Best Sample Libraries releases Ravish Sitar Electric Guitar Solos and Chords

Ravish Sitar Electric Guitar Solos and Chords

Best Sample Libraries has launched Ravish Sitar Electric Guitar Solos and Chords, a sample library by Tonahang.

Ravish Sitar Electric Guitar Solos and Chords features more than 1.5 hours of 90, 100, 110, 130, 132, 133, 140, 150, 160, 170 and 180 BPM, 24-bit mono, 44.100 Hz WAV samples of electric guitar played with an Electroharmonix Ravish Sitar pedal sitar emulator.

This recording was not edited, samples are not converted in those typical ready to cook packs. Recording is sorted to different tempos order. You are welcome to edit those takes by yourself in a way it fits your sampler or DAW. At background of solos you can hear some soft almost unhearable percussion loop. It will help you to put those ravish sitar tracks to perfectly fit your track.

The library is available for purchase for $19.99 USD / 14.99 EUR.

More information: Ravish Sitar Electric Guitar Solos and Chords


123Creative releases Kashmir Sitar by G-Sonique

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123Creative has announced the release of Kashmir Sitar, a guitar to sitar effect plug-in developed in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers.

123Creative Kashmir Sitar

Have you ever dreamed about real sitar? Mythical oriental instruments, quite expensive and difficult to play. If you are guitar player, you can easy convert your guitar to realistic sounding Sitar, real time!

G-Sonique Kashmir Sitar is virtual guitar to sitar VST plugin / stompbox developed to convert your guitar into sitar, it include complex algorithms (like sympathetic resonances simulation) to emulate realistic sound of Sitar.

Of course you can use Kasmir Sitar with almost any instrument to create oriental atmosphere of your tracks, not only guitar.

Kashmir Sitar features

  • Accent knob – add more intensive sound of sitar strings.
  • Resonance knob – add sympathetic resonance.
  • Spirit knob – from flat sound of sitar to wide and spiritual sound of sitar known from oriental stories.
  • Echo knob – Type of echo from short to long echo / Reverb to add mystical atmosphere.
  • Echo mix – amount of echo effect.
  • Dry/Wet – Overall amount of Sitar effect.

The VST plug-in for Windows is available to purchase for the introductory price of 15.92 EUR (regular 19.90 EUR).

More information: 123Creative / Kashmir Sitar


Impact Soundworks intros Modern Composer Bundle

Impact Soundworks Modern Composer Bundle

Impact Soundworks has announced the launch of its Modern Composer Bundle, offering a collection of 20+GB of Kontakt samples for a limited time.

Through July 30th, musicians can purchase a bundle of Resonance: Emotional Mallets, Plectra Series 2: Highland Harps, and Plectra Series 3: Kazakh Dombra for only $75 (50% off.)

However, for $150, the bundle expands to include:

  • Acoustic Revolutions Vol 1: Adult Contemporary Guitar Loops
  • Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India
  • Koto Nation: Classical Instruments of Japan
  • Impact Steel: Cinematic Metallic Percussion
  • Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki

A $400 value for 65% off!

All of these Kontakt libraries come as digital downloads through the new Bundle Dragon platform.

The sale ends July 30th, 2013.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Modern Composer Bundle


Samsara Cycle Audio releases Samsara Sitar plugin

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Samsara Cycle Audio has announced Samsara Sitar, a free virtual sitar instrument for Windows.

Samsara Cycle Audio Sitar
Samsara Cycle Audio’s realistic virtual sitar instrument.

Samsara Sitar features

  • Choice of instruments to provide various sound from Sitar to Tambura / Tanpura.
  • Many parameters to experiment.
  • Velocity sensitive EQ with envelope controls for creating realistic string dynamics.
  • Autobend function can be set or/and controlled by Modulation Wheel.
  • Vibrato section can be set or/and controlled by Modulation Wheel.
  • Can be adjusted manually or set to Host Sync.
  • Reverb for adding distance and depth.
  • Midi learn.

The Samsara Sitar VST instrument for Windows is available to purchase for £10 GBP.

More information: Samsara Cycle Audio


Splurgo Audio releases Bundle Packs: Best of 2011, Piano Loops & Electric Guitar: Heavy Stuff

Splurgo Audio has announced the release of three new Bundle packs.

Splurgo Audio
  • Best of 2011 *Bundle Pack* – This pack contains the 10 best selling sample packs of 2011 for a discounted price. This pack includes: Darbuka Loops Pack 1, Tambura, Sitar, Arabic Flute, Banjo Loops Pack 3, Surf Guitar Loops, Piano Loops Pack 4, Bodhran, Accordion and Indian Female Vocals. All 400 loops are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.
  • Piano Loops *Bundle Pack* – This pack contains all Piano themed sample packs. In this pack included: Piano Loops Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, Piano Arpeggio Loops and Baby Grand Piano Loops Pack 1 and 2. All 375 loops are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.
  • Electric Guitar: Heavy Stuff *Bundle Pack* – This pack contains all sample packs containing electric guitar with distortion or overdrive. In this pack included: Hard Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar Loops, Rock & Blues Guitar and Punk Guitar Loops. All 815 loops are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.

The Best of 2011 and Piano Loops bundles are $34.95 USD each; Electric Guitar: Heavy Stuff is $49.95 USD.

More information: Splurgo Audio


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