Slashdot launches Firehose

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Slashdot has launched Firehose, a collaborative system designed to allow users to assist Slashdot editors in the story selection process.

From Slashdot:

The hose contains submissions, RSS Feeds, journals and Slashdot stories, each color-coded along the color spectrum to indicate popularity. Red is hot, violet is not.

Slashdot Firehose
Slashdot Firehose

This seems pretty similar to the way Digg lets you digg or bury a story, except with Firehose you get a nice interface to select which stories you want to see by using the Firehose’s color filter.

Pete Cashmore writes:

Most likely, this will be seen simply as a Digg/Reddit clone. What Slashdot needs to understand is that the power of social news sites comes directly from how much traffic they drive: if a site drives traffic, bloggers will inevitably add favicons so readers remember to bookmark articles.

I don’t frequent Slashdot anymore, but when I used to a few years ago, the stories on Slashdot were on a much higher tech/geek level than Digg’s tech section ever was. Sure, Digg has a Technology and Science section, but a lot of these stories seem to have more entertainment value than anything else.

To illustrate, when I just opened the science section on Digg I get the following three stories:

  1. Cool lenses (no idea what that’s about from the story title, turns out to be about colored contacts)
  2. Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis, Lung Damage, or Skin Cancer
  3. 5 Summer Sex Positions That Could Get You Hospitalized. Or Arrested

Slashdot‘s science section features:

  1. Monkeys and Humans Learn the Same Way
  2. New Theory Explains Periodic Mass Extinctions
  3. Building Artificial Bone

Not quite to same to me…


Slashdot is tagging artciles (beta)

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Slashdot Tagging (beta)

Slashdot tagging:

Slashdot is currently experimenting with tagging articles. You are encouraged to use this feature to submit a handful of tags: brief labels that you think best describe this article. You might choose to say that this is an article about ‘security’ and ‘mozilla’.

This is all very beta. Currently tagging is only open to subscribers and some users.

Tags on the current frontpage include:

  • microsoft, vaporware, vapourware, windows (for an article about Microsoft’s successor to Windows)
  • fud, stupid, spain, p2p, inaccurate (Spain banning unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing, okay that is kind of stupid)
  • nobody (for ‘Ask Slashdot’ question Who is Going to Buy SkyOS?)

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be too useful at the moment…