteoroid is a monophonic partner to Planetoid which features some differences such as different on-board effects and additional modulation controls. Meteoroid is the perfect companion for Planetoid (and vice-versa) and they are therefore supplied together.

Both Instruments are inspired by the monophonic and early polyphonic synthesizers of the late 1970s and while not recreating specific instruments they are designed to evoke the spirit and the sound of the era. With this in mind both instruments introduce oscillator and other instabilities to simulate effects such as drift and compnent saturation into the overall sound.

To round off the package it includes a set of five complimentary VST effects comprising a reverb, a chorus, a phaser, a ping-pong delay and a filter bank. Although the effects are simple and designed specifically to enhance the sound of Planetoid and Meteoroid they also make a good set of bread and butter effects to use in all kinds of productions. A user guiode is also included in the full package.

Planetoid and Meteoroid are available to purchase in a bundle, priced at £12.50 GBP.

More information: Simple-Media


Simple-Media releases retro-gsx & Cathedral + Striker & Voc-Two freeware

Simple-Media retro-gsx / Cathedral
Simple-Media Cathedral

Simple-Media has released retro-gsx and Cathedral, two new virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows.

A new addition to the retro-gs series of instruments with a completely new build, retro-gsx offers even more SID inspired chip sound goodness thanks to the built in ‘advanced wave sequencer’. Capable of recreating an incredible range of authentic SID sounds, easy to use, versatile and powerful. If you liked retro-gs01 and want even more creativity or you are just looking for a VST instrument to recreate those classic 8-bit sounds then look know further than retro-gsx.

Cathedral is a new approach to the task of recreating the sound of a pipe organ. Rather than use a large sample library, Cathedral uses a hybrid analogue synthesis and physical modelling approach to create an ultra-flexible instrument without a huge file size and with reasonable CPU performance. Cathedral offers up to 6 programmable, 4-level stops that can each be set to 1 of 3 pipe types and any 1 of 14 different footages. Cathedral includes a built in reverberation unit, essential in recreating an authentic pipe organ sound and additional filtering and modulaion to enhance the sound even further. Cathedral is presented in a beautiful and easy to use interface to allow for intuitive programming.

retro-gsx and Cathedral for Windows (VST) are available to purchase for £10 each.

Simple-Media Striker / Voc-Two
Simple-Media Voc-Two

Simple-Media has also released two new freeware instruments: Striker and Voc-Two.

Striker is a physical modelling instrument created to reproduce the sounds of various types of tuned percussion such as marimbas, vibraphones and other instruments where a hammer or mallet strikes a block.

Following on from Voc-One, Voc-Two allows you to create realisitc string ensemble and choir sounds without the use of samples. It includes a wide range of controls over the source sound generation and the morphable formant filter making it a surprisingly flexible instrument for creating rich and atmospheric pads and realistic ensemble sounds.

More information: Simple-Media


Silkworm presets by John Malvey

Simple-Media Silkworm

John Malvey has created a nice sound bank for Silkworm by Simple-Media.

Silkworm is a freeware supersaw style analogue synth, featuring 5 waveforms (sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse), a band limiting filter using two 12db filters in series for a very characteristic sound, a ping pong delay with filter built in, separate LFO for vibrato, assignable LFO for modulating filter, bandwidth, pulse width, volume and panning, and a sequenced gating effect that can be synced to external (host) clock.

John’s sound bank for Silkworm contains 38 presets including pads, leads, fx and sequences.

Silkworm JoMal Bank1 Downloads: 937 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by John Malvey or for Silkworm



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Simple-Media Silkworm

This page contains patches and sound banks for Silkworm by Simple-Media.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
110 downloadMoe Silkworm SilkyPads Moe Shinola
62 downloadSilkworm JoMal Bank1 John Malvey

Find more patches by sound designers, plug-ins or check the latest additions.


Simple-Media releases String Thing 2 VSTi

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Simple-Media String Thing 2 VSTi

Simple-Media has released String Thing 2, a freeware Enhanced Plucked String Synth.

String Thing 2 uses an impulse, Resonator and Resonant Body model similar to ‘Super String Thing’ but specifically tailored to recreating the sounds of acoustic plucked strings.


  • asic ‘plucking’ control
  • string damping
  • various impulse filter modes
  • variable bandwidth filter
  • new 2D control for impulse
  • full control over resonant body dimensions and resonance
  • LFO for vibrato, tremolo and chorus
  • modulation (MIDI CC)
  • can recreate a more natural range of acoustic plucked string timbres
  • shiny new interface design
  • reasonable CPU load

Visit Simple-Media for more information and a link to download String Thing 2.


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