New Sonic Arts updates Vice loop slicer plugin to v1.1

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New Sonic Arts has released version 1.1 of Vice, a loop sampler & slicer instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

New Sonic Arts Vice

Inspiring and fun to use, Vices slick and intuitive user-interface belies the power under-the-hood of the ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art 32bit sampling engine. With it’s perfect combination of workflow and pristine sound-quality, Vice will quickly become your go-to tool for working with loops.

Changes in Vice v1.1

  • New Play button: preview loops from within Vice, synced to host tempo and transport.
  • New Choke group option per slice.
  • CPU and memory optimizations.
  • Various bug-fixes and stablisations.

Vice for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/standalone) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $59 USD / 59 EUR for a limited time only (regular $79 USD / 79 EUR).

More information: New Sonic Arts / Vice


New Sonic Arts releases Vice loop sampler & slicer plugin

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New Sonic Arts has released Vice, a loop sampler and slicer instrument for Windows and Mac.

New Sonic Arts Vice

Quickly load loops from the integrated loop browser, slice them in an instant with the intelligent transient detection algorithm and effortlessly export your grooves to your DAW via MIDI drag and drop.

Want to get deeper? Then delve into Vice’s vast sound-sculpting FX and modulation capabilities, including 4 x FX inserts per-slice, plus seamless DAW integration thanks to the 8 x multiple outputs and comprehensive MIDI and host-automation assignment features.

Vice features

  • Sampling Engine
    • Ultra-efficient 32bit stereo sampling engine.
    • Unlimited Slices.
    • Individual Envelopes, FX and Modulation per-slice.
    • 8 x stereo outputs.
  • Slicing
    • 4 x Slice Modes.
    • Fine adjustment of slices, snap to zero-crossing.
    • All Mode for editing all slices simultaneously.
  • Modulation
    • Modulation Matrix per Slice.
    • PitchBend, ModWheel and Velocity MIDI Sources.
    • AHD Modulation Envelope Source.
    • Morphable, tempo-syncable LFO Source.
    • 2 x Random Sources.
    • 17 x modulation Destinations.
  • FX
    • 4 x FX slots per Slice.
    • 8 x FX algorithms.
    • Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass.
    • Shape (compression and drive).
    • AM.
    • Frequency Shifter.
    • SampleRate.
    • BitDepth.
  • File Support
    • WAV and AIFF.
    • Native .VI format
      • High-speed file format.
      • Optional loop embedding.
    • Embed samples in host projects for portability.

Vice for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/standalone) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $59 USD / 59 EUR for a limited time only (regular $79 USD / 79 EUR).

More information: New Sonic Arts / Vice


Sugar Bytes releases Egoist groove instrument plugin

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Sugar Bytes has announced the release of Egoist, a groove instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Sugar Bytes Egoist

Egoist is a groove instrument. Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it! Try your mp3 library and use it a a sound source! The additional onboard bass, beat and fx units make Egoist the perfect track sketch tool in the studio and on the road.

Egoist features

  • Slicer — The Slicer arranges up to 16 slices of the loaded sample. Apply different parameters like Reverse, Attack, Decay, Level and pitch with the sequencer. Using the 16 available patterns, up to 16 different samples can be used at any time.
  • Bass & Beat — Egoist includes a great sounding bassline synthesizer/sequencer. The bassline synth offers a mean and strong sound, with different lowpass filter flavors and overdrive. The versatile sequencer is capable of notes and pitch bends of any length.The internal beat box offers kick, snare and hihat, along with a simple sequencer. If you imagine, that you can change the drum sounds with each pattern, limitations start to get you inspired!
  • Effectrix inside — The Effect unit brings funky hickups to your tracks. Engage tapestop, looper, reverb or filter at any time to give your beats that otherworldly feel and create stunning breaks!
  • Song Sequencer — Chain your patterns! Or create stunning breakbeats by changing patterns quickly! The internal Part/Song sequencer lets you sketch your pattern progressions and line out your next track.
  • Always special — The very special Slice Keys turn Egoist into a slice keyboard! Play the sequencer steps on the keyboard, with all their settings and effects, you will not believe how cool that is!

Egoist for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is avaialble for purchase for 99 EUR / $99 USD.

More information: Sugar Bytes / Egoist


K-Devices releases Herse audio effect for Ableton Live

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K-Devices Herse

K-Devices has introduced Herse, a new Max for Live device audio effect designed to rearrange and process audio in real time, released in partnership with Ableton.

HERSE is perfect to refine your sound, massively or slightly. You can heavily process your drum loops, or add echoes and cuts and clicks to guitar, voice, or any other kind of source. As an audio effect, HERSE works with live audio input, so you can use it with your clips, or just feeding it singing, playing any external or virtual instrument.

It’s composed by two main section: the slicer grid, and sequencers based effects. The buffer works tightly linked to the audio input, so you do not need to wait before start slicing, just hit play and go!

HERSE lets you apply different effects amount to any step: each parameter takes advantage of an exclusive step sequencer. Developed on the Max 6 engine, taking advantage of gen~, HERSE supports both 32 and 64 bit mode. No external objects are used in HERSE.

Herse is available to purchase at the Ableton Pack Shop for 19 EUR / $29 USD. Requires Ableton Live 9.0.1 or higher and Max 6.1.6 or higher.

K-Devices deals

K-Devices has also launched two special offers in celebration of the release of Herse.

Dropped price on Drumk2!

To celebrate the availability or HERSE, our new slicer, we are offering a special discount on our other slicer DRUMK 2: until March 31st CET 2014 it will be available at 19€, the same price of HERSE, instead of 29€ as normally. For an exhaustive features comparison please check the table at bottom of HERSE product page.

The Deal: get more M4L power for less!!

Applying the code kdeal to the cart, customers now can get a 20% of discount automatically. This offer is available on orders bigger than 50€.

More information: K-Devices


Kymatica releases Sector v0.9 music app for iOS

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Kymatica has launched Sector, a stochastic sample slice sequencer for iPad.

Kymatica Sector

Slice and sequence your loops with a network of markov-chain connections. Introduce order with the probability-based coin-flipping pattern sequencer. Bend time with warp functions for glitches and modulations. Tweak and trigger in real time performance. Get anything between rigid control and random chaos.

Sector v0.9 features

  • High quality 32-bit audio engine.
  • Stream audio to other apps in Audiobus or Inter-App Audio.
  • Import samples and loops from AudioShare or using “Open in” from other apps.

The next update will feature MIDI clock sync and in-app recording and exporting of loops.

Sector for iPad is available to purchase for $6.99 USD.

More information: Kymatica / Sector


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