Drumdrops releases Rogers Big R Dub Kit

Drumdrops Rogers Big R Dub Kit

Drumdrops has introduced the Rogers Big R Dub Kit, the ultimate dub kit sample library.

This kit has been used to record Drumdrops in Dub Volume 3 and Drumdrops in Ska as well as many other commercial releases.

The kit is comprised of a 24″ x 14″ Bass Drum, a Ludwig Black Magic 14″ x 6.5″ Snare Drum, a Ludwig Acrolite 14″ x 5″ Snare Drum, a huge 18″ x 16″ Floor Tom, and two Rack Toms, a 14″ x 10″ and a 13″ x 8″. The cymbals used were 15″ Zildjian A Sweet Hi-Hats and a 17″ A Custom Crash. Percussion for this kit includes a 14″ Timbale drum and a set of Bongos. Also included is some Electronic Percussion using a Boss PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer and a Tama Techstar TS-204.

The kit was recorded and mixed by UK producer, musician and engineer Mike ‘Prince Fatty’ Pelanconi. The drummer used was reggae specialist Horseman. His hard-hitting beats have backed the likes of Wailing Souls, Sugar Minot, Max Romeo, Barrington Levy, John Holt, Big Youth, Gregory Isaacs and many more.

The recording and mixing took place in Miloco’s The Ironworks in Brighton, UK. At the centre of the Control Room can be found a rare vintage 1970s BBC console. The outboard racks are full of great gear including a Lang PEQ-2 EQ, a Langevin EQ258A EQ, and plenty of dub reverbs. All of the drums were recorded without compression. Mike chose not to record any room microphones for this kit as he wanted a tight, dry Reggae sound.

The kit is available to purchase as a Kontakt Pack (£45 GBP), Multi-Velocity Pack (£15 GBP) and Single Hits Pack (£7.50 GBP).

More information: Drumdrops / Rogers Big R Dub Kit


Beta Monkey releases Drum Werks XXII: Ska Grooves

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Beta Monkey has announced Ska Grooves, a new Drum Werks sample library.

Beta Monkey Ska Grooves

With a wealth of ska and ska-hybrid grooves, Drum Werks XXII: Ska Grooves is our exclusive collection of Ska beats played by one of L.A.’s top session players, versatile enough for traditional as well as modern interpretations of the ska genre.

Drum Werks XXII: Ska Grooves delivers live ska drum loops with multiple beat variations and a robust collection of fills. Take a Steppers beat and lay it down at a much higher tempo and you’ve got the essence of ska. With a boost in tempos and energy, the drum grooves feature side stick grooves, half-time and up-tempo rhythms, and straight/swing feels. Fills include intros as well as transitions, featuring snare, side stick, and tom rolls.

Drum Werks XXII Ska Grooves features

  • Versatile Blend of ska and rock-ska styles: Nearly 400 ska grooves and groove variations ranging from 50 bpm to 200 bpm. Includes basic grooves as well as more syncopated accented ones, with full snare shots and cross-sticking. Perfect for modern ska and rock-reggae hybrid styles The perfect companion to Drum Werks XXI Reggae Drums – pure, ska-inspired rhythms for a variety of musical settings.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: A multi-velocity samples of a Yamaha Phoenix drumkit as well as matching Zildjian cymbals is included. Build new grooves in your sequencer of choice or augment the loops to create new syncopations.
  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: No programmed grooves here. Llive, studio grooves show you what a live drummer can do – capture the elusive essence of grooves that exist between straight and swung groove feels. A dynamic arsenal of live ska grooves.
  • Cohesive Groove Sets: All loops and samples arefrom a single recording session. All loops can be combined seamlessly giving users the ultimate in consistency for eclectic or larger-scale projects.
  • High-End Production: With gold and platinum experience behind the kit and console, Drum Werks XXII delivers the quality your music deserves. Part of our “L.A. Returns Sessions.”
  • 631 (695 MB) original, license-free drum loops and samples in 16-bit, 24-bit WAV, APPLE LOOPS formats.
  • 174 (211 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples. Same sample set as Drum Werks XXI.

Ska Grooves is available to purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Beta Monkey Music / Drum Werks XXII: Ska Grooves


Bob Leggitt releases Classic-H and Skanksta organ plugins

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Bob Leggitt has released Classic-H and Skanksta, two free virtual organ instruments for Windows.

Bob Leggitt Classic-H

The Classic-H provides the essence of an old tonewheel organ within the VST environment. This VSTi captures the distinctive personality of a classic Hammond/Leslie combination, as well as simulating twin manual operation across a single MIDI keyboard, using a variable key-split function.

Thirty extremely cool presets provide a jumping-off point for almost every type of music, from the ‘Full Throb’ of old time soul to the screaming distortion of Deep Purple-type rock. It does gobble CPU, but it has the sounds, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Bob Leggitt The Skanksta

The Skanksta is a ska-orientated VST organ, designed to produce a light and bright sound which will fit in well with quite a number of quirky and/or rhythmic music styles.

It’s essentially a Vox Continental II with animation provided by a rotary speaker rather than a vibrato unit, and selectable key-splitting to simulate two manuals across a single MIDI keyboard. The key-splitting is particularly important for reggae-derived styles, where the left hand part will typically contrast sharply in tone with the right hand.

Classic-H and Skanksta are available to download as freeware VST instrument plugins for Windows.

More information: Classic-H / FreeST Skanksta


Silicon Beats releases Mega Reggae drum loops sample pack

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Silicon Beats Mega Reggae

Silicon Beats has released Mega Reggae, a collection of three drum loops sample libraries.

Grab our three most popular reggae and ska drum loop packs in this super discounted bundle. When we bundle 2 or more loop packs together we call them Mega Packs and offer you a much lower price than buying them separately.

Mega Reggae features

  • 1.2 Gigabyte Mega Pack, includes Reggae – Jammin V1, Reggae – Jammin V2, and Ska Drums V1 – Ska and Reggae
  • 406 Drum Loops & 31 Kit Samples.
  • Reggae & Ska.
  • Formats: Wave, Rex2, Apple Loops.
  • Instant Download.

Mega Reggae is available to purchase for $143.88 USD.

More information: Silicon Beats / Mega Reggae


Loopmasters releases Bubbles And Chops, sample library by Dubdrops

Loopmasters Bubbles And Chops

Loopmasters has released Bubbles And Chops, a new sample pack by Dubdrops.

Dubdrops are proud to present a brand new collection of the most authentically played and recorded collection of Reggae Bubbles and Chops, for Producers worldwide looking to ignite their tracks with the soul of Roots Reggae.

For the first time ever, a massive collection of Rub a Dub, Reggae, Rocksteady and Ska Hammond Organ Bubbles, plus Piano and Guitar chops which have been recorded by the best heads in the business for your sampling delight!

Organised by BPM and Key signature, drag and drop loops and get busy with some serious Bubblin pressure , Keyboards played by Ruff Cut legend Bubblers and featuring Prince Fatty’s guitarist Chopper Gilkezn, engineered by Prince Fatty himself in the heart of Harlseden, the Jamaican quarter of London.

Bubbles And Chops features

  • Over 200 Hundred Dub and Reggae Organ, Guitar and Piano Bubbles and Chops, in 24bit quality.
  • 70 Guitar Chops, 70 Organ Bubbles, 67 Piano Loops.
  • Tempo between 64 – 132 bpm.

Bubbles And Chops is available to purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Bubbles And Chops


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